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Sweetie Skittles


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Dec 31 2016, 08:58 AM
I'm back! I want to use this cutie but I have no idea where to put her. Anyone have any cool ideas?
Dec 29 2016, 10:21 PM
It's a miracle!

Hey everyone, this place is still alive, that's really cool. I'm alive too! Kind of.

Fill me in; what's going on, ya goons?
Oct 8 2013, 02:58 PM
Twilight Town!? Aw, man! A sleepy old town even with such a beautiful sunset just seemed like a waste of her talents. The eccentric sugar-loving girl Candy was a bit strapped on cash and looked for any possible odd job to scrape up some pretty pennies to make her next rent drop in time; even the master of all things candy seemed to have a tough time getting by at times. Unfortunately, candy in itself wasn't that useful (or healthy) so it was a tricky talent to make the most of, but if Candy wanted to see what the world had to offer outside Sweet Valley she was going to have to try.

Getting to the 'help wanted' board a little late this time, the only applicable posting left was a a safety post at one of the local gummi ship platforms, making sure that nighttime visitors had directions and were free from certain nighttime dangers. But... nothing happens in Twilight Town, so it's only ever the only safety position of its kind barring spectacular circumstances. Candy was not a fan of being in this place really, as she'd much rather stand at Traverse Town with the pretty lights. Oh well. Quick munny was quick munny.

The sugar-loving girl would go on however, leaning against a wall with her candy rifle upright in a similar position, off to the side somewhere. With nothing else to really do, she had a little net of gum drops that she was munching on, eating them slowly and carefully as to enjoy the taste with the strangest expressions as she did so. She hoped a stranger or two would eventually pass along so she could offer some candy to them and maybe ask how she could make it tastier. She was always looking to see how to make her candy tastier.
Sep 26 2013, 12:02 PM
This role-play site seemed promising but all three threads I'm in are at a complete stand-still and the mods refuse to approve or deny my newest character, so I feel like I should just take off... but I'm willing to give here a second chance.

I would like to be in a topic with someone who is regularly active though. I can post every Tuesday and Thursday, so I'm pretty guaranteed to be active twice a week. I think at least once a week from a fellow author is a reasonable request.

I have two characters, Nautilus and Raven, and I am willing to use either.

Any takers? smile.gif
Apr 29 2013, 09:54 AM
[Hopefully this is allowed?]

Homeworld: Sugar Rush
Name: Officer Candy
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Species: Human/Candyomancer
--Target Practice Accuracy: From handling firearms all of her life, Officer Candy is more than capable of quickly aiming and adjusting her fire to stationary and moving targets with ease. Only a fraction of a second of shooting a glance at her barrel (hah, shooting?) she can shoot her weapon with deadly accuracy.

--Sniper's Precision: When actually using her scope with a little breath control and patience, Officer Candy can hit anything. Give her a gumdrop on a stump at fifteen hundred meters and ten seconds to aim, and assuming there's no wind she'll hit it for sure. Of course, much smaller more commonly-seen distances would require less time and focus to accurate scope out, but given the circumstances she will not miss.

--Candyomancery: Officer Candy has the strange ability to pull any amount of any variety of candy she desires from her deep, bottomless pockets. This is how she acquires clips of ammo for her rifle, replacement parts for any of her weapons, as well as the generation of any other sweet confections she desires for whatever purpose may arise. As long as its edible and delicious, Officer Candy can make it happen!

--Candy Rifle:
Officer Candy's trusty semi-automatic rifle. As a dedicated protector of Sweet Valley, there is no criminal she can't eventually take down with her main firearm, composed of a gingerbread stock, a cupcake action with a candy cane trigger, a lime-green lollipop-material barrel, a box of candy corn for the clip and to top it off, a licorice-framed sugar-treat scope.

The rifle fires deep-penetrating candy corns out of caramel cartridges (which are expended out of the action) that can pierce most basic armors and inflict damage akin to real lead bullets (and this particular candy corn was made for taking down monsters; not a substance you want in your system!). The whole apparatus behaves like a real rifle, and being candy is super delicious to eat! Should her rifle ever be broken (or consumed potentially), Officer Candy always has a wide array of candy pieces to assemble into a brand new one. Seemingly infinitely many, actually!

--Hard-Candy Scimitar and Toffee-Nut Buckler:
Should Officer Candy’s rifle become broken for some reason (And trust her when she tells you this happens quite often) and she is not in a situation to replace it, she keeps these items strapped to her left side with the scimitar in a smooth chocolate sheath (which doesn’t melt or break by any means, conveniently) with the buckler strapped to the outside. She isn’t a master swordswoman by any means but it doesn’t take a genius in order to cut down your foes with a blade! The sword is a bright pink semi-transparent candy with a golden hard-caramel hilt and the buckler is dark brown with lighter brown lumps.

--Candy BFG:
This outrageous weapon is not visible anywhere on her person, rather kept in a peculiar hammerspace along with the rest of Officer Candy’s candy. Instead, this only allowed to be revealed when Officer Candy is mad - and ooh, you don’t want her to be mad. Her imagination materializes candy monstrosities. Her anger bubbles for a few moments as she takes no action other than visualizing how she wants to end the existence of the poor entity(s) in front of her that initiated her anger - and then the visualization turns into reality.

Officer Candy will whip out various shapes and sizes of varieties of candy which will magically combine into some sort of cute-looking death machine. It will be a large mechanism composed of action chambers, barrels and tripods that will all fire various types of ammunition - bullets, impact-sensitive grenades, rockets... all made of candy, of course! Regardless, the victim(s) will most likely be torn to shreds when she’s done firing. Each BFG only gets one (prolonged, maybe) use before it simply falls apart. And of course... it’s all perfectly edible.

Officer Candy is rather fit and agile too, capable of holding her own in a brawl without staggering too much after a few tough hits and while not as frail as being affiliated with candy as one might assume, she still is no tank. She uses ranged weapons primarily to avoid being directly in the scrap of fights but if need be she has her methods to contend with melee incidents. She has average health and defenses and any physical weakness any typical human would have.

Officer Candy is one of those whole-full-of-love down-to-Earth girls who can get along with almost anybody. She has a tendency to be eccentric however so not everyone finds it easy to get along with her. She isn't perfectly aware of her underlying strangeness or discontinuity from standard societal values though she is capable of breaking routine when absolutely necessary and can take things a bit more seriously, but that would be an extremely rare and desperate occurrence. More often than not, she'll be that cool strange girl who's fun to have around for a little while at times but not someone you'd want to around all the time, really.

She takes on her opponents on the combat scene exactly how you'd expect, she handles her rifle with a smile on her face and does flashy stunts and seems to genuinely enjoy slaughtering monsters and evil candy-hating cultists. She is oddly content with getting down and dirty into the nitty gritty of fighting evil. She doesn't need much justification to go off on somebody either, except even if she is one-track minded and does her own thing, she has a sworn and sincere loyalty toward doing what's right.

Morality: Lawful Good

Officer Candy is short and sweet at around five feet and three inches tall, light complexion and a medium build. She has short blond hair and often wears some sort of accessory to make her stand out even more, whether it's a bow or specially-designed candy. She has a light round face and majestic violet eyes.

Always dressed for the part, Officer Candy where she wears a jumper and short shorts themed in bright, vibrant and candy-themed colors of white, pink and brown. On her feet are cute brown shoes with pink buckles and pink socks along her shins. Look below for reference:

In the game Sugar Rush, there multiple female characters who all race various go-karts made of candy pieces. Among the racing scene are several characters that facilitate the races such as King Candy who even competes in some of the races himself. Ever since the breach in security and the infiltration of the game causing some foul play that threatened worlds outside Sugar Rush even, some better security seemed fairly necessary to uphold the integrity of the simple game community.

The biggest candy enthusiast of the city is of course Officer Candy, sworn on solely taking cases involving crimes associated with this dark order of evil doers; or at least, would be amazing as a job description except that there hasn't been much trouble since the initial incident that created the necessity for additional security. Her often day-dreamed objective would be, of course, putting the evil doers behind bars forever!

How her candy-related powers came about is mainly a mystery, but the most widely-accepted urban legend is that a master candy creator crafted the crown catastrophe of confectionary delight! This particular candy was so perfect it would modify the nature of the person who ate it to be able to reproduce the candy’s formula to generate any version of the perfect candy that consumer desires! The candy chef of course had a perfect little daughter he affectionately named Candice such that Candy became her nickname. Upon one sample, the transformation would be complete.

With a ‘born to do this’ attitude, Officer Candy took it upon herself to use her candy creation powers to create the ideal weaponry for a godsend vigilante against what was the worst group of people in all of creation - the evil doers of the candyverse (which didn't seem to have an official name). She worked her hardest to master marksmanship, the most viable method of taking down criminals and their anti-candy monsters (assuming there was any to take down anyway).

The land of Sugar Rush would miraculously have their savior, and Officer Candy would stop at nothing to save her home city from the evilest of evils. Well, whatever was left of them, anyway?

I have changed her background dramatically. Hopefully this should suffice.
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