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» "What Happened to the Forum"?
 Posted: Sep 1 2013, 06:20 PM

The sun will rise.

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This morning, the user Spork abused his admin powers and locked everyone out of the forum and deleted all the forums and categories. That user has now been banned from the forum, and everyone should have full posting rights back. If you have any problems with that, then PM me or stop by the IRC to let me know.

Your threads are safe! They were moved into a category and hidden, but weren't deleted.

However! It'll obviously take some time to get everything put back in place, but I'm working on that. We should be back and running soon.

In the meantime! If you have threads and know which category they're supposed to go, it'd be really useful if you posted the thread name and what it's location is! It'll make it much easier to get everything moved back.

Sorry for the mess!

EDIT: All of the threads have been relocated to their original homes! If you find one that's been put somewhere weird or wrong, just post here and I'll relocate it.

 Posted: Sep 1 2013, 06:40 PM


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-Reintroductions goes in Beast's Castle.
-Reconnaissance goes in Radiant Garden.
-Recollections goes in Castle Oblivion.
-Reignition goes in Hallowe'en Town.

-The Original Starts Anew goes in Radiant Garden.
-Alongside goes in Disney Castle.
-The Burning Warrior of Lyoko goes in Other Worlds.
-The Mission goes in Twilight Town.

-External Interference: Cat goes in Accepted Characters.
-Sonic the Hedgehog [Canon] goes in Accepted Characters.
-A Thread of Cat Art goes in Art Showcase.
-So KH[kai] Is Canon Again? goes in Chatting Lobby.

Cat - the girl who leapt through meta / Sonic - the hedgehog chasing ghosts
Yugi - the boy who tempers darkness / Journals - the words remembered most
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 Posted: Sep 1 2013, 07:06 PM


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Okay then.

The character profiles for Liv, Legode, David, Merin, Drizzt, and Aria go under the Accepted Character's board.

The Tormented Discussion/info thread goes under RP Discussion.

RP Threads master list (maybe) created Thanks to looking at the Google Cache version of the site before things went to hell.

Destiny Island
Taking Aim
Summer in Paradise
Lost, Confused, and Completely Changed
White Gerbera
'Twixt Night and Day
Assembling a Party

Twilight Town
The Mission
A Withered Soul Enters Twilight
Silent Awakening
New Kids in Town
Dreams of a Return
The Interference Biohazard Containment Protocol
Last Post by: Auragongal
The Curse on All Adventurers
From the Sky

Radiant Garden
An End to Split
Crash Course
A Light Start
The Original Starts Anew
So, a Drow Ranger comes looking for a ship
Prototype Phantom's Entrance
The Fool's Journey Begins
Gnawing Destiny Pt. 2
Twin Roses Bloom
Answers and Questions
Messages and A Chance to Relax?
Game On
Sprouting New Strength
Natural Start
The First Step

The sub-boards Space Paranoids and Hundred Acre Wood have no threads.

Traverse Town
Forgotten Radiance
A World But Not In Bound!
The Wolf Returns
Uncaring Light

Land of Dragons
An Absence of Something
Gnawing Destiny (COMPLETE!!)

Strange in a Stranger Land

Beast's Castle
In the Blink of an Eye
Preventing a Mob

Olympus Coliseum
A visit to the Coliseum Gone Wrong
Practice Your Swing
Training Day

Deep Jungle
Gone Hunting!
Taking Wing and Finding Talons

Disney Castle
Watching and... Waiting?
The sub board of Timeless River had no threads.

Swallowed up
Belly of the Whale


Port Royal
Overture into Adventure
Morals Are Overrated
Fight On The Town! EXE Appears!

Halloween Town
Not Scared Yet

Bladed Wings
Let's Scavenge
Nothing Like a Day Off

A New Journey
Desert Punk
Fangs and Circuts

Pride Lands

The End of the World
Eyes She'd Thought She Would Never Open Again

The World That Never Was
City Dextroy
Dark Days

Castle Oblivion

Gummi Space
Getting to know You before we part
A Mecha, A Robot, and Explosions!
The middle of nowhere

Other Worlds
The Burning Warrior of Lyoko
A Climbing Ordeal
A New Hero on Pandora
Downfall of Icarus
Fork In The Road
The Beginning of a Legacy! I
A Romp Through Roma
In the Heat of Battle
Odin Sphere's beginning HoundofChaos
Ostagar: Witches of the Wilds?!

And that's it. I hope this list I put together from looking at the cache helps you out Jac.

Legode Rydrion, the Blue Skinned Druid(Please keep in mind that while Legode is female, she looks highly bifauxnen/ manly in appearance. She never really developed in the chest area. Also has a Dire Wolf as her druidic animal companion. Do not call said companion a puppy/treat him like a house pet.)
Drizzt Do'Urden(Canon Character)
Aria Token(Mute, Hotblooded, Battling Ballerina)
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 Posted: Sep 2 2013, 04:16 PM


Group: Resident Artist
Posts: 358
Member No.: 2
Joined: 9-September 12

did i ever mention how aura is made of magic and sparkles and resourcefulness

Cat - the girl who leapt through meta / Sonic - the hedgehog chasing ghosts
Yugi - the boy who tempers darkness / Journals - the words remembered most
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