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» Stephany Sazwaki, Cinnamon Roll.
Natalie Emu
 Posted: Jan 31 2015, 05:56 PM


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Name: Stephany Sazwaki

Age: 15 Born on November 11, 2001

Gender: Female

Physical: She is about 5 feet 5 inches with fluffy golden blonde hair down to her shoulder blades. She always dyed it pink before, however she doesn't have any pink hair dye so her hair has returned to it's natural blonde. She has deep blue eyes. You can see the emotion in them. Steph is quite... unimpressive in the breast region. And is 115.03 lbs. She is physically healthy, maybe not exactly combat-ready, but athletic at least. She likes to wear dresses or skirts, with shorts under them, of course, and plain T-shirts.

Mental: Stephany is a very kind girl. She likes being of use to people, helping them out. She can't stand doing nothing or being useless. She is very patient with people and a challenge to anger. She is incredibly stubborn when she sets her mind on something. A trait that is great to have until it isn't. She is quite shy around most strangers unless someone she knows is around her or she feels strongly about what's happening to or what that person is doing.

...Or if they have or are wearing something cute. She becomes another person around cute things.

She's quite alert to her surroundings, in spite of the fact that she's also an incredibly ditsy person. One moment she sees all, the next she's floating around in her own mind without care.
In the end, she's a good person most of the time.

She likes cute things, shiny things, and anything else that catches her eye. She is incredibly good with spicy and sour foods. She can't stand most sweets though, with chocolate being the odd one out.

Background: Stephany was raised by a kind and loving family, who had taught her manners and kindness. Quite the nice environment to be raised in. One day when she was 12 she decided to help at her father's work, much to what would soon be her father's dismay.

Her father worked with metal at a factory. She had hidden herself in the car and by the time her father noticed her, they had already arrived. It was the first time she had ever seen her father this angry.

"Girl, what the hell do you think you're doing sneaking here with me? Did you even stop to think about all the ways you could get yourself hurt doing that? If I hadn't noticed you today, you could have gotten yourself killed. There are at least fifty ways for you to get hurt here, and I have never planned to be one of them."

The scolding went on for an hour more. She assumed her father had lost track of time. "Now, are you ever going to do that again?" Stephany answered with a meek "No." Her father replied. "That's right. Now I have to call your mother take you home."

At the age of 13 she got a Xbox 360 and following it, a game called Tales of Vesparia.
She quite loved this game and played it for the rather responsible amount of about one hour each day. On her 14th birthday she decided to play for about 3 hours instead of one. In these 3 hours she grew tired as she was not used to staying up so late.

So, such as what happens when you stay up later than your body is used to, she passed out. Stephany witnessed a light much brighter than any she ever had seen before as she passed out but didn't have enough time to question it before falling completely asleep. Some time later she woke up in an unknown place.

"Where am I." She said as she got up. Stephany started walking, trying to find out her location.. After a while she got tired and sat down. She sighed and said "How did I end up here? Where even is here?"

Then, the answer came. It came in the form of the boy named William, that found her in Twilight Town, of which, in her confusion, she might have been a bit too polite to. He had saved her life from an asshole of a heartless that decided to interrupt her mid sentence. After the minor ordeal was over, she was introduced to what she now was and how she could try to deal with it, though she didn't understand any of it. So, as one naturally would be, she was scared. She knew where she was, and what had attacked her, but not why.

After stopping in at Yen-Sid's place, she arrived upon the Wild Card, someones gummi ship. She met a couple of new friends there, and ultimately ended up on Radiant Garden. A very dangerous place for Stephany. A place of wonder and awe. So many shops filled with cute and shiny things. So much to see. A dangerous place for her to be indeed.

Later on into her trip of being distracted and generally being a pain for Will to look after, she arrived upon a ring of which she simply could not find the owner. A steel ring with an emerald fixed upon it. She wished to return the ring to it's rightful owner, however, that was set aside for the moment. The two visited Merlin and Cid, A ship was required to navigate the multiverse, though she ended up not getting one. It so happened that after Will left, she stayed at Radiant Garden. She helped people to make enough munny to get by. Odd jobs, until she found a solid job at Melissa's bar. Melissa took care of her there and forced her to take some days off at times. Stephany was really hard working, maybe a bit too hard working.

Stephany has been staying in radiant garden for a bit over a year. Her time there wasn't particularly eventful. That's the worst part of it.

The non-eventful time she spent there gave her time to think. To think about things like why she was there, and how great it was! At least that's how it started.

Then her thoughts went into a much darker place, as human thoughts naturally do. Even the happiest and most pure of us have thoughts like this. She knew there were many things that could happen in video games. Lots of terrible ones. Eventually, she began thinking of the people she left behind.

She didn't have a particularly bad life. In fact, it was quite the gifted life she had, sat right in her lap. She had began to miss her friends and her family, of which to sternly taught her right from wrong, and loved her dearly. However, she found that she didn't want to go back. She didn't exactly know how to feel about that. It made her feel a strange sense of guilt, for quite a while she wasn't the happy-go-lucky ball of adorable excitement she normally was. The guilt brought depression about the whole situation. It had plagued for a very long time.

Eventually, she managed to accept the situation. It was as if a burden had been lifted from shoulders. Maybe she wasn't able to completely able to accept it, but to live on it to accept things as they happen. Once Stephany realized that, it wasn't long until she returned to being the happy fool she once was.


A healing kinda feeling: A healing spell that requires physical contact between herself and the target's wound. Takes a while to heal things with this spell but does it's job thoroughly. Depending on the severity of the wound, it could seriously tire out the user.

(Locked) A healing kinda upgraded: Heals minor damage at a range of 40 feet from the user. Only able to affect one target. Unable to heal undead of any kind. Can stop the bleeding of a wound considered in the range of "medium" things like cuts or stabs that aren't to the vitals. Cannot heal wounds that have a significant depth.

(Locked) A healing upgraded: Can heal wounds such as stabs or cuts with a depth of about an inch or three from 25 feet away from the user. Still won't heal the undead. Can't even begin to treat grievous wounds like being run through with a blade or regenerating half of someone's stomach because they pissed off the wrong wizard.

Equipment: A ring made of solid steel, an emerald fixed upon it. It is the one thing that could be considered Stephany's most prized possession.

Sample Post: "Thanks for helpin' out as always, Steph." An old woman had spoke from behind the counter of a local bar. Steph had decided to be a waitress to get some money. The uniforms were really cute, that's what drew her in. Lots of frills and such. "No problem. I like helping anyway." Stephany spoke with a smile. "Well, here's your pay as usual. And have a meal, on me. You deserve it." Stephany wanted to protest the free meal, but she sensed there was no arguing it. "Thanks for the meal then."

Stephany finished her meal. "See you tomorrow!" She spoke in a cheery voice. "Yep. I'll see you tomorrow." The cook replied. Stephany skipped off home. "Today was another nice day... Hopefully, I'll have another one tomorrow!" Steph proceeded to flop in her bed and fall asleep.

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 Posted: Jan 31 2015, 06:19 PM


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