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Sep 10 2013, 04:14 PM
I'm alive. I apologize most profusely for my extended absence, but life kind of got in the way, what with having little to no internet over the summer when I was in America (my dad had no internet) and in general just falling over myself and things that came up. Unfortunately, time waits for no person, and I'm hoping to at get back into the swing of RPing.

That said, I'm probably going to do so from a fresh start, seeing as how whatever ideas I had for any of my characters have been lost to the ravages of time. Apologies to those who were in threads with my characters, or who wished to see these characters develop, but I just don't feel I can do anything more with them after so long away from this place.

In conclusion, I'm back (sortofmaybebecauseuniversitymaydistractmeabit).
Apr 18 2013, 05:55 PM
Deep Jungle would normally be the last place most Interferences would want to visit. In fact, if someone were to ask exactly why Hawk Shadowflash had decided to pay the humid, jungle world a visit, he wouldn't really have an answer beyond 'a gut feeling'. Indeed, as a young man who trusted in his instincts, the British teen decided to check out exactly why he felt the urge to come to the world. Having just landed in the deserted research camp, he noted that, in spite of signs of recent inhabitants, it was indeed empty of people.

"Suppose that makes avoiding any awkward questions easier..." Hawk muttered to himself, pushing the flap of the tent away fully and stepping out into an almost literal wall of humidity. Immediately, he was glad he left his jacket on his Gummi Ship, and pulled his sunglasses down over his eyes to help mitigate the amount of light coming from the sun. Sighing, he ignored his discomfort as he began to walk around the camp, searching for any clues as to why he felt he had to come to this world in particular.

In the shadows of the trees surrounding the camp, a pair of eyes followed Hawk's movements.
Mar 16 2013, 06:30 PM
So yeah, new character named Evelyn has a thread in Radiant Garden, any takers?
Mar 14 2013, 05:31 PM
So, those of us from the previous forum will doubtless remember the Pairs to Spare thread, where crack and official forum romances frolicked hand in hand, blissful in their absurdity.

And now it lives once more, risen from the ashes of destruction to once more spread crack pairings across the multiverse. Hide your families, for it brings the end.

Rules: Pairings can come in any number of combinations, and the format is as follows:

Source: Where the pairing comes from e.g. The Interference: Multiverse for pairings that occur in the forum/involves forum characters. Can be any media, not just characters from this forum, and can be crossover (within reason).

Pairing: This is where you put the names of whoever you're pairing together, with the option to put a pairing 'name' in brackets (for example, Character A x Character B could be called AB Shipping). Bold and Italics can also be used to define which character is more active in the relationship, though not necessary. Generally, two or three characters should go here.

Reason: Try to come up with a valid reason why this pairing would work, unless you're doing it for the pure crack of it. Reasons include interactions in thread/whatever media the characters are from, or that they happen to be similar etc.

So, with all that sorted, have fun people, and try not to put too many crack pairings here...
Mar 14 2013, 05:01 PM
"Evelyn Jameson, awaken."

A pair of green eyes flickered open, wincing shut as blinding white light met the orbs. Hesitantly, her eyes opened once more, revealing a white void interspersed by several silver ribbons, spiraling upwards in a chaotic pattern. Blinking as her mind struggled to fight through the haze left from her unconscious state and comprehend this, something drew her attention, an orb of faintly purple light floating in front of her.

"You have regained consciousness. Good, for now is the time. You have been chosen to wield the power to use your allies as weapon. You alone must bear the sins of this crown."

Evelyn struggled to move, unable to see the source of the mysterious voice, when suddenly the light in front of her dimmed, leaving behind a small glass cylinder filled with a glowing strand of what appeared to be DNA. Suddenly, cracks appeared, and it shattered into pieces, the strands within launching themselves towards Eve.

"W-what the...!? AAAAAAGH!" Her inquiry was cut off as the strands wrapped tightly around her left arm, burning heat filling it, with the worst of it being on the back of her hand, right in the center. The pain filled her senses, and her scream died out as her eyes flashed red before closing.


"..." The pain was mostly gone, only a faint echo remaining as bright green eyes opened once more. Groaning, Eve's right hand rose to brush away the strands of snow white hair that hung in front of her eyes, revealing the sight of a blue sky, free of clouds. She looked around, seeing that she was lying down in an alleyway, blue stone forming a road-like structure. Pushing herself to her feet, she fought a wave of dizziness, pressing her left hand against the cold stone wall of the building next to her, feeling the chill soothing the remnants of burning pain in the appendage. Her eyes glanced over to her hand, and stopped dead upon seeing something emblazoned in the middle of the skin, the back of her hand still slightly tinged red.

"... what the heck!?" Eve shouted, her eyes affixed to the strange symbol that she saw there. Her voice echoed through the town, causing many citizens to pause and wonder exactly who had been so loud.

(The symbol is the one shown in this picture, but filled in purple.)
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