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Jan 24 2016, 06:18 PM
Lee had touched down in this world again, because a fleet of Heartless Gummi Ships had ambushed him and he needed repairs done. Now he was strolling through the town while Cid was patching up his Gummi.

We say "strolling", but he was so very anxious; he had no idea what was going on in the Glade of Dreams...

He saw a beam of light shoot down from the sky before immediately disappearing again. Curious, Lee walked up to where the beam had touched down. He didn't hear any loud noise, so it couldn't have been too bad--

He froze when he saw Rayman and Globox walking away from where the beam had touched down.

Wait, what? he thought, What are they doing here? ...Oh no. He began panicking in his head, sweating profusely. Please let the Glade be okay, please let the Glade be okay--

"Uh, hey!" he greeted the duo as they approached, trying to keep a straight face, "R-Rayman and Globox? My name's Lee; huge fan of yours. Um... You guys okay?"

He asked that, dropping the forced smile, because they seemed downtrodden. He decided to back up a few steps and give them some space.

"Um... I mean, not to pry; you don't have to say anything if you don't want..."

"...Thanks," Rayman said. Globox looked around, looking for something to distract himself from what was troubling him and Rayman.

That was when he noticed someone approaching them. "Oh, uh, hi!" he greeted them.
Jan 19 2016, 09:29 PM
When Frisk opened their eyes, they saw a bright light, far, far above.

What was going on...? Why did their bed feel so strange...?

Frisk's eyes shot open in shock, and they sat up.

N-No, that's right! they thought, I'm not in the orphanage! I went up Mt. Ebott! ...Uh-oh...

They nervously got up...realizing they were in a bed of golden flowers!

Frisk felt a bit ashamed, and gave the flowers a quick apology before looking around.

Of course they were worried. They had never meant to fall down that hole, just peer into it. Ugh, but I should've known better, Frisk thought dourly, They say anyone who goes up Mt. Ebott never comes down!

Will I ever see anyone on the surface again...?

This was an upsetting thought to be sure, and Frisk had to try hard not to cry.

No. No, no crying; I've got to remember what Mama told me before she and Daddy-- ...She said that no matter what happens to me, I've gotta stay determined. STAY DETERMINED.

And Frisk plucked up courage, DETERMINED to find a way back out. Heck, they could already see a hallway in front of them. May as well see where it leads...

But as Frisk looked around and noticed some pillars, they realized that that meant something must've built those pillars. Did this mean those...monsters that the legend mentioned, were real?

Frisk gulped. I hope they're friendly...
Jan 2 2016, 02:06 PM
The first thing Rayman could feel when he slowly woke up was that he was very wet.

As he sat up, he realized why.

He looked around at his current surroundings. He was in a town of some sort; he didn't recognize which one. If the sky's black coloration, interrupted by a full, white moon, was any indication, it was night time. It was raining, little droplets of water pitter-pattering all around him and trailing down his bulbous nose. He was lying on a cold, stony, wet surface.

As he got up, he realized he was lying on pavement.

He also realized he was alone.

His eyes widened as he looked around for any of his friends. "Globox? Polokus? Betilla!? ...Murfy? Grand...Minimus...?" He trailed off as he noticed how alone he was. NOBODY was walking the streets right now.

It made sense, he supposed, considering it was night, and raining, no less (which, naturally, meant everyone was indoors), but some company would've really been appreciated right now.

Not to mention, information on where he was.

He looked up at a nearby sign. "Second District" it said. Well, that was a start.

Over the sound of rain, he could hear people in the distance.

Meanwhile, in an alleyway in the First District, a large frog-like creature with blue-and-white skin and stumpy legs was lying on his back, unconscious and apparently having a nightmare; he was muttering names in a worried voice: "Rayman... Uglette, no... My friends..."
Dec 18 2015, 03:32 AM
Classification: Canon; Undertale

Name: Frisk

Age: Nine

Gender: Even Frisk isn't sure. Male? Female? They don't see why it matters, anyway.

Physical: Stands about 4-foot-10; is slightly chubby; has slightly orange skin (may have been eating too many carrots) and straight, brown hair reaching down to their shoulders; wears a blue-and-pink-striped shirt, denim shorts, and black sneakers

Mental: Very sweet and loving, but not quite naive (although they have their moments); has moments of mischief, usually via harmless pranks or terrible puns, or even flirting; doesn't speak much, otherwise.

Background: Frisk was mostly ordinary, save for their occasional odd quirks, but their parents mysteriously disappeared (most likely died, sadly) and the child ended up in an orphanage. One day, for reasons known only to Frisk, they decided to head up to the infamous Mt. Ebott. It was said that those who climb the mountain never return. This may have been because centuries (perhaps even millenia) ago, something was sealed inside this mountain. You see, the world used to be ruled by two races: humans and monsters. Then, there was a war, and after a long battle, the humans won. Thus, they sealed the monsters away with a magic spell, and the monsters have been down there ever since.

Frisk was always a curious child (in more than one sense of the word, after they had interacted with the other kids in the orphanage), and decided they wanted to investigate.

As they approached the gaping hole in the cave at the top of the mountain, a stray vine shifted and caught their foot.

They began to fall.

Down the hole that seemed to go down for miles...

And onto a soft, springy bed of yellow flowers.

And thus, Frisk's adventure began.

Abilities: Though Frisk has barely any combat ability, they manage to get through their trials regardless, all thanks to a bit of luck and a lot of Determination.

Equipment: They start Undertale with nothing but a stick and a slightly-used bandage, but may get better equipment over the course of their adventure...

Sample Post:

Frisk sighed as they walked through the dark, snowy forest.

They had wanted to return to the surface -- home -- but already they were starting to connect with the other monsters.

As a result, their heart hurt to leave Toriel behind.

She had legitimately wanted what was best for Frisk, but the child couldn't stay down here. As lovely as Toriel's house was (and it was so, so cozy), it wasn't home.

Frisk already missed her.

As the child walked, they stepped over a very sturdy-looking branch that had fallen onto the path a long while ago.

What was I thinking about? Frisk wondered as they walked a few more steps, Oh yeah, Torie--


Frisk froze, and turned around.

The branch was snapped.

Someone -- or something -- was following them.

Frisk uneasily kept walking. Uh...Toriel, Frisk's thoughts continued, She said other humans had been down here before me. What were they like?

Frisk stopped again when they heard the telltale crunch of feet walking through snow some distance behind them. When the turned around again, there was nobody there.

Should I have kept a weapon? Frisk thought.

They shook their head vigorously. No, no, no. If there's one thing I learned from Toriel that wasn't related to snails, it's that monsters are a lot more fragile than they seem.

They kept walking. I still find it interesting that monsters are actually made of magic. If Toriel is to be believed, and I don't have any reason to doubt her, that makes them sensitive to negative emotions, meaning if you wanted to kill them, you could do it with a freakin' pillow-- What the heck is this?

There was a bridge in front of them, with several wooden bars going through it. Was this meant to be some kind of quirky art piece.

They didn't notice the figure trudging up to them from behind until they heard a voice.

"H u m a n."

Frisk froze at the deep voice directly behind them. Their feet couldn't move, even though their every instinct was screaming at them to run.

"Don't you know how to greet a new pal?

"Turn around and shake my hand."

Hesitantly -- ever so hesitantly -- the child turned around. They now stood face-to-face with a stocky figure about Frisk's size, wearing a blue coat with the hood up to obscure their face.

They held out a gloved hand.

Frisk (again, hesitantly) took it.



The hooded figure pulled back his hood, revealing a very strange face (although, at this point, that didn't surprise Frisk). The face had a bald head, pale as the snow around them. There was a triangular hole where a nose should've been and black eye sockets with glowing white lights in them where eyes should've been. That would've been scary if the face wasn't so round and jolly-looking. Indeed, a cheeky grin adorned this new character's face.

"heheheh," the new creature laughed, "the old 'whoopee cushion in the hand' trick. it's ALWAYS funny." He released Frisk's hand and pulled off the glove to reveal a skeletal hand holding, yes, a small whoopee cushion.

Frisk blinked as they felt a smile creep up onto their face, before they started laughing. Any sense of fear they had felt had evaporated at that moment.

And, more importantly, they felt a small rush of determination...

(Author's Note: We don't seem to have the Comic Sans font, so Courier will have to do.)
Aug 17 2015, 08:53 PM
(OOC: Right, let's try this again...)

There was trouble in the Valley of the Glade of Dreams.

Teensies all over the Valley ran around in their villages and towns, trying to repair the damage caused by all those bizarre creatures that came barreling through, wreaking havoc and looking for Electoons. The fighters among the Teensies had tried to hold them off, but the poor little fellows were overpowered in the end. Now these same villages and towns were in shambles, and the Electoons the Teensies had been protecting had been carted away in cages by the brutes.

And what was more, an entirely new threat to the Glade had shown up on the mainland. Shadowy creatures stealing people's hearts from their bodies.

Where was a hero when you needed one?


Lee's Gummi Ship flew over the Glade of Dreams. Immediately, he noticed trouble; there seemed to be several places in shambles, and he saw glimpses of the enemies he had fought in Radiant Garden.

As he landed his ship near a forest on the mainland, there were several questions on Lee's mind. "How long have I been gone? What's going on here...?" He had a feeling he knew the answer to the second question, but he wasn't sure.

"It's been only a few weeks since you left."

Lee recognized that voice, and turned to its source, a Teensy wearing a black jacket, a violet robe beneath it, and a long, thin top hat on his head. On the hat was a shiny little star, and his light blue hair was styled into dreadlocks. This was the Magician, Ales Mansay, and he seemed concerned by what was going on in the woods behind him.

Lee remembered running into the Magician when he first arrived in the Glade; he was talking to Polokus about something. Now, the Interference hadn't finished playing Rayman Origins -- he had been three-fourths of the way through the game on the day before he woke up in the Glade -- but something about this Teensy seemed...suspicious.

Right now, though, he decided to trust the Magician. Still, what Ales had just told him surprised him. "A few weeks?" he echoed. I don't remember being away for THAT long! he thought, I had to have been out for a couple DAYS, tops!

The Magician must have guessed what Lee was thinking. "Yes, it would seem time moves a bit more slowly outside of the Glade; a day out there is a week in here."

Oh, great, Lee thought, Space-time stuff; like this whole Interference thing wasn't confusing enough! He was still wondering how the hell it worked.
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