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Jun 15 2017, 06:19 PM
Melody sat in thought on the events of the last few months as she approached a new world.

After separating from Jeremiah and Jacob, she had gone back to the Pokemon world in order to train, and possibly get a couple more friends. The training paid off, as she could control her power and the abilities granted to her by Ira much better than before.

In addition, she had managed to catch a new Pokemon. In her training on a group of Islands, she encountered a Snow-white Vulpix. She managed to catch it, and evolve it into a Ninetails. Needless to say she was somewhat surprised that it was Ice type, and not Fire type like she had thought Vulpix and Ninetails were supposed to be.

After her month-long foray into the Pokemon World, She went to return to Traverse Town

Only to find it abandoned and deadly.

Leaving it in sorrow, sad that her home and friends were now gone, she left, deciding to just explore around a bit.

Which brings her to this... dark looking world. Deciding that beating up a few baddies would improve her mood, she walked over to the ships Teleporter to beam down...

Only to find herself in the middle of a snowy battlefield.

Well, she did want to beat up some baddies... The fact that there are obvious baddies nearby was kinda lucky.

With a laugh, she threw herself into the fight, slinging lightning and Ira's fire at any nearby demons. whenever there were a few more than she could handle herself, or she needed a breather, she sent out Beat and Snow, her Butterfree and Ninetails, to cover her for a bit.

This continued for a while, and she managed to bring down many demons, but she could swear that the horde was bigger than when she started... and she was starting to tire a bit...
May 31 2016, 01:58 PM
As long as Angelica has been using the Dark Portals, she normally came out either outside, or in a unpopulated area.

This was definitely not. She seemed to have come out in a somewhat Full Bar... and was getting stares. Not good. She's only lasted this long by not attracting attention to herself and generally avoiding people. If she got hungry she found a animal... as bad as that made her feel, it was still better than a actual person...

Right, she had to make sure they new she wasn't one of the mindless ones, and that she meant no harm...

"Uhhhh... Hello? I come in peace?" Great. Smooth Idiot. Seem more awkward and Cliche' will you?
May 29 2016, 04:33 AM
Classification: External
Name: Angelica Robinson (Formerly Desera Robinson)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Physical: Desera is 5’ 7” and 145 lbs. She has pale skin. She has a scar through her left eye from the events just before her interference, that somehow looks like the heartless symbol. She has long, White hair, with a black stripe dyed in on the right. She has slightly haunted-looking, but kind, hazel eyes. She normally wears light colored clothing.
Mental: Kind hearted, even after the horror she’d been through for most of her life. Rejoicing in her new-found freedom from the prison that was her own mind. She plans on eventually getting strong enough to reunite with her other half, and still be in control. She struggles to control the hunger… the need to consume hearts.
Background: Desera was once a kind, fortunate girl. She had everything she ever wanted, and parents who loved her and doted on her. However, when she was 10, that started to change. Her mind became sick, and the sickness spawned another personality within her, one that quickly pushed her to the side. She watched in horror from the back of her own mind as the sickness took over her life, and nobody even noticed.

She couldn’t help but watch for years, as the sickness ruled her body and life when she turned 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and finally, had her sweet 16 for her. It was soon after that, that the incident happened. Her family’s business went bankrupt, and the sickness only got worse, and worse.

Then the final act happened. Her sickness finally got so bad, that it killed her parents. At some point during the event, she blacked out. When she came too, she found herself somewhere that wasn’t home… in fact, it looked nothing like she had ever seen! Then, she realized something that shocked her to the core. She… She had control over her own body! The sickness was gone! She wept tears of joy, and vowed to renounce the name Desera, for that had long ago been stolen from her by the sickness. She chose instead to call herself Angela Robinson, keeping her last name in honor of her slain parents.

After wandering around for a while, She came upon a town. She realized, upon entering the town, that she was hungry. Having no money though, she had to steal herself some food. Somehow, she avoided being caught, but she discovered that it couldn’t satisfy her. And worse, the Hunger only got greater when she looked at the townspeople. She realized that she could see… hearts within them? She… Tried not to think about it.

Soon after this, however, strange black creatures appeared, along with strange creatures with a strange symbol inscribed on them. The Creatures attacked the townsfolk, killing them, and consuming those same hearts that she saw earlier… and making them into more of themselves. Running away in fear, along with the few townsfolk that survived, She managed to get away from that hell.

However, once the group was safe, and they had the chance to breath, one of them looked at her, and started to freak out. Yelling about ‘Heartless’, the townsfolk turned on her. They managed to trap her on the edge of a cliff. Suddenly, she slipped, and fell. Closing her eyes, and crying a tear over how short her newfound freedom was, she awaited death. It didn’t come.

Feeling a power within, she opened her eyes, and watched a dark portal open up in front of herself. Falling through it, she found herself in yet another new place. It looked like a very, very tall room, covered in clocks and mirrors, and the ceiling couldn’t be seen. Looking in said Mirror, She realised what had freaked the townsfolk out so much.

She was one of them. Those… ‘Heartless’.

Dark Portals: Can make Dark Portals at Will, and use them without risk.

Minor Heartless Control: She can take command of Minor heartless (IE: Shadows), and even give them a new form, by using a bit of her own power.

Heartsense: She can detect the hearts of people and other creatures, as well as heartless, even through walls. People’s Hearts look different from Animal Hearts, and Heartless hearts look different than both. Creatures with no Hearts (IE: Nobodies) cannot be detected in this way.

Light Potential: Has the ability to use Light-based Spells and Powers. These are unlocked over time.

Dark Potential: Has the ability to use Dark-based Spells and Powers. These are unlocked over time.

Fallen Angel: In times of extreme desperation, she may transform into a powerful form. This form increases her abilities greatly. However, it only lasts for so long, and she goes unconscious when it ends. When she enters this form, she gains four black-colored angelic wings, and seems to float above the ground.

Equipment: None

Sample Post: She had been wandering the worlds for a bit of time now… but the hunger... It was becoming unbearable… She… She couldn’t hold it back any longer...

Suddenly, she saw something. A bird. It looked so pretty… and… so delicious… She gave in. Leaping at the poor thing, she tore out the ‘heart’ before it or she even realized what happened, and consumed it.

She regretted it instantly once it happened. Looking at the poor thing on the ground, she felt depressed. Then she realized… the hunger… the hunger that had plagued her for so long… was gone?

Then the body of the bird seemed to melt into a pool of darkness, before reforming into was looked like a dark, shadow version of the bird. Backing away in fear and shock, the ‘bird’ followed her.

And then jumped onto her shoulder, and started… Nuzzling her? Was it a pet or something? Why was it so attached to her suddenly? Didn’t she kill it? Why.. why wasn’t it angry at her?

The Bird stopped nuzzling her, and looked at her expectantly. She felt like it was asking her for something… a Name? It wanted her to Name it?

“I… I guess I’ll call you… Raphael?” She suggested. The bird seemed to nod in approval, before lifting off and flying around her a couple times before landing back on her shoulder. She felt like it was asking for her to take it with her.

She smiled. Perhaps having a friend would make all this easier to bear… “Alright. You can come along!”

She opened a dark portal, and, now feeling refreshed again, went through it, to yet another world.
May 26 2016, 09:39 PM
Melody found herself in a World most know well. The world of Pokemon. A world where super-strong creatures live side by side with people, and training and battles were a constant thing. Even better, said battles rarely, if ever, resulted in death! If there was a better place to train and practice, she couldn't think of it.

As big as the Multiverse was, the stuff she's seen so far was surprisingly weak. But that couldn't last. Thus, she had to practice, get used to her abilities, and perhaps even make them stronger... before something too big came along.

Plus, when she happened to find her sister, she wanted to be strong enough to make sure her sis couldn't tease her about her Childish appearance.

Right now, she was in a fight with a random wild Swellow, near the Petalburg Woods in Hoeen. Giving it one last Zap, it fainted. She pulled out a potion she had bought, and sprayed the Swellow with it, before moving on. Didn't want to just leave it injured after all...
May 2 2016, 03:49 PM
Another Quiet period in Traverse town. There wasn't much of anything happening, like usual. Suddenly, that changed. A large influx of Mana came, and promptly dispersed. It seemed concentrated by the fountain in the second district. Anyone sensitive to magic even slightly would have definitely felt it.


Amilia Slowly opened her eyes. She was lying on some kind of... Pavement? She didn't expect to black out after casting the spell...

She looked around, as she got up. Adjusting her hat, She realized it was night. Wasn't it mid-morning when she started? She looked around a bit more. This didn't look like Mangolia... Something's wrong.

Suddenly, as if from the shadows themselves, a few strange creatures appeared. The looked like small bugs, with completely black coloring and yellow eyes. They almost seemed cute... but something about them instigated a almost instinctual fear.

One of them jumped at her. She rolled out of the way as one of the claws scratched her cheek narrowly.

"Oh, now you asked for it. How dare you damage a lady's face!" She yelled as she started casting. a Magic Circle appeared under her, and after a second, just in time for the group to jump at her again, it finished. Spikes of Ice came out from the circle around her, facing out. The shadows all got impaled, and dissipated.

"Really? That weak and you wanted to play? Hah." She sighed.

Suddenly, 6 more of the creatures appeared, looking bigger, taller, and much, much fatter. Large Bodies. "Oh come on!"
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