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» Edd Z(Scratch), The Summoner returns
 Posted: Feb 13 2017, 09:44 PM


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Name: Edd Z.
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Physical: Edd stands at just short of 6 feet tall, with a normally built upper body and a thick lower body. His skin is a shade of brown that betrays his hispanic heritage, and he has a stronger body than he did before, as a result of having to fight and hustle in Tokyo for a good while. Straight black hair, dark brown eyes and a prominent, round nose make up his face. There are minor scars and remnants of blemishes across his cheek and nose.
Mental: Edd's mood is generally upbeat, enthusiastic and open, with bouts of insecurity due to a looming feeling that he has some invisible standards to meet and is found wanting. He'll often attempt to entertain people with moments of it falling flat or offending people. Does not take pressure or panic well and will lash out in anger or frustration if he's in a tense situation due to his open nature. If he can't vent his frustrations, they tend to build up and build up as resentment or bitterness. An understanding listener and rarely judgemental about people, but unfortunately can have moments of thoughtlessness that offend people or allow his unfiltered thoughts to get through, as well as a general lack of discipline altogether. He tends to assume people shrug off his statements as easily as he can. All in all, well-meaning and nice, but can put people off due to foot-in-mouth syndrome and a tactless attitude. His stay and work in tokyo has given a bit of an edge to him, and he can be a bit manipulative or greedy as a result of needing to be so to get ahead. His inner empathy is still present ,but it is guarded.
Background: Edd had grown up well-cared for and raised with a firm but gentle upbringing, holding him to a high standard of education and the young boy often meeting it. However, he had grown up with an abnormal amount of intelligence for his area, and a healthy amount of social awkwardness due to rarely feeling the need to leave and interact with the world. As a result, while he did rather well in his studies and was burning with a passion for reading and storytelling, he often was confused and alienated from his peers. This alienation became more and more worrying for him, and with his mind filled to the brim with fiction he devised reasons and explanations for this gap. Not only that, but as he grew more and more knowledgable, the burden of the grittier parts of reality weighed heavily on his young mind, filling him with fear and loathing of 'society'. He had fantasies of escaping his world, of living somewhere where grandness and fantasy were as tangible and real as could be. At one point the delusion that he was of another world had overtaken him, until his high school years he finally began to realize the importance of other people and to accept the world he was raised in.

It was going relatively well, though the stresses of the real world were often enough to cause him panic. He was in college, and finally beginning to move out into what he had loathed as society.

He was brought into the multiverse as a pilot, but awakened the psychic potential his connection to the Akashic records brought him. However, his position in the universe made itself clear when he was chosen to initiate a 'reset' to undo the worst excesses of an attempt to abuse the akashic record and close it off forever.

However, as a result, his interference was shifted towards a rougher and much darker start. Simply put, he was dropped into the Tokyo of Shin Megami Tensei 4 with very little but his 3DS converted into a COMP(A mobile computer similar to a pip-boy) in his hands. He was set upon by demons very quickly, and learned how to use the Devil Summoner app by experience. It didn't take quickly enough, however, and he was defeated by an Oni team. But, he learned that he had a...special arrangement with Charon. While he was on the world of SMT 4, he could pay play coins(The COMP generated them as he walked) for a chance back at life. He could also pay Macca. Over time, he began to use what lessons he learnt from his father and his own charisma to attempt to hustle and survive in the rough new world he's entered in. It helped that he recognized the strange mail system he had...""
He felt there was more to this than he anticipated.

Abilities: Edd's main abilities are increased strength and speed from the COMP's customization imbuing power into him. He is able to take on a group of gun-toting gangsters and match them blow for blow with hard-earned combat prowess from living in Tokyo and running missions as a Hunter and for In addition, he personally knows the entire suite of buffing and 'blocking' spells from the SMT series, shown here. Debuffs are not known.

This is due to his final and most potent ability: Demon Whispering. He is able to learn skills and spells from Demons in his COMP if they trust and have grown strong enough, to their full potential in skills.


Edd's 3DS, due to the vagaries of the interference, has been changed into a COMP, a portable computer.
The COMP comes with a number of features: Demon summoning and control; An email service that connects him to "" which issues missions and quests in exchange for macca. There is also the Devil Auction, where he can purchase demons, the Cathedral of Shadows, in order to fuse demons, and the demon compendium, in order to re-summon demons he has bought or fused in the past, for a fee. All transactions are made in Macca, the currency of Hell, or Munny.
In addition to this, he has a set of DEMONICA armor from the Counter-Demon force base in Tokyo. The armor, while not as adaptable as that of the Strange Journey psuedo-COMPS, is strong enough to resist multiple attacks by demons such as Oni or Leannan sidhe, and allow him to fight the aforementioned horde of gangsters with assault rifles and knives unscratched.

His weapons consist of a powerful Bolt Bazooka(a weapon made with demonic knowledge) armed with "Gouma"-type rounds and a Scar Machinegun, itself with the basic rounds of each elemental type as well as toxic rounds.

Within the COMP is the 3 demons that act as his companions for his travels in the multiverse:

Jack Frost, Jack o' Lantern, and Jack the Ripper. They are typical members of their species, with all of their skills unlocked and able to transform into "Black Frost" by doing a temporary triple fusion.

Sample Post:

Edd looked around at the streets of New Meridian. He didn't let himself be fooled for a single minute about the nature of the world around him. After all, he was here to talk to some people who wouldn't be so squeaky clean for the 'metropolis' style that this city tried to present. The Medici...They weren't the men of the city they liked to pretend to be.
But he didn't care, he needed to get some words in with the...wrong crowd. He knew enough to find the Anti-Skullgirl labs soon. That Theonite seemed like it could fetch a good price, and even if not...Parasites, finding them? They'd be a useful asset. He wanted to see 'em, after all. If not...well, Vitale Medici seems like the type to play ball.

"Well..It's about time"

George Beaumont - The Lecherous, Clever Gearhead
Ryoto Cuyler - The Gentle, Adoring Keyblade Holder
Gloria Harpe - The Broken, Brave Blademaster
Edd Z. - The Psychic, Excitable Pilot
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