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Mar 1 2014, 04:05 PM
Hey y'all, I'm looking for someone to help rp my character's introduction, someone who would be able to explain things in character and ultimately provide some character development and a way out of Traverse town.
Jan 15 2014, 08:21 AM
Just an idea I've had rambling around since reading the Interference fanfics. I may or may not end up being very active, depends on a few things. However here's my character.


Jack R. Hardner






No magical abilities have made themselves manifest yet. However if one is able to sense such things one would note he has much more darkness in his heart than light. What that may lead to is unknown

Natural abilities:

Marksmanship, while not often equipped with a range weapon he has more fighting ability with them than anything else so far. This is the result of what weapon training he has received since joining the Air Force and training in his off time.


Pocket knife, this blade has served him well since his first deployment, having been dulled and sharpened many a time. Thanks to the culture where he was raised he always has it on his person, clipped to a pocket or belt. Has a 'claw' built into the back of the blade so it deploys while being drawn from his pocket.

Paracord bracelet, a braided bracelet consisting of over 8 feet of the strong cord for survival purposes. Received in a care package during his first deployment and has worn it since.

Generic Sword, your basic European style short sword. While he prefers a rifle or pistol he has to take what he can get. There is nothing special about this sword, grabbed from a shop purely for protection from heartless attacks.

Various adventuring gear, some basic kit scavenged from the empty parts of Traverse town. Few potions, bed roll, fire starter and the like.


Not in great shape, not in bad shape, as an Airman he has kept himself in a decent enough shape to do his job and pass his fitness tests. Jack has never specialized himself with anything regarding physical training or activity, however he is more inclined to strength and the occasional burst of agility. His buddies in the Air Force would commonly joke about his strength as 'retard strength' as it was fairly inconsistent.

Not a runner by any standards, typically only able to run a mile and a half in 11 minutes, anything more than that he'll slow down.

All that said, he is still more than able to handle himself in most fights, at least so far.


An over all quiet person, still coming to terms with becoming a Interference, typically saying little until he gets comfortable with someone or semi trusts them. Rarely offers actual trust though, due to life experiences. He is a good person over all, having joined the Air Force to serve his country and fight for it, he keeps his promises as much as physically possible as well. Will go out of his way to help others, sometimes for no reasons, sometimes for his own benefit. Believes he is "Selfless in the name of Selfishness" as in helping others to avoid dealing with something in the long run.

Tends to think on the logical side of things, making efforts to avoid making emotional based decisions. However this rarely applies when dealing with his actual friends and sometimes allies.

His personality plays a large part in how he fights as well;

Violence of action, while not a trained fighter by any means he can make up for it with untrained or basic fighters by the pure violence of his actions IE attacks. When wielding a weapon he has little grace or style, typically just hitting what ever he is attacking.

Dodging, tend to dodge more than face attacks head on and blocking them, a trait that stems from more of lack of skill than personality. He is stubborn to a fault, and is he was more skilled he would most likely take a majority of attacks head on.

Discipline and hardheadedness, his discipline stems from his military training and stern raising, giving him more than respectable mental discipline and resistance. It's hard to get him to quit, maybe even impossible based on the circumstances. Tends to do what he says he will, no matter what it takes. Won't stay down unless physically unable to move.


Neutral Good


Jack stands at Six foot even, medium frame, short crew cut brown hair, and very dark brown eyes (almost black). The day he entered the world as an interference he was wearing brown hiking shoes, grey cargo pants and a olive drab t shirt, since then he has added a light brown jacket and small ruck sack scavenged from the abandoned Traverse Town.


Jack has been a gamer ever since he had been a kid, using it as an escape from reality ever since. When he graduated High school he enlisted in the Air Force, leading him to see more of the world and escape his home town. After joining the air force he became a avid shooter, splitting his extra time between gaming and shooting at local ranges. This continued for a few years, with a deployment or two thrown in to change it up, until the fateful day.

A few days after returning from his latest deployment Jack decided to do some binge gaming, both to help deal with some of the stress of the past few months and to in a way put off going back to a normal working schedule. Having dug out his PS2 he blazed through a few of his old favorites, the Kingdom Hearts series included. As the KH2 ending credits rolled a bright light began emitting from the TV, as Jack began to lose consciousness the breakers in his apartment popped. Unknown to Jack, who to be far was unaware of what was going on to begin with, the power outage sent him whirling through the space between worlds as it interfered with the process. Normally this would have been the end of things, however this universe held a place for those lost such as him. Traverse Town.

A few hours later he woke, his entire body sore and aching, as if he had been ripped apart and put back together. When he finally got his bearings together he found himself in a strange, yet almost familiar place. He refused to believe what his surroundings told him however, as there was no way he could be where it looked like it he was. As he roamed the streets and alleyways only to find himself alone, there were signs of people being here in the past, but none showing any degree of being recent. As it stood for now, he still refused to believe he was in an actual real life Traverse Town convincing himself this was nothing but a strange dream. Shortly after he managed to scavenge a generic looking short sword from an abandoned store front, figuring it would be better safe than sorry by being somewhat armed.

Let me know if this isn't up to par, it's been a minute since I've written an RP character.
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