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» Ethan Travis, The Keyblade Knight
 Posted: Sep 23 2012, 05:03 PM


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Abilities:Chosen wielder of a Keyblade; acquired Conduit powers as a consequence of a run in with mutagenic substances.

SONIC BLADE: (MEDIUM RANGE) The user of Sonic Blade charges at the target at an unnatural speed, slashing at them as they pass; more skilled users of this technique can charge multiple times, unleashing a blinding flurry of blows while moving nearly faster than the eye can follow.

STRIKE RAID: (MEDIUM RANGE) The user of Strike Raid hurls his or her chosen weapon forcefully at the target, smashing them from a distance; this technique is only feasible with weapons that can be recalled to the wielder at will. Skilled users can hurl their weapon repeatedly, making them able to combat foes dangerous to approach from a position of relative safety.

ARS ARCANUM: (EXTREME CLOSE RANGE) Charging their weapon with arcane energy, the user of this technique delivers a devastating flurry of blows that can tear through even the toughest of opponents. With practice, the combo can be carried on for an impressive amount of time.

KEYBLADE'S BLESSING: (PASSIVE) Wielders of the Keyblade are granted an innate mastery of magic, bypassing the years of study necessary for many wizards to be able to cast. Can be compared to Sorcerer's inborn abilities.

CONDUIT POWERS: As a result of his visit to Toriko, Ethan acquired electromancy very similar to Cole MacGrath's powers in inFamous, listed below.

Lightning Bolt: A simple shock shot, more than powerful enough to incapacitate a normal human. Extremely short cooldown, costs nothing to use. Spammable. The most basic Electric Conduit attack.

Polarity Wall: Channeled magnetism deflects bullets, arrows, darts, knives or any other magnetic object. Will absorb electrical attacks.

EM Pulse: A magnetic wave very similar to the Polarity Wall, shoves away magnetic objects with great force. Can shut down electronics if unshielded.

Induction Grind: The ability to surf along electrified or magnetic surfaces, including power lines, railways and handrails.

Ion Grenade: A magnetic bubble stuffed to the brim with electrical energy. Explodes violently on contact with a nonmagnetic surface; otherwise sticks until the magnetic field collapses.

Volt Drain: Ethan can drain electrical energy from charged objects, including outlets, power lines, Pikachus and anything else that carries a high voltage charge. Heals rapidly during absorption.

Equipment: Keyblade, Baldur Shield, Keyblade Armor, Golden Gauntlets, Rebreather, pocket knife, various personal effects and a whole host of knick knacks acquired during his travels through the Multiverse.

Condition: Years of loafing about the Multiverse, smiting Heartless and partaking in the general hurly-burly of adventuring have left him in top physical condition, right up there with any professional athlete. His extensive collection of magical items and his connection with the Keyblade enhance his capabilities further, making Ethan a physical juggernaut.

Personality:Ethan is generally an amiable person, if snide at times. Happy to make friends and slow to anger, his biggest flaw lies in his habit of picking at others' mistakes in a hurtful manner. He also often fails to pick up on sarcasm, treating such comments as though they were meant to be taken literally.

Morality:Neutral Good

Appearance: No longer the pudgy gamer kid from the sticks that he was immediately after Interfering, the same everyday exertion that made Ethan powerful has also left him in the best shape of his life. Six feet tall, he weighs a Spartan 180 pounds and is very lean, sporting a healthy tan and more than his fair share of scars.

Completely bald, he has nary a hair anywhere on his body. His features have grown rather angular since the fat has been stripped away, revealing high cheekbones that throw his slate-grey eyes into sharp relief. The natural sternness of his visage has only been exacerbated by his loss of weight, making him appear very unfriendly indeed at first glance, but his changing taste in clothing helps alleviate that. Bright colors and cheery patterns are the world of the day for Ethan as of late, as he has taken to favoring button-down Hawaiian style t-shirts that he often leaves hanging open, revealing a white undershirt beneath.

Thanks to his tendency to hoard items, he has taken to wearing cargo pants at all times, since the extra pockets help in carrying his junk around wherever he might need it.

Background:Born to a poor family in rural Arkansas, Ethan had very few friends as a young child. His father was extremely overprotective, often to the point of denying the young boy the basic commonalities of an American childhood. Ethan has never been a Boy Scout, never played baseball, never been to a high school dance; rather than moan about his misfortune, however, he chose to fill these unsuspected gaps in his life with a balm that turned out to be either his undoing or his salvation.

Video games.

Despite his lack of fine manual dexterity, Ethan devoted most of his life to gaming; starting off small on that holy grail of consoles, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, he followed gaming all the way up to the Playstation three, upon which he discovered a hidden utopia. A blissful transcendence of all the minor flaws he had put up with until then. Ethan became a PC gamer. Months were spent blasting Spies as a Pyro, exploring the halls and mountains of Skyrim, modding the absolute hell out of Minecraft and more...but something was missing. An old favorite had never been ported over to that master of all gaming apparati, the personal computer. And so, dusting off his old Playstation 2, the boy turned man sat down to play some Kingdom Hearts 2. Upon booting the game, however, Ethan discovered something odd. His save file said it was corrupt...but loaded anyway after a moment. Shrugging off the oddity, he played for several hours, picking up the game from where he had left off: Twilight Town, just before Roxas met with Sora for the first time. Upon reaching the great flower, though, the game started to stutter. Static crackled across the screen as the blossom unfolded, and the game's framerate bottomed out. A pounding headache ripped into Ethan's head, pulsing in time with the stuttering screen, and the last thing he saw before he passed out...was himself in the pod, resting peacefully in Sora's place.

 Posted: Sep 23 2012, 05:33 PM


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Looks good, especially the creepy pasta worthy entrance.

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