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» Possible Character Limit Changes
What should the rule on character count be?
Keep current rule (Six characters max, can swap characters with moderator permission. [ 1 ]  [16.67%]
Remove character limit (Limit on number of canon characters, monthly activity check) [ 5 ]  [83.33%]
Other (Please comment in the thread if you choose this option) [ 0 ]  [0.00%]
Total Votes: 6
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 Posted on Nov 14 2015, 08:35 PM

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There has been some reworking of the rules recently for the sake of clarity, and in the process of doing so the question of character limits came up, and I can't really pick which path I'd rather go. So I'm putting up a poll to get a general idea of what the community would prefer!

Currently, you are allowed to have up to six characters active at a time in any mix. However, we also allow for characters to be swapped in and out (though doing this excessively is discouraged).

The new rules would remove the character limit, but retain a limit on canon characters. It would also instate a light activity check - once a month, you would be asked to post in a thread, just to say that you're here and planning on being active with your characters. Missing a check would result in characters being flagged as inactive, but they could be reapplied for at any time.

There are other paths we could go along (changing the limit, ability to buy/earn more character slots). If you have another idea for what could happen, please comment with it in the thread!

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