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Posted by: Tarkya Nov 22 2015, 12:21 AM
The Interference's Guide to the Multiverse

The Multiverse is a vast and complex universe, and it can be hard to understand exactly what's going on. This thread covers the basics of the multiverse to make it easier to get started and understand exactly what's going on.

Table of Contents
The Multiverse
People and Organizations of Note
The Real World

Posted by: Tarkya Nov 22 2015, 01:08 AM
The Multiverse

The multiverse, colloquially known as “the worlds”, is a vast collection of self-contained universes separated by the vast, nebulous void known as the Ocean Between. A single world in the ocean can be as small as an island or as massive as an entire galaxy, but all ultimately share the same sky, and see each other as distant stars. With few exceptions the worlds of the multiverse are based on video games and other interactive media from the real world, though why this is the case is unknown.

Most worlds are enclosed by a barrier which protects them from the greater multiverse by preventing any travel to or from the world. There are ways to break through these barriers, but the only true way to make a world accessible is via the destruction of its barrier - and such an act also makes it vulnerable to the myriad dangers of the multiverse at large. The collapse of a barrier is marked by two major events - a meteor shower visible from all parts of the world, and the eventual discovery “gummi blocks”, pieces of soft, colorful material that once formed the barrier.

There are a few major ways of traveling between worlds. The most well known is via gummi ships, crafts created from the gummi blocks that litter unprotected worlds. Conventional ships can also travel the Ocean Between safely, so long as they have a way to make the jump from “regular” space. Some can teleport between worlds with Star Shards, technology, or powerful magic, and the bravest (or most foolhardy) will use the Dark Corridors that the Heartless travel. The rare few might even try to fly or ‘swim’ their way from world to world, taking advantage of the thin air and scattered islands of the Ocean Between.

On worlds that have no barrier or a reliable way through, the main way of entering and exiting the world is through what interferences call a Save Point. These glowing green circles may come and go, but there is at least one permanent save point on any world with a way to the Ocean Between. Save points are only visible to those who have traveled between worlds - to anyone else, the user of a save point simply appears or disappears from thin air.

The primary form of currency in the worlds is munny, small, yellow crystals that are often left over after the destruction of a Heartless. The size of an orb determines its value: small orbs are worth one munny, medium orbs are worth five munny, and large orbs are worth twenty munny. Munny has a curious “chameleon” effect: on worlds where other forms of currency are dominant, it will take on the form of that particular world’s currency.

Posted by: Tarkya Nov 22 2015, 01:08 AM
People and Organizations of Note

Some of the natives of the multiverse have an importance that extends to the worlds beyond their worlds. It might be because of extraordinary knowledge, power, or just the fact that they seem to be magnets for interference activity. Either way, they're important names and many interferences run across them eventually.

Yen Sid
A wizard of great knowledge and power, a master magician, and a former Keyblade Master. Yen Sid's knowledge of the worlds extends to an innate knowledge of the interference phenomenon. He's serious, confident, and rather intimidating, but he's still kind of heart and even has a bit of a sense of humor. If you can find the way to his tower, Yen Sid can be a great help... assuming that he's in.

Radiant Garden Restoration Committee (RGRC)
The RGRC aren't really a government, but they're probably the closest thing to one in the world of Radiant Garden. Their members, consisting of Leon, Yuffie, Aerith, Cid, and Merlin, are the primary protectors of the town and oversee it's reconstruction. They've dealt with invasions, security system glitches, and now the growing tide of interferences and all the chaos that seems to follow them like a shadow, and they've somehow managed to come out of it okay. Cid's gotten a little frustrated with being treated like the local gummi ship dispenser for new interferences, though.

The Resistors
The Resistors are a military force that has recently established themselves across multiple worlds in the multiverse. Led by the enigmatic General Shadow, they have a varied force of humans, robots, and monsters, and have a strong presence on several of the core worlds of the multiverse. They call themselves a force of order in the multiverse and work to keep the worlds they are based on safe from heartless, nobodies, and other threats. However, some of their methods are... off.
More info can be found

Posted by: Tarkya Nov 22 2015, 01:08 AM

An interference is both a title and an event. The act of interfering is ultimately an act of self-insertion: A person with a deep connection to a game can, through that connection, cause the world of that game to become a reality of its own. They then find themselves in that world and are given the opportunity to live its story themselves, becoming known as an interference.

The title of interference is used more loosely in the multiverse, applying to anyone who travels between worlds. While there are still a numerous number of interferences from the real world, known as “external” interferences, there are also a growing number of so-called “internal” interferences, travelers born on the creation of a world or universe who have somehow found their way into the multiverse. Some of them are characters who were predominant in their games of origin, while others would have been little more than NPCs or suggestions of a person but have been given life by the interference phenomenon.

The two main categories of interference are External and Internal interferences.

External interferences are the original type of interference. They are the classic self-insert, a visitor from another world who enters a story with extraordinary knowledge that they can use to change the course of fate. External interferences are often great fans of the game they have interfered with, though some may be pulled in with relatively little knowledge of video games at all. Other than this outside knowledge, externals are in all cases ordinary humans… at least at the start. Many external interferences are gifted with remarkable powers upon entering the multiverse, and even those who don’t may have the opportunity to gain power during their travels. All external interferences also have the unique trait of being able to expand the multiverse - so long as they seek out new worlds, those worlds will inevitably be born.

Internal interferences are natives of the multiverse, born with the worlds as fully formed people with lives and stories of their own before setting off into the world at large. Their origin as video game characters or NPCs means little in the grand scheme of things - they and their worlds exist on the same level of reality as the “real” world and its people do. Not all inhabitants of the worlds are considered interferences - for natives of the multiverse, it’s reserved for those who travel between worlds, willingly or unwillingly.

External interferences in particular consider there to be a third category of interferences: the canon interferences. In the real world, canon interferences are the protagonists and named characters in games, and in the multiverse this important status carries over. Canon interferences are the heroes of their worlds, with stories that are well known by internal and external interferences alike. Like with other multiverse natives, they aren’t considered true interferences unless they travel the worlds. However, many learn of the multiverse and even the “real” world from other interferences that have visited their world, especially if their world has been directly interfered with. Some even have innate “awareness” of the origins of their worlds, with varied reactions to such knowledge.

Posted by: Tarkya Nov 22 2015, 01:10 AM

In an infinite multiverse, there is infinite potential for danger. While most threats have difficulty piercing the gummi and traversing gummi space, there are always those monsters and villains determined enough to do so. These are but a few of the things threatening the universe, and the list is always growing.

Chief among the monsters plaguing the multiverse are the Heartless. These creatures form wherever there darkness lurks, and seek only to consume hearts and multiply. They come in a multitude of shapes and sizes, even lurking in the depths of the Ocean Between, ready to attack unwary travelers. Heartless are resistant to most physical attacks, but are vulnerable to magic and to weapons of light such as the keyblade.

While fewer in number compared to their dark "siblings", the nobodies' ability to think, plan, and organize make them dangerous when they have a leader and goal to work towards. They have acquired that leader in the form of Desera, an nobody Interference with the ability to command both nobodies and heartless, and has taken the World that Never Was as her base of operations.

The Tormented aren’t fully understood, but they have proven themselves to be incredibly dangerous. An unfortunate byproduct of the natural cycles of the universe, they form from the gathered resentment of people born into the multiverse solely to suffer or die. Their twisted forms are unnerving to see, and their death cries have the ability to strike directly at the mind and heart.

More information about the Tormented can be found

With the destruction of the world of Thedas by the Heartless, a new wave of monsters entered the multiverse. The Darkspawn are twisted creatures dedicated to war and connected by a corrupting force known as the Taint. On their old world the darkspawn would tirelessly seek out the Old Gods, twisting them into Archdemons to lead them into war against all other races. In the multiverse, they simply continue to war and multiply across the Ocean Between.

Posted by: Tarkya Nov 22 2015, 02:14 AM
The Real World

The "real world" is the first universe, and some external interferences would consider it the true one. It is from the real world's stories that the worlds of the multiverse are born, bubbling from the minds of those who cross over, and borrowing a bit of light from the hearts of its inhabitants to make them grow. Compared to the fantastical settings of the multiverse, the real world is incredibly mundane - there is no magic or monsters that are native to that world, other than that which causes the interference phenomenon to occur.

To travel from the real world to the multiverse is relatively simple: to travel from the multiverse to the real world can be inordinately difficult. Those with a keyblade or similar weaponry can often unlock a path back, though it can take a journey before they gain such an ability. Others may be pulled back as randomly as they were pulled into the multiverse in the first place. In most cases, it takes a strong desire to return in order to find the road back.

Despite the common terms, the multiverse is as real as the "real world" is, and multiverse natives can even travel to the real world if they have access to a road back. Any innate magic or skills that a returning interference or visiting internal interference carry into the real world will continue to function, though it's not recommended that they flaunt such powers.

Those interferences that do manage to return to the real world will find that life... has kept going on without them. Family members and friends will act as if they were never missing, or that they were simply on a long trip somewhere else. Even small physical changes will be rationalized away, though more major ones will strain the limits of this bizarre effect. This even stretches to death, though here the effect is more extreme - if an interference dies, then all memory of their existence is wiped from the minds of people in the real world. The only people who aren't affected by this mysterious "law" are former interferences and those who have the potential to interfere.

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