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Apr 5 2014, 01:11 PM
So I had some hard times before. I started job training back in February for Java. It went well though it ate up a lot of my time. Though yesterday I got kicked out of that training. Didn't like the place anyway. Since I am now open now, I thought I might as well get back to roleplaying here. So ya, I am back people. smile.gif
Apr 1 2013, 09:03 PM
Hello everyone, Neo here. How are things going?

Basically, I had a desire to make a Bioshock: Infinite rp thread since that's the newest big game and all and I thought of doing some neat action/adventure topic. So, I was wondering if there is any people who want to join in the fun?

The thread is here:
Mar 30 2013, 12:17 PM
There was always something about travelling between worlds, seeing new sights and experiencing new things that no normal person would ever see. Some were beautiful, others were dark. Though in all, there was always something wrong; a dark entity hoping to destroy the world, a war that threatens a peaceful world. After all, if it wasn't the case, the world wouldn't need a hero.

As was the case with Columbia for any Interferences who knew main premises of the game. The flying city, although beautiful and mystical, had a dark side to it. And those that paid attention, had an idea to what that was. It was a Bioshock game after all.

Somewhere in the city, in a garden that served as the entrance to the city, a portal opened up away from the public eye. Stepping out of it was a young man in his 20s who was wearing a black t-shirt, jeans, and a black trenchcoat. Strapped on his back was a large blade, one that could possibly cleave anyone in two.

Neo sighed to himself as he looked around; the area was surprisingly calm, though there were a couple of white-robed people praying. It could be anywhere, though there was still something off. Listening closely, he heard them praying about some American figures and events. Above a nearby door was a plaque that aid "The seed of the prophet shall sit the throne and drown in the flame the mountains of man." He knew where he was.

"So, Columbia....figures I'd be here." Neo muttered to himself, "Guess this will be a long adventure...again."

(Currently this takes place moments before Booker enter Columbia and the game starts. So feel free to enter.)
Dec 31 2012, 10:27 PM
Featured In:
Sly Cooper Series
Sly Cooper
Anthromorphic Raccoon
He is mainly skilled in acrobatics, mainly due to his nature of being a theif. Because of this, he can perform certain stunts to get from place to place, or to deal with his enemies.
Sly's primary weapon is his trusty cane, a weapon passed down to generation after generation in his family. The cane can be used for a while variety of jobs, mainly combat. The cane can also be charged up by Sly, allowing him to do more damage to his enemies or reflect projectiles.
He is in good condition, good enough for him to do what he has to do when it comes to heists and other jobs. After all, a thief needs to be at their prime condition.
Sly Cooper is, as the first game describes him, a "cunning, devious, Thievius Raccoonus." He uses his wit, his courage, and his skills to pull off jobs, and he usually has a sarcastic remark in hand. However, he remains loyal and dedicated to his friends; especially Bentley and Murray, his two close friends since childhood, and Carmelita Fox, his love interest. Deep inside that demeanor he holds, it's possible he's a bit lonely, as he said that he misses his father at one point in the Comics. But he never dwells in the past, and stays in the present, to seek for his next adventure.

Sly was born into a family line of thieves who stole from criminals or from those who didn't deserve what they possessed, with Sly being the next in line for the job. At age 8, the raccoon witnessed his parent's death at the hands of a gang known as the Fiendish Five, and witnessed them steal family book, the "Thievius Raccoonus", which contained the techniques from his family's past. He was then put into a orphanage, where he met his two best friends, Murray, and Bentley.

When he was older, Sly and his friends went out to reclaim the stolen book, defeating member after member of the Fiendish Five. In the last battle, Sly found out the truth about the gang's motivation; it was all planned out by a robotic owl named Clockwerk, who was constantly defeated by the Cooper family line throughout the years. Sly, with some help from Carmelita Fox, a Interpol officer who always wanted to arrest Sly, finished what his family started, and defeated the robotic owl, reclaiming the book, and getting his revenge on the one that killed his parents.

Two years later, Sly and the gang found out that the parts of Clockwerk wasn't destroyed. After a attempt to recover the parts from a museum failed, they went around the world to recover the parts stolen by a group of outlaws known as the Klaww Gang. Though after being captured by Interpol and breaking out, Sly once again had to join up with Carmelita to take down Clockwerk again, who was being controlled by Neyla, who betrayed both Sly and Carmelita. The conclusion of the fight had both good and bad results; Clockwerk was finally destroyed, but Bentley was paralyzed from the waist down as a result.

One year later, Sly then learned about his family's treasure which was on a island. Though the island was fortified due to a Dr. M, Sly needed to get a team together to infiltrate it. While on his first mission in Italy to stop the local mob boss and get Murray back, Sly found the Interference known as Neo. From there, Sly brought Neo into the gang to help them with their mission, though suspicion rose when Neo knew about events that was going to happen, and how he knows the gang already. His suspicion was confirmed while they were on their second stop in Australia to recruit the Guru, Bentley's trainer while he was gone. The Guru knew about Neo's presence, and explained the truth; Sly was a part of a video game of the same name as his, and because of Neo's interference, the game became real.

From that point on, Sly and the gang became close friends with Neo, who was a excellent part in their missions. Things became darker though when Sly and Neo were forced to fight black creatures with yellow eyes while on a mission in China. From there, Neo told Sly about the Heartless and Nobodies, which raised the question why they were in this game.

After getting into the fortified island and beating Dr. M, Sly faked amnesia just so he can get close to Carmelita, whom he had a crush on all the time. Due to Neo's interference, Carmelita knew what Sly was doing, and went with it. Neo went back to real world just shortly after they got back to Paris.

Neo returned a while after, however. While it confused Sly and Carmelita, Neo explained the whole workings of being a Interference, which also included how time stops in one world when one enters the real world. Shortly after, the Heartless reappeared, whom was easily dispatched. Sly, concerned about the safety of his friends and being asked by Carmeltia, decides to go with Neo back to the real world so they can figure out what is going on with the Heartless. From that point on, Sly himself became a Interference.

Sample Monologue:
"What if someone told you your life was a game?"
Honestly, I wouldn't mind it. Game or not, I have friends who care about me, I stopped plenty of bad guys, and hey, I managed to get Carmelita to like me. Sure, for many my life is possibly not real, just a video game for some console, but here, its real. Some things may not make sense due to how the game is set up, but I still had my struggles, each one making me stronger. So what if my life is a game? I am still around.
Dec 29 2012, 03:16 PM
I decided to remake my character from the old Interference forums. Some stuff is the same, but overall I added more detail.

Because of his weapon, and the game he first became a Interference in, Neo acquired a good balance of strength and speed. Both these abilities are required for him to use his weapon effectively without harming himself. He also acquired acrobatic skills because of his involvement in the video game, allowing him to perform certain tricks that he wouldn't imagine doing in real life.
Dragon's Blade: A sword similar to the one used by Cloud Strife, but it's only similar in weapon type. The hilt goes down the blade a bit, forming into the head of a Western Dragon. The blade itself has some known attributes, one of which being that it is an evolving weapon, meaning that the more Neo uses it, the more abilities the blade can perform. For what abilities that is unlocked, only time will tell. Neo acquired this weapon on his first day as a Interference, the source remaining unknown.

Binocucom: Acquired while helping out the Sly Cooper and his gang. Looking much like binoculars, this device allows Neo to communicate and to deliver information to his teammates.

While being an Interference, Neo has developed enough strength to allow him to easily wield the Dragon's Blade with only one hand. Despite his strength, he is not as strong as others when it comes to lifting things. He considers this an equalizer, as he can hold the blade like most game characters would, but he is still limited.

A second thing is that due to his time with Sly Cooper, he developed athletic skill in speed and agility. Since he was usually paired with the raccoon during the first world, Neo learned almost all of Sly's tricks except for the secret ones.
Neo is mostly a good hearted person, usually caring about those that are close to him or those who he knows are important. He has a serious side though at certain points, primarily when in combat. When this comes, he is determined to stop those who wishes to harm him or his friends at all cost. He also tends to think of possibilities. Due to his time with Sly Cooper, he learned to consider other options.
Morality: Good
Neo has black hair that is short in the front but long in the back. He wears a black shirt and blue jeans, though he usually wears a black modern trench coat, primarily because it goes with his serious side. Since his first time being a Interference, he worked out a bit and is slimmer then he was before, while also being stronger.
Neo, to put a story short, was born a gamer. Raised in New Jersey, he first played a video game at a very young age, his first console played being a Nintendo. As time went on, Neo played more and more video games, getting a Super Nintendo system and then a Playstation a few years later. While he played through many consoles, his primary one would be the PC. As he constantly updated it, he learned to use it more to his advantage. Power and speed.

Neo's story as a Interference begun when he decided to buy the PS3 Sly Cooper Collection. He played the third game before, beaten it, though with the next game around the corner, he thought he might as well play from start to end. Beating the first two games, he started to play through with the third. However, things changed when suddenly he was drawn into the game. Just as he started it.

Waking up in Paris, Neo realized the weapon that lied before him, a sword. Secondly, he realized that he took the form of an antormorphic dragon, for some reason. These two attributes quickly got him in trouble from the local mobster, Don Octavio, who sent his goons to capture him. Thankfully, Sly Cooper spotted this and helped Neo fend off against the thugs. It was there that Neo's journey was intertwined with Sly's mission, proving to be a literal game changer.

During his journey, he found exactly why he was here from the Guru, who somehow that Neo was not of this world. Not wanting to leave his new friends in the dark, Neo explained how in his world, Sly's adventure was just video games. This shocked the group, though Bentley, the team's brains, soon reasoned that it all made sense after thinking of everything that happened. Neo then promised to help them through, knowing that his life would only get more complicated afterwords, as the Guru explained.

Neo continued to be a good ally during the course of events, wanting to change things for the best. He even reasoned with Carmelita Fox, explaining what Sly went through and why he does what he does. This helped out later, easing up Sly and Carmelita's relation. In the end, things were better than before, and soon Neo was able to return home, not before being told that he can return whenever he wanted.

Though that, was only the first part of his journey...
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