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Jan 8 2014, 06:32 PM
A friend of mine is gonna be heading to Japan in a few days, and she'll be getting me a Kamen Rider Henshin Belt(either one of the three Faiz ones, or one from Kabuto on). She's amenable to getting a few things for some of my internet friends, too.

She won't be back for about five or six weeks, though, so just tell me what you want here and I'll get back to you when she returns.

List So Far:
Shinku: Mystery Kamen Rider Belt
Aug 6 2013, 01:31 PM
Yagami looked around at the area, and hummed in thought. This was most definitely not what he'd thought the Coliseum would look like. Had they done some... renovations since the events of Kingdom Hearts? For now, the Japanese young man tapped his chin in thought of taking the boat manned by two imps or going exploring through those doors.

Tapping his thigh, he looked around, unaware of the weakening aura that tried to take form on him before it dissipated. However, that did not mean he was wholly unaffected. Yagami just wouldn't notice until he went into a fight.
Apr 16 2013, 05:28 PM
Yagami landed lightly on his feet, and looked around from where his Gummi Ship had put him. It was fairly high up on a cliff, overlooking a little area and the sea. Not that different from what he'd seen from Space, but Yagami felt that he'd get some good fruits here. Maybe even a plant to take with him on the ship for an easy source of food.

Turning, Yagami saw a forest stretch out before him. It was... quite a contrast to where he'd just come from. Agrabah was not tree friendly, and while trees were aplenty near the Beast/Prince's domain, they'd been covered in snow. These trees that were snow free, bending and turning in the breeze, they looked so... untouched by fire and acid and lightning and all those stupid powers that got thrown around by arrogant idiots that thought they could control things not theirs.

Shaking his head, Yagami started moving to the trees. He had a very small window he'd allotted himself for this, so he would move fast.
Oct 27 2012, 06:41 PM
Name: Willis Henry Lopter

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Abilities: Willis is able to summon data rings around his left hand after becoming an Interference, but that's all he gains internally.

D-Tector: (shaped like so.) Colored gold and light blue, accented with grey, this is Willis's primary accessory and how he uses the following:

Human Spirit of Gods: One of two, this allows Willis to turn into Odinmon. Stored in his D-Tector otherwise.

Condition: Willis is fairly average for his age group, not being very toned but he isn't a slacker with flab everywhere. So while he could use some work, it isn't enough to warrant hitting the gym every weekend.

Personality: Fairly talkative to most people, and easy going regardless of most situations. A few of his friends have hypothesized something is a bit screwy in his head, since he doesn't react to 'scary' situations like others would. Sure, he feels scared just as much as other people, but Willis just doesn't react. One of his friends has also theorized that Willis is a little loopy anyway, as he is all too ready to go off and help people should they need/want it. Watching and reading so much about super heroes has done that to him.

One of the few things that about Willis that would not stand out to people is that he also has a bit of a temper. It takes awhile to get there, but Willis will explode once there. However, he is quick to rein in his temper, going back to the normal almost laziness he seems to have in a short time.

Morality: Neutral Good

Human: (Extend the shorts to below the knee, you're good.)

Odinmon: (Color the white gold, the blue to red, and remove the mouth and eye covers, belt, and harness, then add some spikes to the shoulder pads, adding some yellow trim to the cape.)

Background: Willis lived a normal life with his friends and family in San Antonio, Texas. Something no one talks about in his family is that, yes, Willis was dropped on his head as a kid. He was around three at the time, with his little sister occupying his mother by being an infant. Dad was off at work, and as such, Willis had no one to help him up or down the stairs, or tell him no, so it was quite the surprise for his mom to find her son wailing on the ground, a bump on his head. From that day on, Willis just didn't react to anything that used to scare him. His parents were quite perplexed, but since Willis didn't bleed at all, or do anything else out of the ordinary, they didn't take him to see a doctor.

One of his friends was one Joseph, though neither of them shared much interest in the other's games. Willis also watched a bit more anime than most of his other friends, though he didn't see why his friends didn't think Digimon Frontier was at least okay, if not good. A much better thought than it being bad. Willis also spent a majority of his time reading books when alone. Time was split between books, people, and Digimon quite often.

Willis might not have looked it, but he was a big Digimon fan. The majority of his meagre game collection was Digimon Worlds, after all. And Kingdom Hearts II. Probably shoulda gotten around to watching that first game on YouTube sometime... oh well, he'd fallen into his TV and gotten a D-Tector, and an odd looking Human Spirit. That works just fine for him.
Oct 18 2012, 04:45 PM
Joseph looked around from his perch on one of the viewpoints scattered around Roma, taking in the bit of the citystate he was in. He'd been rather surprised when his TV lit up and spat him out into fifteenth century Rome. He'd been surprised to hear that, while his mouth was moving as it normally did, the Roman tongue was clearly audible and came out in words he knew. Sadly, he did not have an instinctive use of Italian, as evidenced by when he met one or three, but that was alright. Always other things to do.

The new Assassin looked at his Hidden Blades, idly thinking he probably wouldn't be traveling far enough to have need of a Hookblade, or live long enough if he were going to be staying in Roma for a bit. Though he didn't mind the ambient noise of the city that came across as one of the ingame songs. He could probably live with that.

Without really thinking about it, Joseph tensed, and jumped off the viewpoint and into the cart of hay below, having climbed this same tower for the fifth time just to see if the softness stayed, once more hearing a slightly distorted eagle's cry as the wind passed him, his hood unmoving, before a 'fwump' was heard as he landed in the hay. A little nap wouldn't be too bad...

(Also, while on this world, all magic and tech is disabled. Just keep that in mind.)
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