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» The Official Forum Rules
 Posted: Nov 11 2015, 02:01 AM

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By joining the Interference: Multiverse, you hereby agree to abide by the following rules. Violation of the rules can result in a warning, suspension, or ban depending on the severity of the offense. These rules may be subject to change and clarification at any time.

These rules were last edited on 01/19/2016.

General Rules
  • The Interference: Multiverse is a PG-13 forum. Mild swearing, violence and innuendo are allowed, but overly explicit content or excessive violence are not.
  • Do not spam or troll the forum. The Meme Space exists for forum games and general silliness.
  • Be respectful to your fellow members. Discrimination, abuse, and harassment of any kind are not allowed.
  • If you have a conflict with a member, try to work it out in private messaging, but keep it civil. If things escalate, report it to a staff member.
Roleplay Rules
  • There is no character or word requirement on posts. However, it’s expected that you put your best effort into what you write.
  • Godmodding, powerplaying, metagaming, and other forms of unfair roleplay are not allowed.
  • Posts should be written in english, and in third person narrative format.
  • Liquid time, defined as having a character in multiple places/threads at once, is allowed, though it’s good to keep a general idea of your character’s timeline.
  • Players may run plots and events, including major ones that alter the multiverse as a whole. However, if you plan something that can cause such changes, you should inform the forum as a whole, and be aware of the fact that such things may end up going differently than planned.
  • Incredibly disruptive plots, such as powerful boss characters, massive alterations to a world, or runaway replication ("grey goo") scenarios should be run by an admin first and may not be allowed if they seem to be too much.
  • In order to prevent characters from getting "stuck" in threads, if no one has posted in a thread for a given amount of time determined by the admin/mod team, that a player may post, regardless of posting order, to resolve the thread.

    For example (in the 3+ scenario), three people are posting: Abby, Brittany, and Claire. It is Abby's turn to post. Abby doesn't post in two weeks. Brittany has 72 hours to make a post before Claire can post. If neither post, Claire can now post to end the thread so Claire can play her awesome facesmasher in another thread.
"Other Worlds" Rules
  • The Other Worlds section is a section for threads taking place in any game world outside of the central forums.
  • Other Worlds threads should be based on video games only.
  • Games visited/interfered with in the Other Worlds section are first come, first serve, and the events that one person causes in a world apply to everyone. If possible, changes and completed threads should be noted the Other Worlds Listing.
  • In games with direct sequels, continuity progresses linearly. In games with large gaps of time between entries (some Legend of Zelda games, Megaman continuities, etc), different worlds can exist at different point in the timeline.
  • If a world in the Other Worlds section is highly active or popular, it can become a permanent area on the forum. If you want to do this, message an admin or propose it in the Suggestions forum.
Application Rules
  • This is an account-per-player forum.
  • There is no limit on the number of characters you may play. However, you may not have more than five canon characters at any time.
  • There is an activity check on the first of every month. Passing it is a simple matter of posting and noting which characters you’d like to retain. In the case of canon characters, you may be asked to post where you have been active. A dropped/inactive character may be re-apped at any time.
  • Do not plagiarize. Copying and pasting part or all of your application is not allowed.
  • While The Interference: Multiverse doesn’t have a stat-based power system, characters shouldn't start at too high a power level. What constitutes too powerful an ability is at the discretion of the mods.
  • Characters may grow in strength over time, either through development of innate ability or picking up new abilities and weapons from other worlds.
  • If there appear to be balance issues with a previously accepted character’s power level, you may be asked by an admin to moderate or alter them for the sake of forum balance and enjoyment.

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