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» Dom Santiago, Gears of War Series
 Posted: May 13 2017, 09:33 PM


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Classification: Canon/ Locust infested Tyrus on the Planet Sera
Name:Dominic Santiago
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Physical:user posted image
Mental: Dominic on the outside is a likeable guy. He is a funny guy, known throughout Sera and other planets of his good nature and jokes, making others smile. However, he joined the army as a commando, losing a lot in his life including his wife and his children.

The funny and happy outside of Dom hides the fact that he's fighting a inner conflict of hatred and feelings of loss and fear for losing anything else personal to him. Once the Locusts tortured his wife so bad she couldn't respond to him, Dom had to do the right thing and kill her because she would've wanted it that way.

Dominic became angry at the Locust and used it as another way to become stronger over time to fight with Marcus on the battlefields.
Background: Dominic is the youngest brother of two and Carlos's brother. Their parents were Edwardo and Eva Santiago. During Emergence day, Dominic lost both children and his wife suddenly disappeared as she was depressed by the loss of their children.

During that moment, Dom joined up in the Army/COGs joining as a Commando in Operation Leveler. Operation Leveler was a major operation where many COGs fought against Locusts, Berserkers and others in a drained swamp housing the Hammer of Dawn technologies. Dom, Marcus Fenix, Hoffman and Carlos all were given the highest honor of the Embry Star in the aftermath of this fight.

Dom and Marcus Fenix became quick friends after meeting Carlos for a while at 8 years old. Dom, Carlos and Marcus became almost like brothers since the rift between Marcus and his father happened after Fenix's mother went missing.

They've relied on each other in hard times and Dom is the one who's gotten Marcus out of prison when Fenix was a traitor

Dom's marriage to his wife, Maria started when he accidently got her pregnant and went to ask her parents for support and decided to join the COG army to support his new family. They accepted and he left school to join the COG army as a commando.

He fought in several battles with the COG, including the Battle of Aspro Fields/Leveler.

Equipment: Bolo Grenade
Boltok Pistol
Chain Gun
Commando Knife
Gnasher Shotgun
Mark 1 Lancer Assault Rifle
Mark 2 Lancer Assault Rifle
Sawed-Off Shotgun
Vulcan Gatling Gun

Night Vision Goggles
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