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Posted by: Tarkya Mar 4 2015, 10:33 PM
Characters all have their own little quirks and traits that don't really show up often in roleplay, but are still there and important. Here's a thread to talk about them. Maybe even ask other people questions about their characters. Have fun!
  • The Batter actually really enjoys roller coasters. Or maybe he's terrified of them. It's hard to tell, but they do get a rare reaction from him.
  • The Batter doesn't know what sports are and would have no idea what to do if you threw an actual baseball at him.
  • Bastian is literate, but only in the alphabet. English letters are a mystery that he's not sure is worth figuring out.
  • Bastian's favorite food is giant beetle larva. They're a delicacy, honest.

Posted by: SaintAbsol Mar 5 2015, 02:12 AM
What the hell, why not?
  • Calvin is able to use either hand to fire his bow.
  • He's actually missing one of his back teeth. He got into a fist fight in college, and it had to be extracted due to cracking.
  • Before coming here, he actually had about $2000 dollars in a savings account, mostly from his archery competitions.
  • He enjoys spicy foods and has an above average tolerance for them.
  • He has managed to telescope an arrow (that is, hit the back of one arrow with another) a total of 8 times since he started shooting.

Posted by: William Sentinal Mar 5 2015, 07:23 AM
Yeah sure, I'll do this.

-Kantia is afraid of the dark, from just general darkness such as a dark room, or the Heartless.

-William is afraid of heights, despite being able to fly.

-Kantia has different fighting styles depending on which hand she holds her weapon.

-Kantia doesn't like sugary or greasy foods, except maybe pancakes and pizza.

-Exsila may be a Heartless but she still holds her old goals.

Posted by: Natalie Emu Jun 7 2017, 07:55 AM
(Aside from the actual rules and common sense and decency.)

Althea- Althea is terrified of bugs, but she is most terrified of centipedes. Gears Of War enemies would be her nightmares come true.

Althea- Also has nightmares about bugs occasionally. When she wakes up she'll try to hide her fear, but it'll fail.

Mary- Mary has been known to knock herself out to not get in a vehicle.

Mary- Mary is right handed, but always drinks tea with her left.

Elissa- Elissa can't stand drinks that are too hot. If it steams, it's undrinkable.

Elissa- Elissa hates soda. All of it. Anything with carbonation, actually.

Elizabeth- Elizabeth is still just a little afraid of the dark.

Elizabeth- Elizabeth hates caves and damp places.

Noel- Noel has always wanted to try squirrel but thought it was just... wrong.

Noel- Noel's multiple personalities have different preferences in food, clothing, and all other things like that.

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