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Mar 13 2018, 12:36 AM
Alright, so I held off on reposting this after I deleted the announcement board that was visible on every page of the forum. Whoops.

So, we moved shop to a different forum.

There's the link, join us if you want. Nothings stopping you.
Oct 4 2017, 05:21 PM
Today marks my final day on the Interference Multiverse forum and connected discord chat. These past 6-7 years have been a fun ride from reading the Interference series to finding the Legends board back when I was 12 to now.

I made a lot of friends through the role-play site and of course have crafted stories I couldn't have crafted on my own through this medium. It's a bitter sweet moment to leave this place after having defended it for so long and not wanting to close it down. I still don't want it to close down any time soon but I fear with the growing inactivity on both the chat and on this place... It's inevitable.

So I'm packing my bags to head for another corner of the Internet where the moon hangs in the sky for new stories to be crafted.

Thank you for the experiences of going from newish writer to some how becoming an admin of this place and... See you later.
Jul 18 2017, 10:32 PM

You awaken, maybe in an alley, a subway, or a hotel room. Wherever it is, it is not your home, or any place you know. The City stretches around you, all glittering lights and inky shadows, filled with people going about their daily lives. Then there are other people like you, lost in the streets of a city without a name. The City welcomes its new residents with open arms, offering myriad opportunities.

A way out is not among them.

Scrap City is an OC-friendly panfandom roleplay set in the City, a sprawling, retrofuturistic metropolis.

Jun 13 2017, 03:14 PM
Millie had picked up a zoomer along the way to the slums, learning how to drive it with relative ease. She could have easily flown or walked, but one of those would have drawn attention to her and the KG would have been on her. So the Zoomer was the fastest option they had.

It was also relatively fast anyway, Millie was zipping through the streets, switching between the hover zones every now and then to avoid traffic or running someone over. This was rather fun for her. The young cat girl smiled. Then she slowed the zoomer down dos he could get a better look around the location. "Alright, the slums. We've got a bit of looking to do, but I know the general location."
Jun 13 2017, 11:21 AM
Millie stood on top of one of the giant pillars that jutted out of the water. Her tail twitched a little. She could see the Palace that stood even higher than this in the distance. Her gaze went down the the water below, her heart speeding up as she realized that she was still quite high. A fear of heights never truly vanished.

But she was fine, its fine. Millie focused on the lines of vehicles that went over the water and the walkways. The cat-girl glanced across the water now, towards a particular neon sign. "So... I know where we are."

She could smell the pollution in the air. The whole place reeked of corruption. Millie turned her head to look at Stone.
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