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Jan 3 2014, 03:17 PM
James wandered aimlessly around the lush islands of Neverland. As he walked the thoughts of what was out there and the threats he may one day face weighed heavily on his mind. His life now had a purpose...though he was not sure what it was. The idea was maddening, obviously there had to be some reason for him appearing here but there was no indication as to what that was. He didn't even have someone to follow to give him direction, his merry band in Radiant Garden had broken up, and now he was alone again.

Not that he minded being alone, it's just that he needed to have a goal, a place to be and things to do. His sister would be happy to wander the worlds, helping out where she could, but he needed to have a greater goal, an end that he could strive towards, but now he had nothing.

Standing on top of a high cliff, James looked out on the great ocean before him, wondering where he would go next. He wondered if he should just give up and find some way home. He sighed, as he waited for something to happen, anything.
Sep 14 2013, 08:59 AM
"Frikkin' lines" Nina muttered under her breath, carrying an assortment of food. Just one more obstacle and she'd be home safe. The door stood in her way like a monolith, a great wall, blocking her way into paradise. Quickly she fumbled with the handle, trying desperately to keep the boxes from falling over. After what seemed like hours of struggling she managed to get the door open. Using her back she pushed the door open.

Inside the room were an assortment of couches, and one large plasma screen tv with various game consoles hooked up to it. There were many other nick nacks that would take too long to describe, as the author is too lazy. On one couch sat jams, flicking through an almost impossibly large script

"Sorry that took so long," Nina said, "The lines for the cafeteria were too long. Extra's man..Okay so it's the chicken and chips for Eva."

"Thank you very much", Eva said, taking one box from Nina.

"Beef and potatoes for James, here ya go bro" Nina said, walking over to James.

"Hmm," James said, taking the box and not looking up from the script.

"Aaaaand spaghetti and meatballs for moi" Nina said, sitting down on the couch. She opened up the box, grabbed a knife and fork and tucked into the contents

"So will anyone be joining us" Eva asked.

"Harf to fay" Nina said, her mouth full of pasta.

"They might still be in the cafeteria, or they're in the gym." James said, "You never know..."

"Well, I'm sure someone will join us soon" Eva said
Sep 10 2013, 02:49 PM
James slowly sipped his water and looked out on the multicolored expanse before him. It certainly was beautiful, far nicer than the blackness of space he was so used to seeing back at home. The whole place felt so bright...alive. Off in the distance he could see the starts twinkling brightly against the cosmos. it was a breathtaking sight, and James was glad he had taken the time to slow down and appreciate this expanse. He took another sip of water, it was surprising how well stocked Gummi ships were, about a month's worth of food and water, central heating, oxygen and nice beds. All that was missing was a home entertainment system, though he couldn't really blame them for missing that, after all he doubted many of the worlds here had the internet, let alone television. Anyway, who needed television when you had a view like this?

Another sip.

He wondered just how many worlds there were out there, how many different people and places he could visit? Was it limited? Were there other games like Mass effect other galaxies or were they merged with this one? How on earth would they react to the inevitable culture clash? Would they make alliances, or would there be war?

Another sip.

He looked at his watch, it was getting rather late, and he was already in his dressing gown (another luxury provided by the Gummi ship), so it was probably time to get some rest. He was just about to turn and walk down the stairs back to his room when, out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a strange sliver of light appear in the colorful haze outside. He walked closer and looked at it closely, it it seemed to...pulsate. James decided he had to get closer (but not too close) and investigate this phenomena. Random tears in space were never a good thing.
Oct 30 2012, 04:56 AM
Could someone please join my new characters thread in The Destiny Islands. The name of the topic is "Angel Falls"
Oct 23 2012, 06:22 PM
Name: Evangeline “Eva” Lowry

Age: 35

Gender: Female

Abilities: When she awoke in the realm of the Interference, Eva found herself with the ability to use the element of light. She can use numerous light based attacks to combat the forces of Darkness including:

Pearl: Shoots an orb of light at the foe.

Ars Arcanum: her sword becomes covered in light, and she performs a series powerful slashes (usually thirteen) to attack enemies.

Light shield: Increases the strength of her shield, and covers herself in an energy shield.

Ragnarök: Eva fires a cluster of energy bullets from her blade.

Burst of Faith: Charges up energy and releases it in a shower of light, damaging all enemies around her.

Angelus mode

In times of great stress or fear, Eva may go into what is called “Angelus Mode”. In this mode her personality appears to change completely, and she grows mechanical looking wings from her back. She gains the ability to fly, and her attack power is increased tenfold. Unfortunately in this mode she is more ruthless in combat and sometimes cannot distinguish friend from foe, seeing destroying darkness as her “holy mission”. But Eva is slowly learning to control this mode and her powers.

Equipment: A sword with runes carved on it, and a shield with a pair of wings engraved upon it. She wears plate armour with a steel blue tint on it. This includes a breastplate, armbands and leg armour. Strange swirls and symbols are carved into this armour. When in Angelus mode the intricate patterns that adorn the armour light up. She also wears a pair of surprisingly sturdy half moon glasses with a black rim.

Condition: Sane and healthy, though she does have a slight fear of heights and blood.

Personality: Eva is kind and caring, and is willing to help anyone who looks like they may be in need. She often likes to take care of other interferences. She is often horrified at the idea of such young children (as she sees them) being put into danger. While she really has no problem fighting, she is reluctant to kill others and would prefer to avoid combat. She also dislikes harming creatures which she feels are being "enslaved" by others. However, she quickly changes her peaceful nature if someone harms an innocent, and she will protect her friends and even those she has just met. Eva usually acts as the “Mom” for the people she is with, sorting out their problems, and generally acting as a support. She is usually very soft spoken, but often panics whenever another person in danger.

Morality: Neutral good. She just wants everyone she meets to be happy. She believes that there is good in everyone. Eva would be reluctant to defy authority, but will quickly do so if said authority has committed an act she feels is wrong.

Appearance: Shortish, brown hair and glasses. She is rather small for her age and has a soft, heart shaped face. She is of average build with light skin. As stated above she has knight-like armour with a blue tint to it. Her wings are mechanical looking, but with real feathers, and they are fused to her body. Eva's armour can change if the wings grow out, making two slits in the back to accommodate the wings.

Background: Eva had a for the most part normal life. She went to school, made friends, and even fell in love. She met her a man named Peter at college, where they quickly fell in love. By the time it they graduated they were engaged to be married. Unfortunately, he died in a car crash about a month before the wedding, and Eva was left alone. Well, not completely alone. She was pregnant with Peter's child. She gave birth to a baby girl eight months late, and named her Sarah.

Eva worked for a soulless corporation to support her daughter. But she didn't complain, she and her daughter loved each other very much. Playing with her over the weekends, and their Disney movie night. For fourteen years Eva worked and played with her daughter. However, soon things changed, as Sarah found video games. Her favourite games were the Kingdom Hearts games. Soon she had no time for her mother, she only went on her computer and wrote fanfiction, argued how Soriku is pure love and how Kairi is a huge...well bad words were used. She also loved games similar to Kingdom Hearts, such as TWEWY and Final Fantasy. She was also a big fan of anime. The overall effect was a wannabe “dark” teenager who angsts over nothing, thinks she can change bad guys and wants to a “dark and edgy” member of the Organization. Eva still treated her like her daughter, even if she did get a little much at times.

However, one day Sarah vanished, and Eva came home to an empty apartment. All she could find was a broken 3DS (The screens were stuck on the Kingdom Hearts 3D title screen). An investigation was started, but to no avail, no signs of forced entry or any sign that she had run away. Soon Eva decided to search for herself. While at first her search was fruitless she came upon the 3DS again and saw a sentence on it. “Do you want to save your daughter? A: Yes B: No”. Without even thinking, she selected “Yes”. Suddenly, there was a flash of bright light, and she ended up in the world of the Interference.
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