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» Mary Cowell, Certainly something.
Natalie Emu
 Posted: Mar 30 2017, 08:33 PM


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Name: Mary Cowell


Gender: Female

Physical: Mary looks about twenty with straight orange hair down to shoulder length. Her hair shines and looks very soft. She holds a beautiful smile upon her face, so beautiful that it may prove challenging to imagine her not smiling. Her eyes shine a pretty blue and with closer inspection had golden specs around the edge of the iris. Her facial features are gentle complimented by her rosy cheeks and shining complexion. Her lips are a light shade of red, showing signs of light makeup. Mary has a slender body with modest curves complimented well by her current dress of a waitress and cat ears. The woman's hands were adorned with many band-aids, a sign of her hard work. A sign that she isn't always the best at it too. Her voice can be described as pleasing and silky. Light and soft.

Mental: Mary is a kind and gentle person, mostly. She isn't too quick to anger and when she does get angry or annoyed many have called it motherly. She is aware that she looks appealing and sounds appealing to others but is very modest about it when someone mentions it, though in truth she is very proud of her natural beauty. Her emotions are rather showing on her face, no matter how hard she tries, she's an open book. Mary is not shy, in fact she's known to be a little intrusive at times, though meaning well and most don't mind, as she's very kind and polite. The looks don't hurt either. Most of her intrusiveness comes in when what her friends had named a “learning fit” would happen.

Mary, as perfectly as she may outwardly appear, is nowhere near perfect. There will be times, both happening at frequent and infrequent intervals, where something will catch Mary’s attention and she will want to learn about it. Most of those things she learned about quickly and on the spot, time and place permitting, as she lived in a time where information was easily accessible. More to the point, Mary is able to push the urge to learn aside but it doesn't go away. The impulse doesn't intrude heavily upon her thoughts. She is unreserved about asking these questions most of the time so even if it is an awkward or strange question, she will just ask away, her usual politeness flying to the wind. Mary will passively seek out new knowledge too. Maybe stopping at a library if there's one nearby or asking someone knowledgeable some questions, even if she isn't currently super interested in the topic. She has a sense of right and wrong but for the sake of knowing, she'll go a little bit out on the moral compass. Not too extreme like murder or something, but just a little. For example, just to see how you react, she might just eat the pudding you had saved up then tell you what happened when you get curious.

A more detailed look at her individual emotions, on default she's generally happy. Never really displeased unless something makes her so. Of course, this isn't a giddy ecstatic happiness, having that as default would cause many problems. When she does hit that level of happiness, she lights up bright as can be. Smiling, jumping around, being hyperactive and all. Of course, the same extreme is true for most of the rest of her emotions, though they all do have many levels. It isn’t simply a jump from one thing to another and her emotional moods seem to last for a long time. There are quite a few times she had felt sad over something for what many would call much too long without someone or something other than herself there to pick her back up. She’s quite the type to dwell on emotions and thrive mostly from the good ones. Mary has a bad habit of being a bit too perceptive then saying exactly what she saw. For instance, someone who, say, likes someone else subtly, Mary would state it openly and how she could tell that it was true in front of everyone.

Mary isn’t afraid of much and what she is afraid of can be overcome in the name of learning, though only for the time she is learning. Mary, most unfortunately, is terribly afraid of any kind of vehicle that isn’t a bicycle. She will freak out completely if on a vehicle, her only saving grace being one of her sisters, a close friend or a lover to bury her face in while she murmurs about how she isn’t actually on a vehicle.

Background: Mary was born in Tokyo, Japan. Her parents moved there for her father’s work as a businessman a few years before and decided the inner city was a good place to raise their children. Mary was the oldest of three sisters. Her other sisters being two and four years younger than her. The middle sister was named Skyla and the youngest Penny. Mary’s parents had pretty normal jobs, her father was a successful businessman and her mother was a baker, owning her own store.

Mary and her sisters were widely different. Mary from a young age really liked learning. Skyla did sports and Penny played video games a lot. They would often bicker and fight about where the family should go on weekends, library, ball field or the games store. Whenever Mary tried to argue she tried to use logic to her advantage and ignore the things that didn’t exactly go with her argument, something that only worked on her sisters. It was about age eight that Mary began really feeling responsibility for her sisters. Mary aged to nine.

Her father had gone to America on a routine business trip, so no one really thought of it when he left. No one thought maybe they should apologize, maybe hug him, maybe say they loved him. On the day he left, Penny hadn’t left her room, Skyla was out playing football and Mary had been yelling her head off at him for the past hour or two. As he left, he said he loved her to which she replied she hated his existence and wish he had died the day he was born so she wouldn’t have to exist at the same time as him. His face hardened. Her mother, of course, scolded her harshly, to which Mary responded with an equally anger-filled response then stormed off to her room where she’d lay and cry for a while. Why was she angry at her father? He told her she was too young to have a doughnut after bedtime at 8:30. The argument had risen from the night before when she had asked and got scolded for being out of bed and was quickly placed back in her room. 9 hour direct flight from Japan to America with no mishap.

Their father exited the airport with his luggage and continued to the nearest hotel as the appointed date was the next day and it was night upon his arrival. Their father, Roy Cowell, was the major provider for the family allowing them to live as they have been off of his income. Their mother’s bakery also brought in money, but it was a stretch to compare the two sources of income. If he died, they would be hit hard emotionally and financially. Roy Cowell hailed a cab and they drove off to the Mayweather hotel. He and the driver made kind conversation as they went and soon the driver became quiet. He complained of being a bit tired just before, however he assured Roy it was nothing. Their father had a way with people and conversation so it wasn't strange for him to get such details from even a driver of a cab. Roy thought nothing of his silence until he saw them approaching a truck at dangerous speeds. The cab driver didn't wake up at Roy’s yelling. After the crash, neither did Roy.

The news arrived about a week later due to the location and investigation taking longer than expected. The family was devastated. On top of the loss of the father, the family now had to turn the bakery into their major source of income and cut away many of the expensive luxuries they could no longer afford. No more books every weekend for Mary. No more new games every Friday for Penny. No more new sports posters and supplies for Skyla for a while after the loss. Due to contracts on the phone and data bills and the inability to get out of these things at the moment as it didn't free up for another year or two, it all turned into bread and cake making to stay alive.

The sisters and their mother went to Roy’s funeral. The girls didn’t handle it well. It was hard on them. There was another girl there, about Mary’s age. She was quiet and respectful, her hair red and braided. She looked cute in her formal wear.

Their father had been drained of his previous liveliness. His skin was pale when it used to be tan. His blue eyes now closed, glassed over under his eyelids. His short blonde hair somehow seemed to lose it’s shine. Most of his body was covered in a blanket, only his face was revealed, likely due to injury. Penny and Skyla didn’t really understand what was going on, due to their age. Mary didn’t really know what was happening either. It was later that night that she realized that she was never seeing her father again. She cried from dusk until dawn then locked herself in her room. The last thing she had ever done to her father was say she hated him. She blamed herself for his death.

They sold their house and moved into a more affordable place as quickly as possible, reducing the stress on their finances. They were able to get by more easily now, though the upkeep of the bakery was still putting a big dent in their finances, even if it was the only source of income they currently had. None of the girls were able to work yet and their mother refused to let go of the bakery and get a different job. She was proud of the place, though it wasn’t the most popular, and was convinced it would work out in the end. Mary’s mother, Izumi Cowell, came from a family of bakers. She felt if she gave up here, she would be giving up on the tradition of baking in her family and losing a part of herself. Izumi would feel like she failed her girls if she simply gave up here.

Two months passed and so did the girls’ birthdays. They were now ten, eight and six.

The girls had been taught how to bake before, Mary being the most often to help as the oldest with her sisters helping occasionally. Now that their father was gone, they felt as if they had to help out, often making things worse by making mistakes and ruining ingredients. Mary still didn’t come out of her room, though she would let her mother and sisters in.

Penny and Skyla didn’t take their father’s death as hard as Mary did. They weren’t nearly old enough to fully understand, being eight and six respectively. Half a year after their father’s death, Mary finally began to exit her bedroom. One day she walked out at noon and began baking, though she messed up nearly every step and her mother had to fix it all. After an apology and one last cry, she began recovering.

The family dragged themselves through the next two years. Mary now 12 was more able to actually help. Their mother made the executive decision to move out of Tokyo into a smaller town that had most of the same comforts with less people and financial stress, naturally opening a bakery while there. Mary was the only of her sisters that didn’t complain about the move after the move. Mary seemed a bit nervous during the ride to their new place, but no one took too much note of it.

After the move, their money situation became stable. The town they were a part of had plenty of people to come to the bakery and it was one of the best around. Eventually the girls began getting gifts again, though only semi-regularly this time, and not weekly.

As the years went on, Mary seemed to do increasingly worse in cars. Her phobia branched out to other vehicles, enveloping all but bicycles. She was terribly afraid of riding cars, boats, planes, trains, anything. Her sisters didn't share this trait.

Mary and her family took a plane to America for a great-uncle’s funeral. Mary buried her face in her mother's lap the flight there and back. Again Mary saw the other girl with red hair. Althea was her name.Althea was Mary’s father’s sister’s daughter. She cried so hard, Mary felt the need to hug and cry with her. Even after that, Althea still cried. The family stayed with relatives for a week then left back to Japan.

It was later when she started hanging around her more athletic sister, Skyla, that their mother started worrying. It wasn't a bad thing that a sister would be around her sibling, but it was unusual for Mary to favor her one sister so much. Usually Mary had a schedule for these things. She'd do her own work in the morning, then school, then she'd dedicate the day to helping at the bakery, talking to her sisters and interacting as normal. The unusual came in when she disregarded her books and baking for sports and fitness saying “she was interested.” In truth, she just wanted to get fit enough to run or bike everywhere. Once she was fit and able, she returned to her regular living, just more biking to school than bus riding.

The events of Mary’s life along with her sisters were rather mundane. Mary went on learning. Her sisters went on with their lives. They bickered and fought and became closer than they already were. Due to their father’s early death and the financial problems that came after, they came to be a very close family. Soon, Mary was 18, her sisters 16 and 14 respectively. Mary had taken on the role of a second mother along with their mother taking care of her sisters almost too much sometimes. They'd fight and bicker about things often, the three, but ultimately any one could easily take a bullet for the others.

As they grew older, their interests blended a bit, Mary talking interest in video games and sports (instead of just fitness.) She'd wake up and run with Skyla then come back and read until Penny woke up. Once Penny woke up, they'd have breakfast and Mary would play video games with Penny for an hour or two, then she'd bake in the afternoon. After that she'd have dinner with the family then go to bed. Mary worked as a waitress for her mother's bakery so she never did stray too far from her sisters until school time.

Just before Mary turned 19, her mother grew ill, being sent to the hospital. Mary, being the oldest, felt she was responsible for everything now. Taking care of the bakery, taking care of her sisters, cleaning the house, all of it. It was stressful. She didn't have time to read anymore, nor did she have time to run or play games on the weekdays.

One weekend, it seemed Mary had been stretched too thin. She snapped, causing a huge argument between her and Penny. Skyla respectfully backed away, as she didn't want to take part in the argument. It was about Penny playing games too much and not socializing as much as she used too. Eventually it boiled down to a “ok, nobody's gonna win this so let's just quiet down” situation. Only problem was, neither of the girls backed off.

It went on for a couple of hours and escalated to yelling. That was when Skyla walked up and full force slapped both of them. Mary saw spots for a bit. Penny had much the same thing happen to her, just for longer. “Would you both just shut up!” She yelled at them. She took the time to snap on them both, saying exactly how she felt. Mary and Penny actually ended up feeling bad after. Skyla stormed off to her room, leaving Penny and Mary without much to do.

Skyla managed to talk Mary into playing a game for a while. It was Persona Q for the 3DS. Mary played reluctantly at first, then ended up playing it for hours. She played it to the point that Skyla fell asleep before she put the game down. “I was right, these games are dangerous…” Mary said. She put the game system down and went to her room to sleep. She was still in a maid outfit from working, but she didn't care all too much. She was tired. She strained herself all day, then argued for a good hour or two, and even further still she played games when she should have slept.

As she flopped down on the bed she saw a strange light...


Natural Curiosity: Mary is able to read quickly and easily comprehend most reading materials given to her, provided they're in a language she knows. This includes spell tomes and grimoires, though she won't be able to pull off the magic easily. Comprehend not equaling apply.

Ember: Generates a small flame from Mary’s hand. Once generated, it falls and the natural laws of hot substances apply. It's gonna burn whatever it hits if it can and maybe start a fire, if it isn't put out by wind.

Shrub: Generates plants. Some edible, some not. All small. Mostly flowers.

Probably Sweat: Generates a menial amount of water that is probably sweat.

Flake: Generates a single flake of snow. Why? Why not?

Dust: Generates a useless and small amount of dirt. Could be used with Shrub if it generated more.

Equipment: A now-blank book that had been the novel she just finished reading. It has no title or words, just a blank book. Or is it?

Sample Post: This was rare. Very rare. Mary yelled and yelled at her sister. Her sister yelled back. They argued about how Penny should put the games down and talk to her family more. Penny’s counter argument being she did come out and socialize, Mary was just always too busy. It was a pointless and stupid fight between two siblings.

All the argument was doing was making one hurt the other, and the third sibling couldn't listen anymore. She slapped the other two as hard as she could. The fighting stopped. The third yelled at both of her sisters and left, leaving the youngest and oldest to stand awkwardly and eventually play games together. It was an odd experience, but one that was a long time coming.

Another page was filled in Mary’s mental book of curiosity.

Althena Enyo Redheaded gun girl.
Elissa Mauna Sometimes even silence speaks.
Elizabeth Little vampire "child."
Mary Cowell Totally not a wizard, I swear.
Nathaniel King The idiot: Somehow, it's more of a challenge than a title.
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 Posted: May 10 2017, 05:35 PM


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Jesus H. Christ it's soooo long!

Other than the absurd length, everything seems legit. Totally-not-a-wizard-I-swear approved for use.

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