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» Request: Interference & Gamer, To people who want to aid a novice
Soulforger [Xon]
 Posted: Jan 6 2015, 09:08 PM


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I didn't have a big plan, but, since I had to start from zero, once more, now I had this list:

-My character awake in Castle Oblivion last floor (Basement: Floor 12?), trying to adjust to the idea of no longer being in the interferences' home world.
-Other(s) appear and began the explanation to new interferences
-My character attempt to open the gate 's room, but in vail. Then, he acquire a way to open it, but he can't do it by himself cause he's new, so he need the help of the other(s). Perhaps the one with more experience could open them.
-Considering the nature of the Castle, the room will be based in a place visited by the member's character. In case of an Internal, I will suggest his/her own gameverse; and with the External, perhaps some interference that can't be possible for X reasons, like a weak plot (for example, we end up in a suburb near a graveyard, facing the zombies from 'Plants vs Zombies'). And, considering that is to train my weak character, I suggest weak enemies.
-Instead of various rooms, only a big one that contain generic characteristics of the place in the memory of that character. For my part, I want to keep the mechanic of CoM about objects around the place that drop health orbs or certain items.
-We follow the rules of my character's ability, and after killing a certain amount of them, a boss suddenly appear. After defeating it, money and other items appear. We decide how to split the Boss reward, buy my character will wanted mostly the skill/technique book or equivalent to learn a new skill (related to the gameverese the room is based).
-After that, a new pair of gates appear to leave the floor.
-And, if the other's liked it, we continue the "dungeon diving" in this or in another thread. Not sure if I should mention it, but I want my character to finish the basements.

Honestly to me this list "kill the creativity" and make me "close-minded"... but oh well, that's just my way of thinking.

I accept questions or suggestions.



Jonathan 'Nyx' Nicté Escobedo - Interference & Gamer
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Millie Sentinal
 Posted: Mar 15 2015, 12:19 AM


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I have a small plan for later, I don't want to go into detail, but I will follow this, for a short time. And I would like to state what appears in place of your windows for your character, when mine reveals her name to Nyx. I don't want him instantly freaking out.

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