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Apr 16 2017, 02:12 AM
Might as well make this official.

I'm sorry about how sudden this is, but I've basically been thinking about it all day, even mentioned it in the discord chat early. But, yeah, I'm hanging up my Interference hat for the foreseeable future.

Sorry to anyone who I was threading with, I really don't have the inspiration to try and finish them.

I had a few ideas for Calvin's thread, but it has dragged on to the point it's probably bet to just let it die and him along with it. Jason probably would have been a fun boss battle to write, and I was enjoying how casual about the whole thing he was being, but I don't think finishing the thread before leaving is realistic at this point.

Sin... I'm upset I didn't get to use him more, as his new personality was something I was really enjoying writing, and a very welcome change from his edgelord beginnings. But, barring that Heartless Pokemon thing, I didn't really have any ideas for him, and there didn't seem to be much interest in it.

Coffee Swirl, as I said in the Discord server, is the only one of my characters I feel like I could keep writing, but he's an awkward fit on the forum, and I'd rather try and rework him elsewhere.

Anyway, thanks for having me, everyone. I'll keep the site saved, just in case I feel like coming back and starting fresh, but don't hold your breath for that.

See ya when I see ya; Absol, out.
Mar 5 2017, 06:57 AM
Sin chuckled as his ungainly form sprinted across the savanna; being on all fours (or threes, in his case) was strangely nostalgic for him. Back before things had gone to hell, he had spent quite a lot of time as a normal absol in the Red version of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, and part of him missed that place.

Yeah, he could probably go find the game world again, but it wouldn't be the same.

Still, take what you could get, as they say; he was glad to just have this old form back, and to have a chance to run around like the normal Pokemon he wasn't. Besides, the occasional Heartless that popped into existence as he raced around wildly made for good level grinding.

It was enough to distract him from the slight buzzing in his Disaster Sense, letting him know there was something... else, watching him.
Mar 5 2017, 06:31 AM
Coffee Swirl was not a survivalist.

Really, while not exactly a city colt, he was the last pony you'd expect to see camping in any sort of fashion. He was just more comfortable in a building than he could ever hope to be in a tent, and had no training in how to deal with situations that didn't have readily available sources of food and drink.

So, the fact he was in a makeshift cloud hut was doing nothing to improve his sour mood.

The non-structural clouds were ill-suited for building, and prone to deforming even with his magic; they barely succeeded in keeping him warm in the nights. The grass he had found in various places would let him sustain himself, but only enough to keep him from starving, it was a far cry from a meal that he'd have enjoyed several times by now.

And, much to his dismay, there seemed to be no relief in sight.

He had yet to find another hole like the one that had stranded him here, and he was still scared to actually try and approach any of the 'humans' he had seen since coming here. After the first had so casually threatened to kill him, he couldn't be sure the rest wouldn't be similarly bloodthirsty. His current situation was far from enjoyable, but he wasn't ready to die just yet.

The pegasus munched on the bushes outside of some mansion that looked long abandoned, given the general state of it and the grounds, just trying to please his growling stomach. He was so sick of eating these things, but he didn't know what else to do right now.
Jan 8 2017, 04:32 AM
Coffee Swirl was no stranger to falling.

Really, when you got right down to it, flying often amounted to 'falling' but with more style. And, as a Pegasus Pony, even one that preferred to live at ground level, he had done his fair-share of flying. He was used to the sensation of weightlessness that came from being in the air, the feeling of there being nothing beneath you as you moved through the air, of the wind rushing passed you. Yes, Coffee Swirl was, truly, no stranger to falling.

But, when he couldn't control his falling, he screamed the same as anyone else.

He could still feel his innate magic within him, and he was both instinctively and consciously reaching out with it to try and regain control, but nothing he did gave him anything more than minor control over his fall. The fact he was falling through total darkness didn't help matters; he bowed to Princess Luna and enjoyed a beautiful night the same as anypony else, but blackness around him was simply too much. He wasn't even sure he could see his hooves as they uselessly flailed about, and the tiny pinprick of light he'd fallen from had long since been lost. He almost would have been grateful to hit the ground; if only to-


"...ow." Coffee Swirl groaned as he lay motionless on the cold, dark ground. He was... reasonably sure the impact hadn't killed him, and -- while there was pain in basically every part of his body -- nothing outright felt broken, not even his glasses. But getting to his hooves was an exercise he wasn't quite ready to perform.

...even in the deepest Darkness, the moon still shines to light the path ahead.

Swirl's eyes shot open at the sound of the... voice? It had sounded close, but he still couldn't see anything. Suddenly, the ground beneath him seemed to erupt with light and he hand to shut his gaze once more. When he could finally look again, he was shocked to see he seemed to be standing on a stained glass window... though, for the life of him, he couldn't tell what it depicted this close.

Swirl found himself standing, the pain having subsided to levels he could tolerate by now, and looking around. He was still slightly nervous when he saw that the strange window seemed to be the only thing around... and his wings were too tightly clamped at his sides to even try to fly and get a better look at the window's design, much less go exploring.

Another flash of light, smaller than the first, made him jump and he saw a podium floating across from him... with an image of Princess Luna's Cutie Mark hovering above it.

Even on the coldest day, the sun still gives warmth to all.

It was joined by another podium in a flash of light, this one with Princess Celestia's Cutie Mark hovering above it.

Even on the bleakest of worlds, love still beats within one's heart.

A third, this time with the symbol that adorned Princess Cadance's flanks floated above it.

Even in the face of insurmountable odds, friendship is still magic.

And a fourth, now baring the mark of Princess Twilight.

The path must be chosen by the one who will walk it.

Swirl could only stare, his jaw slack and his glasses sliding down his snout. None of this was making sense to him, even by the infamous standards of Ponyville. However, after several moments passed in silence, it soon became pretty clear that he wasn't going to be getting an explanation any time soon. So, pushing his glasses back into place, he trotted forward toward one podium in particular.

While he bowed to Luna, she was still not the princess he had grown up with. Cadance was effectively a foreign diplomat with how far away from the rest of Equestria the Crystal Empire was located; and, while he had no real issues with Twilight, having seen her shuffle into his shop half asleep and with a bedhead, he couldn't really think of her as a princess. So, that really left only one choice.

He had to rear up and balance on the podium to reach it, but his hoof did eventually touch the image of Celestia's Cutie Mark.

Power of the Sun; the light of Truth and Justice. Is this your choice?

"I guess so," Swirl answered, managing to wing-shrug as he answered the disembodied voice. "So... what does that-" He broke off into a shocked whinny as the symbol exploded into light... which shot into him a moment later. For a split second, his entire body felt like it was on fire, before the sensation passed as suddenly as it had come. "What the hay?!" He was panting, his heart racing, and it actually took him a moment to see the podiums had vanished. "What was-"

Those who walk in the Light are most visible to the creatures of the Dark. The voice seemed heedless of his questioning; more to the point, Swirl rapidly became aware of several black spots moving on the platform. Spots that stopped and seemed to stand up into strange... creatures. They almost looked like hideously misshapen Diamond Dogs, only pure black with glowing spots for eyes. Swirl could only blink several times in shock before they started crawling toward him, their movements jerky and unnatural.

"" he took several steps back. "Hi there?" The creatures paid him no mind as they continued to advance. "...nice to meet you?" he tried again, still nothing, and he was starting to visibly sweat. "...really getting freaked out here. If you could... hold of for a moment, until we're introduce. I could-" one of the creatures suddenly lunged at him and he jumped back with a half-coherent shout. "Okay, bad idea!" He cantered away, but the things simply melted back into spots and chased after him. It was only a matter of a moment before he ran out of room to run, skidding to a stop at the edge of the platform just before he fell off.

Swirl gulped, still too scared to try and fly in this place, before turning around and looking for any other options.

The creatures were back now, pulling themselves back into three dimensions and advancing toward him with claws scraping on the glass. "S-stay back!" he feebly warned them. "I-I mean it!" He took a half step back on instinct, and nearly fell off the platform for it. He had no idea what he could do anymore.

Call to the Light... and it shall come.

"What does that even mean?" He desperately cried out to the void, hoping for anything that could help him now. One of the creatures was nearly on top of him now, and its claw was poised to dig into his flesh. In one last act of desperation, Coffee Swirl shut his eyes and reared up as he tried to hoof-punch the thing. "Celestia save me!"

Suddenly, the feeling of heat returned, and his hoof seemed to glow as it connected with the creature's head, driving it into the glass where it popped like a smoke-filled bubble. Swirl opened his eyes once more, almost unable to believe what had just happened. The creatures were gone, only the fading smoke of the one he'd just... killed remaining.

The sun is a fickle friend; just as it may reveal your path, so too can it blind you. Look to it to guide you, but know when to avert your gaze... Lightbringer. Your journey begins at dusk.

The platform Swirl stood upon shattered without warning, sending him into darkness once more.


Interferences had the strange distinction of always seeming to enter a world in a place where no one was looking, even if the location happened to be somewhat public. As such, while Sunset Hill was hardly an out of the way location, there simply was no one around to see the means by which an unconscious Pegasus Pony suddenly entered their world, even as he lay unconscious in the dirt.
Jan 4 2017, 05:31 AM
Classification: Internal, Gameloft's My Little Pony game

Name: Coffee Swirl

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Physical: Coffee Swirl is a Pegasus Pony from the magical land of Equestria. In less flowery terms, he's a four-legged equine who stands roughly four feet at the shoulder with a reddish-brown coat, a two tone mane/tail combination of a lighter reddish-brown color with a slightly off-white stripe running through it and a small goatee under his chin. He has a set of teal eyes behind a pair of green-rimmed glasses (for nearsightedness), and -- like all Ponies -- a cutie mark upon his flanks: A single cup of coffee.

A picture may be found here.

While he isn't exactly the most athletic of stallions, Coffee Swirl does have a Pegasus's urge to be in motion a lot, so he has a decently healthy build. However, he also suffers from his tribe's notoriously low endurance, so he tends to rest a lot when not on the job. He's also rather slow by Pegasi standards, with even most casual fliers being able to outpace him; however, he's a good bit stronger than them as well. Nothing compared to an Earth Pony, but still rather noteworthy.

Mental: Being a Pony, Coffee Swirl's morality is a bit... odd. He is a natural herd animal, meaning that he's both very quick to go with the flow, and very quick to accept others into his circle simply if they ask nicely or apologize for whatever transgressions they committed. Granted, he's hardly naive and won't just blindly accept beings that are obviously evil or unrepentant for their actions, and -- while he can be frightened the same as any animal -- he'll still fight back when push comes to shove.

Truthfully, by Pony standards, Coffee Swirl is rather cynical and asocial. He's known to be snarky and even a bit callous if he's feeling particularly angry, even expressing his own belief that he's essentially a 'nopony' with little to no importance in the grand scheme of things. Furthermore, while he doesn't actively avoid social situations or meeting others, he also doesn't actively seek them other either and is just as happy to spend his time alone with a good book and a few records of his choosing.

With all that said, Coffee Swirl was still raised to hold the various values represented by the Elements of Harmony, and friendship most of all. So, if he ever comes to call someone his friend, he'll stick with them no matter what.

Background: Contrary to what you'd expect of someone living in a land of magic, dragons, adventures, and gods, Coffee Swirl actually had a fairly mundane life.

He was born in the Pegasus city of Cloudsdale, to two rather normal parents, and attended flight school the same as every other Pegasus child. He was an unremarkable student; never really excelling at anything flight or weather related like most, but not being bad enough to stand out in a negative light either.

Strangely, however, he was more comfortable on the ground than most children his age, just simply preferring the feeling of something solid beneath his hooves and working with materials more solid than cloud. However, even as he did find more enjoyment of his life while on the ground, he still remained a blank flank well into his teenage years, bouncing from job to job as he sought out ways to get some Bits to his name. It was only when he started working as a part-timer in a coffee shop that he discovered his passion for the drink, as well as his near supernatural ability in making the many variations upon it, granting him his Cutie Mark at long last.

Fast forward a few more uneventful years, Swirl now lives in Ponyville, running a fairly successful cafe of his own and offering the best (if only) coffee the town has to offer.

Abilities: Flight: As a Pegasus Pony, Coffee Swirl has the ability to fly through a combination of his wings and his own innate magic. While not remotely an endurance flyer, he is quite capable of crossing respectable distances with more speed than all but the fastest of Earth Ponies.

Weather/Cloud Manipulation: As another part of his magi, Swirl can condense water vapor into the form of a cloud, as well as stand upon one as easily as if it were solid ground. As a direct result of this, and thanks to his education in Flight School, he is also capable of creating localized weather patterns that he can control to a moderate degree, though these do require more time to make than normal clouds.

Solar Power: A power granted to him by becoming an Interference, Coffee Swirl's body has been magically altered to absorb solar radiation. By expending this new energy source, he can increase his strength, speed, endurance, and other physical skills directly proportional to how much he spends. However, it takes time to recover, and his body needs to adapt to it more before he can store large amounts without danger to his health.

Equipment: Coffee Swirl didn't intend on beginning a massive journey when he entered the Multiverse. As such, the only 'equipment' to his name consists of his glasses, a vest, and a hoofful of Bits and Jangles (Equestrian Currency) that as transforming into roughly 2800 munny.

Sample Post:

The sun was shining, the birds were practicing their song, the clouds were few...

And one cynical Pony was flapping his way through the sky.

Coffee Swirl groaned, finally spotting a decently sized and flopping onto the puffy surface. The cloud held his weight, thanks to his innate Pegasus magic, and only bounced about a bit from his impact. "You just had to try and save money on the trip, didn't you?" His voice was slightly muffled from being face down in the cloud. "Riding a train just wasn't in the budget, and you thought you could fly from Ponyville to Manehatten to check on your supplier."

Truthfully, he wasn't really out of breath; but he was tired, even yawning as he rolled over onto his back. He'd gotten up a lot earlier than his usual hour so as to have more time to make his trip, and had chugged enough of his namesake beverage to keep him lucid, but now he was nearing the point of the inevitable crash. And, since he was effectively in the middle of nowhere (and drifting further into it with the mild breeze), clouds were his only mildly safe form of rest stop.

Out of boredom more than anything, Swirl peeked over the edge of his cloud bed and down to the ground below.

It was the standard, unkempt grass with a handful of groves of trees making a fairly thick forest. Not quite large or untamed enough to be considered a 'wild' area, but distinct enough that you weren't going to find much in the way of settlement or artificial structures within it.

Which was why the hole in the shape of a giant lock stood out like a sore hoof.

Swirl blinked several times as his mind confirmed that he was, indeed, seeing what he thought he was seeing. Not that it made the fact he was seeing it any less surreal or more rational. It was a hole big enough to to be seen from cloud-level, in the shape of a keyhole; it made literally no sense as to why it existed.

He glanced upward, looking at the sun to get a rough estimate of the time, then groaned. It was probably going to put him behind his schedule, but there was no way he'd be able to put this out of his mind. Still grousing over his curiosity, he rolled off the cloud and free-fell for a few seconds before flaring his wings an gliding downward.

As he neared the ground, it struck him as odd that, no matter how close to the ground he got, or what angle he viewed the hole from, he couldn't seem to see the bottom. And, even as he finally alighted on the edge, all he saw within the hole more than twice his size was blackness. What in the hay? he idly thought, reaching a hoof into the hole and feeling around. There was no way the hole could be this deep; and things just got even stranger when he was able to reach under the edge, even though the ground felt solid as he stood upon it.

Curiosity still eating at him, and overwhelming his better judgment, Coffee Swirl flapped his wings and started to descend into the hole.

However, once he was inside, he suddenly fell like a stone. His flailing wings made little difference as he fell, screaming, into the blackness of the hole, losing sight of the entrance as he unknowingly tumbled out of his old world, and into a multiverse of others.
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