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» Request: Adventuring with Tippy., Fulfilled but more RP applicants welcome
 Posted: Jan 26 2015, 06:53 PM


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Tippy although cursed with a compulsion to adventure and go dungeon delving also fears the gradual loss of his sanity as he levels up and grows more powerful. He was dropped off in Radiant Garden by Drizzit, following the events of his inaugural thread. Since then he's spent his time trying to ignore the call to adventure and lead a normal life as an NPC citizen. Unfortunately this state of peaceful affairs can't last indefinitely for him. His cursed blood is once more driving him to seek adventure and challenges. As such he will either be begrudgingly compelled to look for adventuring opportunities in Radiant Garden or he'll have to borrow a gummi ship from Cid to set out in search of off world dungeoneering.

So basically I'm looking for someone that's willing to RP some low level adventuring in Radiant Garden as Tippy earns his his first gummi ship. That or would be ok with Tippy showing up on another world in a recently borrowed gummi ship. Over the course of the thread I'm hoping to have him come to better terms with his cursed fate/ learn to enjoy the thrill of adventuring.


Tippy is now adventuring with Shulk over in Well, this is certainly new. Anyone interested in joining them should stop on by that thread.

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