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» Tarkya's Character Tracker
 Posted: Oct 23 2012, 06:28 PM

The sun will rise.

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[Forever a work in progress]


Current Status: Residing in Traverse Town
Place of Residence: Traverse Town (Crossroads Cafe)
A two story-structure in the First District of Traverse Town. The lower floor is an active coffee shop, staffed by her and the robot Cuppa Joe. The upper floor is a small apartment where she lives with Doru.
Travel Method: N/A

Dorumon (Doru): Sarah’s partner in the multiverse. While she’s still adapting to having such a power creature so dependant on her, she really likes the guy and treats him more like a younger sibling than a pet.
Sarah: Doru’s human and “big sister”. His love for her is unconditional, and he’ll do just about anything to keep her safe and happy.
George: Sarah and George have a working friendship, sparked after meeting in Aperture Science and developed over the time they’ve both lived in Traverse Town. Despite his “mad science” tendencies she is still fond of him despite his need for an occasional reality check. Doru thinks he’s pretty cool, and any friend of Sarah’s is a friend of his.
Edd: An acquaintance from the real world. Sarah… isn’t really sure how she feels about him being here. On one hand, it’s a familiar face. On the other hand, the implications it has about her life in the real world are… troubling. Doru doesn’t really like him, though he’ll tolerate him for Sarah’s sake.
Liv: One of the first people Sarah met in the multiverse. She helped her get off world and she’s thankful for that, even though they got separated fairly quickly. Doru is rather fond of her, since she was the first to feed him.
Nate: A wizard interference with a rather perverted bent. Sarah tends to butt heads with him when she interacts with him... she finds his tendency to throw magic at all problems, including magic, to be frustrating. Doru doesn't know him too well either, but he distantly remembers his interesting lightshows and considers him a friend.
Tabby: A... young girl? Or some kind of magical entity? Sarah isn't quite sure, but she treats her as a teen nonetheless. After having a talk with her that resulted in some emotions laid bare, she's established a sort of rapport with her. Even if she was partially responsible for the whole "golem wrecking Traverse Town" thing...


Current Status: Captured by the Resistors.
Place of Residence:: N/A
Travel Method: Teleportation
Jake’s glitch powers allow him to jump between worlds. It works best between worlds he’s already been to, but he can jump at random as well. He can also jump directly to places he hasn’t been, but only if doing so with someone that has.

Desera:: Jake only knew Desera for a short time, but she made… quite the impression, and not a particularly great one. He blames her for his capture by the Resistors. Just a little.


Current Status: Purifying Wandering
Place of Residence: N/A
Travel Method: The Nothingness
The Batter is able to access "The Nothingness" from any save point a gummi ship can be accessed through. In this black, whispering void moving from world to world is as easy as walking.

  • Out of Nothingness

Legode: Met in The World that Never Was. Potentially an ally.


Current Status: Wandering with Charlotte
Place of Residence: N/A
Travel Method: N/A

Charlotte: His younger sister. She's energetic and doesn't take things seriously enough for his liking, but he loves her all the same.


Current Status: Wandering with Aubrey
Place of Residence: N/A
Travel Method: N/A

Aubrey: Her big brother. He's stuffy and over-stressed, and cares way too much about tests, but he can be cool when she manages to pull him away from working all the time.

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