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» Character Template
 Posted: Nov 11 2015, 02:06 AM

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When applying for the forum, please use the following template, provided to be easily copied and pasted. It shouldn’t be altered, and if it is you'll be asked to fix it.

You may post WIPs on the forum, but if there’s been no work on it after two weeks a staff member will post, asking if you want an extension. If there is no further response, the WIP will be deleted.

[u][b]Classification:[/b][/u] (Internal, external, or canon. If playing an internal or canon, list their homeworld here)
[u][b]Physical:[/b][/u] (appearance, condition, etc.)
[u][b]Mental:[/b][/u] (personality, morality, likes and dislikes, etc.)
[u][b]Sample Post:[/b][/u]

Classification: There are three major classifications of interference in the multiverse: external, internal, and canon. External interferences are people from the Real World, internal interferences are original characters from game worlds, and canon interferences are canon characters from game worlds. More details about the three groups can be found here. If making an internal or canon interference, this is also where you list the game world they come from.

Name, Age and Gender are self-explanatory.

Physical covers all physical aspects of a character, such as their appearance and general physical condition. Species is also relevant if your character isn’t human. If desired, you can use a picture for a character’s appearance, though it should be either official art or your own art.

Mental covers the mental attributes of your character, including their personality, morality, and what they may like or dislike. This should be a couple of paragraphs and go into enough depth that we get an idea of what your character is like.

Background is your character’s past history. The length of this will probably vary depending on how exciting your character’s life has been, but it should at least be a couple of paragraphs. This is especially important for canon characters, since it shows where in their story they’re coming from.

Abilities is where you list any of your character’s abilities that go beyond normal human levels, such as magic or unnatural skill. More detail is better, and in the case of original characters should not be incredibly powerful or unbalanced. As a rule, canon characters start with a higher power level but don’t have much potential for growth, externals have the lowest starting power level but have the potential to become more powerful over time, and internals fall somewhere between the two extremes.

Equipment is where you can list any important equipment your character carries along, magical or otherwise. Like with abilities, more detail is better.

The Sample Post is where you demonstrate your character with a short writing piece. This could be an important moment in their history, an ordinary day in their life, or a potential moment in their future. It should be written in third person format.

The Sample Post only needs to be written on your first character on the forum, and all Canon characters. Canon characters will always need a sample post.

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