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» Visitor's Guide - Traverse Town
 Posted: Feb 8 2016, 01:18 AM

The sun will rise.

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As more and more worlds fall into darkness, the population of the once empty Traverse Town grows. Interferences have come to the world as well, and with their ability to change the world they have changed the world to suit them. The gas lamps have been replaced with electrical full spectrum lights, robots patrol the skies, and even new districts have begun to be built.

There's a save point located in the central plaza of the First District, near the large double doors that serve as an entrance into the Cloud District.

The closest thing to a "leader" of Traverse Town is George Beaumont, an external interference that is especially skilled in robotics. Much of his work can be seen in the town, acting as shopkeepers and protectors.

Visitors to Traverse Town will notice a number of vending machines scattered about. These machines distribute basic supplies to anyone with the munny to afford them, and are also the home location of the robots known as Vendbringers.

Vendbringers are small robots which fold into the shape of a can when idle, and take on the form of various small animals when active, the most common form being that of a hawk. They patrol the skies of Traverse Town and are strong enough to destroy weaker heartless, keeping the streets clear for travelers.


The new name of the small cafe located in the First District. It has been claimed by the interference Sarah and serves hot and cold drinks, as well as light lunches. It it staffed by a robot named Cuppa Joe when Sarah isn't working. There's an outer porch and an inner dining room, while the second floor is used as living space.

Rough Map

The former accessory shop has been claimed by the interference and wizard Nate, and offers a variety of enchantments, magical items, and potions, though most of it is done on commission. The main business is typically staffed by a pair of 'janni', lesser genies, while a dryad handles the potion side of the business and provides minor medical services. It's bigger on the inside than the outside...

The Cloud District
Accessible from what was once the front entrance of the First District, the Cloud District is the name given to a large mansion and courtyard. It serves as a home to the interferences Ethan and Prisma, and has both a high-class restaurant and a cheaper bar and grill. The entire area is built of stone - even the grass and trees are stone, blunted so that it isn't dangerous.

Dovi's Workshop
A forge and store owned and run by the interference known as Dovi. The left half of the building is the shop proper, staffed by a shop robot. There are displays of armor and barrels of cheaper weapons. The right half of the building is her forge proper, with everything Dovi needs to do her work.

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