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» Sarah Tustin and Dorumon, External - The Tamer
 Posted: Apr 30 2015, 02:25 PM

The sun will rise.

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Name: Sarah Tustin
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Abilities: Digimon tamer: Upon interference, Sarah has been partnered with a digimon - in her case, a Dorumon. While the digimon starts as an egg, it has the capability to grow over time and in response to her emotional state. Said digimon tops out at its Champion level, Dorugamon, though with time and the right digivice modifications it may even reach Mega level.

In mundane realms, Sarah’s pretty good with computers and technology, and has a collection of minor skills fostered by playing videos, especially platformers and rhythm games.

Equipment: An orange purse that contains a charging cable for her cellphone, a flashlight that doubles as a battery, and some personal supplies.

Her cellphone is her main piece of equipment, as upon interference the “digivice” app has expanded its features to cover those of a real digivice. It’s features include reporting on a digimon’s status, digiegg storage, and most importantly the ability to facilitate digimon evolution. While it’s features are currently basic, it has the potential to be upgraded with more functionality. It also does usual smartphone things, whenever it can get a signal.

Condition: Mostly healthy, but not very fit. Endurance and pain tolerance are her main strengths.

Personality: Sarah’s a quiet person, though once she’s comfortable with a situation she can be quite talkative. She tries her best to be friendly and helpful, often to the point of neglecting her own needs, while simultaneously refusing to ask for help with her own problems until there's no other option. She has a tendency towards anxiety that makes her second guess herself a lot and become very down very easily, but she’s at least marginally aware of these faults and tries her best to manage them.

Dorumon is a fairly aggressive digimon that often charges into situations without thinking, and evolution makes that worse. A lot of this is due to the fact that it’s still fairly young, and over time it should become more mature. It’s very loyal to Sarah and thinks of her as something like an older sister.

Morality: Generally lawful good, but not strictly so.

Appearance: Sarah stands at 5’5”, and at 200lbs is visibly overweight. She has pale skin, light brown eyes, and a splash of freckles along the bridge of her nose. Her black hair is thick and wavy, and grows down just past her shoulder blades. Her features have a vaguely asian cast to them, mostly in the shape of her eyes. Her clothing consists of pale blue jeans, a red short-sleeved shirt, and a navy blue zip-up hoodie. She wears brown hiking boots and a blue-grey hat with a gold pin on the left side, near the edge of the brim.

Dorumon’s appearance and size changes with its evolutions, but its typical state has it standing at 3” tall at the shoulder. On evolving to Dorugamon, it grows to 10” at the shoulder.

Background: There isn’t too much to say about Sarah’s early life. She’s eldest of three sisters growing up just north of Seattle, and grew up with a stable, supportive family and a school experience that was significant only in how badly she bombed through middle and high school. From very early on computers and video games were a significant part of her life, and became an escape when the stress of poor grades became too great - which, ironically, made her grades worse in the process. It took a move to a new school district and an extra year of high school to break free of that cycle, but she managed to graduate.

And promptly stalled for two years.

It wasn’t until Sarah had broken out of her rut and gotten herself into college that she interfered - a brief stint of gaming during a bus ride served as her entry. The Digimon game on her phone wasn’t really official, but apparently it was enough.

There was a flash of light...

 Posted: Apr 30 2015, 03:30 PM


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Approved because Digimon are the Champions!

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