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» Packing up.
Millie Sentinal
 Posted: Oct 4 2017, 05:21 PM


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Today marks my final day on the Interference Multiverse forum and connected discord chat. These past 6-7 years have been a fun ride from reading the Interference series to finding the Legends board back when I was 12 to now.

I made a lot of friends through the role-play site and of course have crafted stories I couldn't have crafted on my own through this medium. It's a bitter sweet moment to leave this place after having defended it for so long and not wanting to close it down. I still don't want it to close down any time soon but I fear with the growing inactivity on both the chat and on this place... It's inevitable.

So I'm packing my bags to head for another corner of the Internet where the moon hangs in the sky for new stories to be crafted.

Thank you for the experiences of going from newish writer to some how becoming an admin of this place and... See you later.

Millie Sentinal ()
Kantia Rose (Quiet shy girl, that can forge weapons out of the hearts of her allies.)
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