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Dec 20 2016, 04:11 PM
The African rain forest was in the midst of another typical day; gorillas in the trees moved as a pack towards better land while a small group of British environmentalists surveyed the land from the bottom of the enormous trees and bamboo that surrounded them. Far, far above these trees was a most unusual sight. An enormous person-shaped mass of orange was hurtling towards the forest; Samus Aran, the woman within this bulky orange armor, was registering her situation with a degree of tranquil focus. The portal of light that she'd passed through had somehow yanked the bounty hunter out of her ship and into the atmosphere of an alien planet. Attempts to remote pilot the ship in a bid to catch herself were ineffective -- the trail of smoke that peered out over the treeline was a good indication of her ship's fate. This left the course of action to simply preparing for the upcoming impact.

Worry and fear didn't cross Samus's mind, her armor would dampen the impact, she'd survive this, if not unharmed. And yet as she crashed through the vibrant green overgrowth, shattering dozens of branches in the process, a hand reached out for anything that could be grabbed. Branches, long green vines, everything she laid her hand on snapped off and did little to slow her descent. A massive impact, a loud snap, and suddenly the world was spinning in multiple disorienting directions. This repeated with every branch that she smashed into, until one last, booming thud reverberated through the forest as the armored bounty hunter was embedded into a miniature crater on the forest bed.

The fall hurt, and it hurt a lot, but it didn't kill her. The forest cried at her presence, a cacophony of indigenous cries signalling some degree of alarm at her dynamic entry. She laid there, motionless, as the heads up display of her suit's armor flickered back to life. As expected, her armor's integrity wasn't compromised at the cost of several tanks worth of energy shielding, nothing that couldn't be replenished. Slowly, Samus sat up, dirt, tree branches, and leaves fell off of her armor as she got to her feet and gave the surrounding area a cursory scan.

The thermal visor revealed dozens, maybe hundreds of creatures in the trees above. Some were staring down at her, others were in the process of moving to their destinations. None of them were attacking, which was a relief -- it was rare to find a planet that wasn't trying to kill her the second she set foot on it. A quick toggling of the command visor revealed the form of her gun ship far off to the North. With this destination in mind, the bounty hunter began her trek towards the fallen vessel.
Dec 19 2016, 11:20 AM
Classification: Canon - Zebes

Name: Samus Aran

Age: Unknown, appears to be in her early twenties.

Gender: Female


Samus as she appears in her Varia Power Suit.
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Samus as she appears in her Zero Suit.
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Samus Aran is defined by her boundless courage in the face of the evil in the galaxy, often diving headfirst into impossible battles alone. Despite being a mercurial bounty hunter by trade, she is exceedingly selfless, sometimes refusing payment and helping others in need for the sake of it. Her warrior lifestyle has led her to be a rather solitary person who prefers to work alone. In the presence of a group, she is typically unwilling to follow orders, instead trusting her own judgement and instincts as a lone wolf. Her unshakable confidence in her equipment and training have seen her through overwhelming odds time and time again, and there is little that she fears. In spite her tendency to solve her problems with massive amounts of firepower, she greatly respects life and fights to protect the galaxy first and foremost.

In the humdrum normalcy of civilized society, she is a stoic woman whose tendency to live alone in space has negatively impacted her ability to relate with others who aren't incredibly lethal killing machines. Though amicable on a surface level, she is a woman of few words who prefers to get to the point. Thoughtful, spiritually-minded, and frighteningly intelligent, her actions speak louder than her words ever could.

Likes: Bounty hunting, exploring uncharted territory, relaxing in bars, protecting others.

Dislikes: Space Pirates, people who prey on the weak, Space Pirates, military procedure, Space Pirates, brigands of any sort.


Born on the planet K-2L, Samus Aran experienced hardship at the age of three when Space Pirates led by their captain, Ridley, invaded her colony and massacred everyone, including her parents. A bird-like race known as the Chozo, who had intercepted the planet's distress beacon, saved the infant girl, bringing her to their home planet Zebes. To ensure the young human survived the planet's increased gravity and climate, she was infused with Chozo DNA and trained by the Chozo to be a warrior. By the age of fourteen, she had far exceeded the physical limitations of her species, being capable of running faster, jumping higher, and hitting harder than a regular human in addition to being capable of surviving alien climates that would kill most humans. Their greatest gift to her, however, was their bio-mechanical power armor, a hyper-advanced technological masterpiece. She would eventually leave Zebes as a young woman determined to use her gifts to protect others.

Emerging out of nowhere in civilized space, Samus made waves in the Galactic Federation, where she would work under the command of Commander Adam Malkovich. Her tendency to disobey orders was counterbalanced by an extreme degree of hyper-competence in military operations. To the shock of the Federation, she eventually abandoned her post after numerous operations against the Space Pirates on other human colonies. The name Samus Aran soon became synonymous with her new profession as a bounty hunter, and lone operations against the Space Pirates cemented her reputation as the best bounty hunter in the galaxy.

Some years later, the Federation contacted Samus with a mission to destroy a Space Pirate base on the planet Zebes. There, the bounty hunter encountered Ridley for the second time, and in the ensuing battle ended his life. The Space Pirate base brought her into contact with the Metroids, a mindless race of energy-draining alien lifeforms controlled by Mother Brain. After destroying the monstrous creature, she escaped the destruction of the facility in one piece, only to be shot back down to Zebes by pursuing Space Pirate fighters. With her ship and power armor rendered useless, she infiltrated the Space Pirate Mothership in the hopes of stealing another vessel, only to be detected and driven to the ruins of a nearby Chozo temple.

Within the temple, Samus completed an ancient trial created by the Chozo, receiving a new, superior suit of power armor in the process. With this suit, she stormed the Space Pirate Mothership, killing every one of their crew in addition to a robotic replica of their captain, Ridley. As the ship was destroyed around her, she escaped in one of the Space Pirate Fighter ships. This incident crippled the Space Pirates' campaign of galactic conquest for years to come, and the remaining forces learned to hate and fear the armored warrior they named "The Hunter."

Her career would take her through several adventures and innumerable planets, most of which were the source of a great many evils. Throughout the years, she would confront a new threat on the planet Tallon IV, Phazon, in addition to Ridley, who had survived their first battle and underwent numerous cybernetic enhancements. In the depths of Tallon IV, she overcame the ghosts of the Chozo, Meta Ridley, and a highly evolved creature known as the Metroid Prime. The echoes of Phazon would create a dark clone of herself, which she battled on the planet Aether. In the process, Samus saved a race called the Luminoth from the imperialistic Ing.

The threat of Phazon grew with this passing mission, and in another assignment in which she teamed up with other renowned bounty hunters, she fought across numerous planets, killing the deceased and Phazon-infused bounty hunters in the process -- it was during this adventure that she encountered Ridley once again, and in their battle she vanquished him on the Space Pirate homeworld. She would then journey to the planet Phaaze and lead a Federation assault on the planet. Battling against her own corruption, she destroyed the planet's core and escaped, ensuring that all traces of Phazon in the galaxy were wiped out.

After this ordeal, Samus again encountered the Metroids on planet SR338. Descending to the depths of a volcano, she eliminated a Queen Metroid and seemingly eliminated the entire species for good, save for a single egg that hatched into a Metroid infant. Showing mercy, Samus took the infant into her care, ultimately turning it over to the Federation for research purposes. Unfortunately, this prompted the Space Pirates, led by the surviving Ridley, to attack and abduct the infant. Not willing to let a Metroid fall into Space Pirate hands, Samus pursued their forces back to Zebes, where they rebuilt their first base from many years ago.

On Zebes, Samus destroyed the Space Pirate forces station in the base, including their new commander, a revived Mother Brain. In this battle, Samus was saved by the baby Metroid, which sacrificed itself, giving her enough time to destroy her foe once for all. Escaping to her ship, Samus watched as Zebes itself was destroyed with the base, wiping all traces of her homeworld from existence. With the memories of her home planet all that remained, Samus's ship took off into the dark expanse of space, ready for another mission.


Chozo DNA - Samus was infused with Chozo DNA and raised from the age of three on a hostile planet. By the time she was a young woman, she had already exceeded the limits of the human body. With the speed of a cheetah, the strength of an elephant, and the ability to jump several feet into the air, she is a highly dangerous person even outside of her power armor. She has also become highly flexible, being capable of squeezing into tight crevices, perform highly athletic maneuvers, and contort herself into impossible positions. Thanks to the strengthening of her body, she can survive falls and take hits that would kill normal humans, as well as tolerate pain to a far greater degree.

Combat Experience - Thanks to training from the Chozo and the experiences of numerous adventures, Samus has many years of experience under her belt. She is an expert marksman whose reflexes, aim, and speed of movement are almost superhuman. While she is well-versed in the capabilities of her weapons, she is a proficient hand-to-hand combatant both in her suit and out.

Intellect - Samus's intellect gifts her with a superb tactical mind and intimate knowledge of starship piloting, engineering, and expertise with a wide array of mechanical parts. Basically, if it has more than two parts, she can take it apart, reverse-engineer it, and ultimately learn how to use it with a great amount of proficiency. In every fight, she is known for exploiting enemy weaknesses, formulating on the fly tactics, and using her cunning and quick wits to overcome her enemies.


Power Suit - The deadliest weapon in Samus's arsenal is her Chozo-made biomechanical power suit, a full-body set of armor that allows its wearer to survive indefinitely in hazardous environments. The suit itself utilizes energy shielding to protect the wearer from all manner of attacks until its energy shielding is drained, in which case its protection becomes insignificant. Because it has bonded with Samus on a biological level, it is unable to be removed with her permission; even if it could, the intense physical and mental concentration required to utilize it ensures that Samus alone is the only one capable of utilizing it. The suit weighs several tons, but thanks to the training Samus underwent on Zebes, she is unimpeded by its extreme weight.

Power Suit Subsystems

Visor - The visor, in addition to protecting her face from ballistic projectiles and hazardous rays, provides biological information of indigenous life forms and structures of interest by referencing several galactic databases. It provides immediate feedback on her armor's integrity vital signs, ammo count, as well as a miniature map of the immediate area, all via a virtual heads up display. If she is attacked from a blind spot, the visor's HUD will indicate the direction of the attack. Miscellaneous functions of the visor include a built-in thermal detection system, night vision functionality, sound-wave detection systems, and a remote gunship control function.

Arm Cannon - The suit's distinctive arm cannon can fire a wide array of projectiles, from chargeable beams of pure energy or plasma, explosive missiles with heatseeking properties, a beam of ice that can freeze things solid in an instant, a high powered stream of fire, and a tangible energy grapple that can stick to surfaces or living organisms. The arm cannon can also expend all of the suit's energy and ammunition stores to unleash a massive beam of energy as a last ditch finishing move. With the exception of the basic energy beam and the grapple, every weapon type is powered by several ammunition sources that she must produce within her ship.

Morph Ball - Thanks to the design of the suit and Samus's own flexibility, it can fold into a perfect sphere and roll along at high speeds. This "morph ball" can spring itself into the air, stick to walls, and dispense miniature bombs that can provide a springboard for her.

Miscellaneous Suit Functions - By emitting excess energy waves in conjunction with mid-air somersaults, Samus can become a spinning energy ball of death in a maneuver known as the "Screw Attack." The suit has a built in speed booster that, during a continuous, uninterrupted run, boosts Samus's speed to near-supersonic levels. The suit's has a built in gravity control mechanism, allowing Samus to move through water and deep space uninhibited.

Zero Suit & Paralyzer - A skin-tight blue bodysuit worn underneath Samus's power suit. Allows Samus to move at far greater speeds at the cost of minimal protection and zero access to her power suit's vast armory. Her only weapon is a rather useless stun pistol that, true to its name, temporarily paralyzes targets with the intention of giving her time to run and hide.

Gunship - Samus's Hunter class gunship, shaped and colored like her helmet, it is the only one of its kind. It serves as her intergalactic transport and mobile home, workshop, and storage facility. There are several smaller rooms inside in case guests need to stay temporarily. It has a miniature energy cannon mounted beneath it for use in dogfights or surface bombing runs. Using her suit, the ship can be remotely piloted and controlled.

Sample Post:

Space, the eternally silent expanse of black amid countless trillions of stars and worlds. Within the cockpit of a single-person fighter, the pilot felt more at home in this quiet, lonely frontier than she did on human colonies with other people. She was the legendary bounty hunter, scourge of Phazon and Ridley's Pirates, liberator of the Luminoth, and destroyer of worlds -- she was Samus Aran, inheritor of the Chozo legacy. That type of resume made it a bit difficult to have a casual conversation in the local bar, even if it was enjoyable to see the stunned reactions when the bartender discovered that the pride and joy of humanity was an attractive blonde in short shorts and a thin tank top. That's why, outside of missions, she found herself staring into space... and thinking.

She thought about that fateful attack on K-2L, the slaughter of her home. She thought about her adoptive family, the Old Bird and his people who raised her up, trained her to kill, trusted her to use their technology to save lives. She thought about Adam Malkovich, the stern commander whose respect she never felt, but always yearned for. She thought about Rundas, Gandrayda, and Ghor, fellow bounty hunters she'd respected, all dead at her hand because of the Phazon that corrupted them. The people she'd met, the trials she'd overcome, the things she'd accomplished over so many years, everything that morphed Samus Aran into the woman she was today.

Some might have thought it odd for her to look back on all of these experiences with such subdued emotion -- the galaxy hailed her as a hero, but Samus herself considered her actions as nothing more than several jobs well done. There were personal stakes in some, such as Ridley's stubborn refusal to stay beyond the void, but by and large they were still just jobs, responsibilities she owed to the galaxy and the Chozo for gifting her with the means to help others. Though curiosity pushed her to the unknown and the thrill of battle steeled her will, the memories of K-2L, of the childhood and the normal life that was robbed from her, pushed the bounty hunter to stand against whatever evils the galaxy produced. With Zebes reduced to nothing, memories of the promise she'd made to Old Bird were all she had left.

Then, in void of space, a rift opened up. It was a massive explosion of light that blinded her behind the safety of her window glass. Samus's gaze narrowed to it, adjusting to the harsh light, and she wondered if it was by chance that this gate had just happened to open up before her... or if it had opened because of her. Irregardless, that sense of wonder, that curiosity, began to take hold of the bounty hunter again, like it had so many times before. Manning the ship's controls, Samus's vessel pushed towards the light...

...into the unknown, one of many unknowns she conquered time and time again.
Dec 13 2016, 11:29 PM
Classification: Canon - Land of Departure

Name: Aqua

Age: Appears 18 or 19, but is actually close to her thirties.

Gender: Female


She is a physically fit woman who has detached armsleeves, a bright blue sash on her waist, as well as something that looks like a corset and spats, along with thigh-high tights and metal boots. There are pieces of metal armor on her shoulders that allowed her to transform into her keyblade armor.


Kind, compassionate, and fiercely protective of her friends, Aqua wishes only to protect the worlds from the plots of those who might harm them. Responsibility comes naturally to her, often to the effect of making her seem overly serious or stoic. Among friends, she's at her happiest, and the bonds she shares with them drive her actions and motivations in trying times. After selflessly casting herself into the realm of darkness, she has emerged several years later with a considerable amount of wisdom and experience, both in battle and out. As determined as she is incorruptible, the lessons of the old masters are well-remembered with this one.


Aqua was once a student of Master Eraqus alongside her childhood friends Terra and Ventus. Together in the Land of Departure, they trained for the sole purpose of passing the Mark of Mastery exam and becoming keyblade masters. When the fated day of the exams arrived, she and Terra were the participants, of which Aqua was the only one dubbed a master. When Terra and Ventus subsequently fled their home world, she was tasked by Eraqus to bring them back safely. With this mission, she set off to search the worlds for any sign of her runaway friends.

This journey took her to many different worlds, each with unique, often colorful people under duress from creatures known as the Unversed. In solving the problems of each world's inhabitants, Aqua learned of the respective journeys undertaken by Ventus and Terra. A plot involving both of her friends slowly became apparent as well, and this came to a head at the Keyblade Graveyard, a former battleground of the Keyblade War. There, she, Terra and Ventus confronted Master Xehanort and his apprentice, Vanitas. At the cost of Terra's body and Ventus's heart, the three friends thwarted Xehanort's attempt to create the X-Blade and open the door to Kingdom Hearts. Alone, Aqua took Ventus to the ruined Land of Departure, graveyard of her former master, and transformed it into a labyrinthine castle that would keep any intruders from discovering her comatose friend. She then set out to find Terra, or what was left of him.

This journey took her to Radiant Garden, where Terra's Xehanort-possessed body had turned up. In doing battle, she ended up sacrificing herself to save him from the Realm of Darkness, becoming stranded as a result. Within this realm, thoughts of her friends kept the young master determined to survive, and in a moment of respite, she met a hooded figure who told her the name of a boy that would finally save them all. It was in the midst of these travels that Aqua escaped, and in doing so recovered her armor and keyblade from the depths of Radiant Garden's now decrepit castle. She now wanders the worlds, seeking a cure for Ventus and a means to stop the plans of Xehanort once and for all.


Magic Mastery - Like Master Xehanort before her, Aqua's combat specialization lies in the magical arts, and she is second only to him in its use. Using her keyblade, she can cast a wide array of magic ranging from elemental attacks such as fire or ice, to healing spells like cure, or obscure and unorthodox spells like stop or haste. Because of her heavy focus on mastering this combat style, she rarely tires when casting several spells in succession, and has even incorporated her own techniques to aid in traversing the environment, like jumping off of a barrier. In the years she's spent wandering the Realm of Darkness, her skills have only grown.

Acrobatic Combat - Though favoring magic, Aqua is an accomplished swordswoman whose combat style incorporates graceful, fluid movements with a defense, dodge-oriented slant. Cartwheels, flips, and pirouettes are some of her favored moves.


Master's Defender - A Keyblade that belonged to Aqua's former master, which protected her inside the realm of darkness. Its hilt has a twin guard that is both steel and bronze-colored, and the blade itself is long and pitch black, forming a roughly shaped "E" near the end. Its keychain roughly resembles the sigil Aqua wears.

Like all keyblades, it can unlock things both physical and immaterial, and it can only be used by its chosen wielder -- in this case Aqua, who inherited the blade. Its physical and magical strength are exceptional, even by keyblade standards. When thrown skyward, it can transform into a glider that enables travel into gummi space. The keychain can be removed and replaced with others in order to change its shape and function.

Rainfell Keychain - Aqua's original keyblade which was recovered with her armor in Radiant Garden's castle. Its hilt is double-sided, with dark blue coloration running from the blade down. The blade is long and thin, with three "prongs" forming at the end. It has reasonably strong magical properties, but not to the extent of Master's Defender. Its keychain is a silver and blue variation of the sigil Aqua wears.

Keyblade Armor - A suit of metal armor that protects its wearer from the harmful effects of gummi space travel, in addition to greatly increasing one's defenses in a straight up fight. It appears whenever she touches the pauldrons on her shoulders.

Sample Post:

The gently lapping sea, the sands, the cawing of the gulls, all of these sounds came together in perfect harmony. Aqua wasn't sure how long she'd sat on this beach, beneath this beautiful sun, staring out over the blue horizon. It was the second time she'd found herself on this world, and it was bereft of the two laughing children she'd met oh so long ago. They were grown up now, surely, possibly close to her own age...or at least, how she looked.

It was an astonishing sensation to discover the salvation of all the worlds without even realizing it, fate was a funny thing sometimes, showing the solution to all of one's problems right before your eyes. Wherever Sora and Riku were, the young master didn't worry for them -- they'd done so much, overcame adversity that adults like herself would have found unfathomable. At the present, Aqua was focused on her problems, the problems she swore to fix. Ventus was still a lifeless shell within that cold castle, and Terra was a puppet of a madman.

Sighing, Aqua stood to her fight and looked skyward. From her hand flashed the keyblade of her master, and from a gentle press of her shoulder plate, her body was encased in a metal shell. Soon she was flying high, high into the air on a steel glider, ready to touch down on whatever world needed her presence.
Nov 19 2016, 02:42 PM
To find one's self waking up in a dingy alley of a foreign city was a strange curiosity to a Great Detective, who had swiftly ruled out kidnapping, drunken stupor and drugs. As he took his first steps into the town square, he was struck by its primitive architecture, it was positively medieval. Kind souls pointed the detective to a company of individuals whom were forthcoming with information, a home said to be owned by Merlin of Arthurian myth himself! Though Holmes's skepticism in matters of legend was present, the thought of conversing with a fellow Briton motivated his arrival.

The man claiming to be Merlin was quite a character, his feats of "magic" were true and genuine, it seemed. A man of Logic, Holmes found the discover fascinating, and in hindsight he should have reigned in his inquisitive pursuit of the wizard's tricks, for after an hour of polite conversation he was ushered out the door by a blonde man who grew irate at the "prattling old men" in his workplace. Fortunately Merlin had graced Holmes with a new lead -- a castle a short ways outside the town's walls containing a device -- a "computer," that would bestow upon him a bevy of information.

And so Holmes set off on his lonesome, pipe lit and softly billowing smoke in the air. This settlement, "Radiant Garden" as the locals called it, had piqued his investigative mind. Though he knew not what a "computer" was, a man of Logic such as himself would see its mysteries unlocked and examined thoroughly. After all... what was a mystery to a Great Detective but another puzzle to be cracked?
Sep 26 2016, 10:54 PM
Classification: Canon - Dai Gyakuten Saiban

Name: Sherlock Holmes

Age: 34

Gender: Male



"Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

Sherlock Holmes is, to put it simply, one of the greatest minds of his era. A genius in every sense of the word, his style of detective-work became the standard that every detective would be compared to, due in no small part to the serialization of his Adventures. To say that the Great Detective of London is a bit big-headed would be an understatement, but he often has the talent to support the inevitable air of superiority that follows him wherever he may go. Holmes seeks activities that challenge him mentally, and after his many adventures, he is the sort who grows bored from banal matters that are better left to "other people of lesser intelligence." The time he affords others is directly proportional to his interest in their problems and his respect for their intelligence, as he believes that emotion has no place in a professional's line of work.

Despite his extensive talent, Holmes is more fallible than he would ever like to admit. His "deductions" are infamous for being correct on a base level, yet wrong in every sense of the word. In spite of his mistakes, however, he has always found a way to bring the truth to light.

Of course, Holmes the man is quite different from Holmes the consulting detective. He is an eccentric, seeing the world as a fascinating den full of curiosities, and people as windows into the unknown. His penchant for wild, overly-dramatic gestures and child-like enthusiasm comes and goes with bouts of melancholy and self-pitying moping, giving the detective a persona of unpredictability with both client and friend alike. Holmes's ego does a superb job of hiding how much he cares deeply for those he considers friends and comrades, but he rarely ever finds an adequate way to express such feelings. Often, his gratitude comes in the form of simple respect, where one would consider praise from the Great Detective evidence enough of their value to him.


The Great Detective's rise to fame in London is one of the city's greatest mysteries. Overnight, the man become a celebrity when his Adventures were posted in Randst magazine. In such stories, the exploits of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson became a nation-wide phenomenon, earning the Consulting Detective a place in London society as a celebrity of sorts. With a steady income from his stories and the occasional client, the man lived comfortably on 221B Baker Street. There, he looked after the daughter of his late friend John, Iris Watson, the girl who penned the tales known as "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes."

However, Holmes's life took a turn for the interesting when he encountered a Japanese attorney on a steamship hailing from Japan -- Ryunosuke Naruhodo. The two hit it off immediately when a mysterious murder aboard the vessel prompted them to work together. With Naruhodo's reasoning proving to correct the Great Detective's wild deductions, they solved the murder in record time before departing in the great city of London. Fate would ensure the pair wound up solving several more cases together, however, each more puzzling than the last. Over time, Holmes's respect for the foreign attorney prompted him to invite the younger man into his Flat, where his official "office" was opened to accept potential clients.

From that day forward, the two entered a partnership of sorts; a Great Detective matching wits with a Great Ace Attorney.


Abductive Reasoning: Holmes is a master of Logic and Deductions, and can discern facts about a person just by observing their clothes, body language, and other small details that can be easily missed by others. This extends to how Holmes sees the world; he breaks down everything in sight, discerning key facts about objects of interest in a matter of seconds. This leads to rapid-fire conclusions that he draws from pure reasoning based on the world around him. Though he may get some facts wrong along the way, the conclusion is almost always correct.

Boxer: A gentleman at heart, Holmes has a practitioner of good old fashioned pugilism. While his right hook and reflexes are respectable, the strength of Holmes's style comes from how he reads his opponents in the middle of a fight with all the calmness of a military general. He can memorize his opponent's style, fighting habits, and tactics until predicting their every move is nearly trivial for him.


Investigative Gear: An inventor at heart, Holmes has devised several gadgets to assist him with his investigations. He carries a sort of "dust shooter" pistol that can reveal blood residue and fingerprints that may be invisible to the naked eye, aiding in a forensics investigation. Less obvious is his brand of caramel chocolate bars made to have objects pressed into it to create quick molds, allowing him to copy keys and other objects he wishes to copy.

Revolver: Though his fists are reliable as weapons, Holmes has come to rely on a sturdy six-shot revolver for emergency situations. As a matter of principle, he typically finds shooting people distasteful unless the situation truly calls for it.

Sample Post:

"...What an interesting predicament I've found myself in!" Holmes exclaimed, scratching his chin with a feeling that rarely came over him -- genuine confusion. He stood before a stony ledge overlooking a massive, ugly looking castle sat square in the middle of a residency, from the looks of the tiny houses below. The confusion, of course, came from the fact that Holmes had no idea where he was or how he got there.

The Great Detective's mind raced back to his actions moments before his arrival. He had been sitting in his flat's armchair, mulling over the details of a recent case taken by Mr. Naruhodo; a murder case, naturally. The fireplace had been lit, casting the room in a warm, welcoming light. With his his favorite pipe and tobacco in hand, it was the perfect environment for processing the vast information that sat within the file he'd compiled. Then... for seemingly no reason, he was standing upright in this alien city.

"Hm..." Holmes muttered, taking a small pull of from his smoking pipe. "Quite the town, this is..." He wandered off towards what seemed to be a market. Lesser men would have been panicking, but the Great Detective knew that rational thoughts led to rational actions, and thus he would remain rational in spite of this wildly irrational situation. Information gathering was the name of the great game set before him, and it was information that Holmes would get. Then, and only then, would he act.
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