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Posted by: Tarkya May 2 2015, 08:14 PM
The Beginning

Who knows when the first Interference occured? Perhaps they've happened as long as video games have been able to capture people's hearts. What we do know is that the way to the multiverse was opened by one boy - Alexander Karsath, the so-called "Original Interference". His heart connected with the game of Kingdom Hearts 2, and its world was born from the light in his heart. He found himself in the story, but as a participant rather than an observer, and through his time in the worlds made changes both major and subtle that carried it through to its conclusion. And once the threat of Organization XIII had been stopped, he prepared to return home.

Then, something happened.

The Start of the Multiverse

For reasons unknown the Universal Failsafe Law, the rules that protected the divide between the real world and the game world, began to crack, and a score of new Interferences fell through the gaps. Many came gifted with extraordinary powers. Others came with the knowledge of another universe of interferences, lost to a mysterious cataclysm. They fell, not into worlds of their own, but into the one the Original left behind. However, the new interferences quickly found that new worlds were still being born and that many of them were connected by the roads of Gummi space. Some of the inhabitants found themselves numbered among the new interferences. Whatever their origin, they began to explore and have adventures of their own.

The Present

Some time has passed since the first wave of interferences, and while the tide has slowed, it shows no signs of stopping. The heartless run rampant across the new worlds, feasting on unprotected hearts. New threats are born and slip free, finding a multiverse as vast as it is unprotected. The multiverse is a growing frontier, and with every connection the interferences make the risks grow as well.

In time, there will be consequences.

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