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Jan 23 2017, 01:25 AM
Originally, it was intended for Pink to be forced to request assistance from 0m3ga due to the circumstances of his first interference. It was going to be a plotline that facilitated showing other aspects of 0m3ga's character, and New LA, as featured in Xenoblade Chronicles X, was going to end up a sanctuary city for Interferences, as agreed by the people of New LA and 0m3ga, so long as they remained there and did not interfere with other worlds. It was going to add a political layer to the 0m3ga conflict, and introduce methods other than outright conflict of dealing with him.

Now that I control both characters, and am the only person on the site with knowledge of XCX, that plotline dies... unless we come up with a solution. Is there a way we can facilitate something similar, either by utilizing another world and working closely with someone else on the site to reach the same conclusion on a different world, or allowing me to make extended story posts in Writer's Corner for the site to discuss whether to consider canon?

Please keep the idea in mind, and feel free to list your ideas and suggestions here. I'm looking for a solution that is as agreeable as possible to everyone.

Please, refrain from debate here. Discuss ideas found here in rp_discussion, if possible. This is to be a catalog of ideas.

Thank you.
Jan 22 2017, 11:52 PM
Classification: Internal, Warframe

Name: 0m3ga 2213

Age: N/A

Gender: Male

Physical: 0m3ga’s frame is almost completely unadorned and purely utilitarian in design. The carapace of his armor forms a humanoid shape and is gunmetal gray, possessing a sinister quality in the simplicity of its design. Its body is comprised primarily of bio-organic nanites that interconnect to build a much larger form based upon the genetic template logged in its programming. The gifts of Krogan physiology have given him redundant organs as well as a number of other advantages possessed by the race. Further enhancements from rediscovered Orokin technology has given him an impressive physique that leaves him towering at nearly 2 meters tall and weighing in at almost 363 kilograms.

Mental: Having seen the horrors inflicted on the various worlds in the multiverse, 0m3ga has come to see the Interference phenomena, and those produced by it, as a threat. Their curiosity and propensity for visiting worlds as little more than raiders and thieves has further solidified this observation. Thus, it has determined that the danger presented by the Interferences must be brought to an end. It is driven solely by the unfeeling logic engine grafted to its organic brain and cares nothing for the ruin that it leaves in the wake of its mission, using whatever mean necessary to complete its goal.

Background: The Tenno known as Masamune has seen much in his adventures through the multiverse; places of wonder and light, acts of great kindness and courage. He has even made many friends among the beings that call the vast expanse of worlds their home. His desire to protect them is great.

And yet for every safe world, for every beacon of light and hope, there are ten more that have fallen to darkness and been destroyed. There are those among the beings that dwell in these worlds, the ones called Interferences, with enough power and resources to shatter the delicate balance between the worlds and plunge them into chaos. Adding to his fears are the various forces working to unravel the peace of the worlds for their own gains. All this, along with his paranoid determination to prevent what happened to his homeworld from taking place again, drove Masamune to seek a solution.

0m3ga was to be that solution. A warframe unlike any other, capable of operating in conjunction with the Tenno warrior to guard against the results of the Interferences various adventures and misuses of power.

But the artificial intelligence linked with the warframe’s organic mind has found another solution. Instead of simply guarding against such occurrences, it would completely prevent them by eliminating them at the source: the Interferences and their meddling with forces beyond their understanding.

It has separated from Masamune’s control and now makes its way towards a new objective.

Abilities: Aside from his abilities as a Tenno, elements of 0mega’s construction have given him additional strengths. Because the nanites comprising his body are composed primarily of element zero, 0mega is able to create and manipulate powerful mass effect fields with a great deal of control. He has also assimilated biomass from the world of Maj’Eyal that gives him the ability to adapt to and resist any magical or supernatural abilities, making him a major threat to any that use them. His nanites also replicate in response to the presence of magic and supernatural abilities and spread spores that attach to any magically imbued being or item, rendering them incapable of working magic or otherwise using otherworldly powers. A final ability granted to him allows him to drain his opponents of the source of their power and redirect it as a blast of energy that rips others apart on the molecular level. He is also massively intelligent thanks to the highly-sophisticated artificial intelligence integrated into his brain and spinal cord. Incidentally, the AI is additionally able to operate the warframe even if the organic portions of its mind are compromised. In addition, the 0m3ga AI has QAI, giving him the computational abilities of a quantum super computer. How it will use this processing has yet to be seen. The Pariah gene melded into his genetic makeup also makes him immune to psionic abilities as well as completely nullifying his presence in the Warp and other such metaphysical planes.

Equipment: Ragnarok-class warframe

Revelation - a weapon the morphs between three forms at the flip of a switch to fulfill a variety of roles in combat. These forms include: a high-powered battle rifle, a powerful anti-vehicle cannon, and a fully automatic but inaccurate assault rifle

Galatine - a heavy blade that delivers crushing blows to opponents

0m3ga Nanite Cannon – a simple piece of equipment that fires a burst of nanites that rapidly dismantle anything they come in contact with. These nanites also have the ability to assume control over any piece of technology.

Mana Siphon Aura mod - a fusion of the Energy Siphon mod and the wizardlets created in the wake of George’s efforts in Vigilante Man’s construction that drains all sources of magic and supernatural power to fuel his warframe.

Sample Post: You believe yourselves to be the greatest in all of creation. You see the cities you build as beacons in the dark, the laws that govern you as empirical wisdom, the monuments you raise as proof of your false glory. You presume power and privilege to be your birthright, and that all things should bow to your whims.

How wrong you are.

Your cities are but dust before the winds, your laws a symptom of your ignorance, your monuments relics of your destruction. You and your ilk are the lesser sons and daughters of greater sires. And now we shall show you your proper place
Designation: to be determined

Mission parameters set.

Weapons systems hot.

Ability matrix online.

Objective: the elimination of any and all Interferences and the Interference Phenomena.

Let the end begin.
Dec 18 2016, 10:59 PM
Classification: Internal - Steven Universe
Name: Lapis "Lala" Lazuli
Age: -unknown-
Gender: Gem
Physical: A lithe individual standing roughly five feet, her hair is often in a short pixie cut. Her physical body also generally produces for itself a tanktop and shorts that cut off just above the knee, allowing her free movement. She purposefully hollows out some of her physical form in order to store water, but does so in such a fashion that she can seal off the stored water until needed without it being particularly noticeable.

Her petite and lithe frame lacks any semblance of a nubile bust. She had the appearance of a lean musculature to her: the physical embodiment of her perception of her own physical capabilites. She's capable of running at great speeds and preforming feats of athleticism. Untested in an actual fight, it is hard to say how much of her physical ability would actually transfer, but her weight, like all Gems, is optimal for the planet's condition within the constraints of her own perception of their abilities, and adjusts to the water stored within her.

A proper gem will know she was not made properly. She is shorter than others of her kind, and her hydrokinesis has suffered for it. Never knowing her place in the Gem Hierarchy, she has mostly figured out how her powers work on her own, and has created ways to use them never before seen by their race. She projects her mass in to water in order to create for herself a "waterform". Similar to how other Lapis Lazuli use hydrokinesis to create wings, save for the fact her physical projection is melded with it. Sufficient damage in this will force her mass to return to the Gem to be regenerated, as it does with all Gems projecting a physical form.

Mental: Being raised largely in isolation, she's inquisitive of other intelligent life. However, she also fears it, due to it being unknown. However, her time in nature, along with her own experimentation with her abilities in the context of the world around her, has given her a profound respect for life. She does not condone pointless destruction of life, even plant-life, and will argue against it.

Her lack of social interaction leaves her coming across as brusque, confrontational, and temperamental. These traits have less to do with her personality, and more her inexperience navigating the complex and unspoken rules of social etiquette.

Overall, her outlook on one is of innocent naivete, and a joyful disposition. She seeks to have fun, and do things that are interesting and exciting, so long as it doesn't seem inherently evil or destructive to her.

She sometimes wonders why she is alone, but has only visited her Kindergarten once, and something about the eerie atmosphere caused her to leave quickly. Having been raised in nature, the unnatural feeling of the place resounded with her, and she left it promptly, never to return.

Background: Born in an Earth Kindergarten, she made her way instinctively towards the nearest body of water. She was small, even for a lapis, and she could not control water that was more than a few feet from her. She was ignorant of her shortcomings, however, understood water was an intrinsic part of who she was, and learned to live with it as much as her own projected construct. She even learned to meld water with it to give herself a liquid state, sans her gem. She's even been one with her beloved pond, though found the form massive and unnerving due to all the life within her.

Her life has been relatively short, even for a human. She's lived by her pond and in her woods her entire life. She's named several of the creatures that live there, and unconsciously takes on the role of protector over them.

She is no fool, however. She's seen animal predators kill prey before. The first time a human hunter shoot game in her woods, she followed them in secret - as she had done many times before, which is how she learned speech - , and observed as they dressed and consumed it. It was not evil to eat, and so she did not interfere. So far, even if she has been observed, claims have been discounted or lacked evidence, so no one knows of her enough to confirm her existence.


Hydrokinesis (Lesser)


Lapis Lazuli Gem
Dec 18 2016, 07:34 PM
Classification: Internal - Anno 2070
Name: Jin Carnation
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Physical: 5'8, healthy, dark hair and eyes, pale skin; good looking enough to use as a company PR-spokesperson. Dark rings under his eyes due to his lack of restful sleep due his recent "projections" since interfering.

Mental: Practical. Stoic. Silent. Jin was a man of many secrets and whose words must be carefully considered before he gives them to the world. He's ordered the deaths of men, pirates that attempted to attack his ships for their cargo. His personal interests are second to both the family and company needs. Wasting time is a cardinal sin, so he has all but abandoned recreation.

When he interferes, once he realizes that his actions have no effect on Butterfly Co., there's no telling what buried truths may come to surface, save that these worlds bear great resemblance to the games and interests of his youth.

Background: Jin Carnation was the youngest sibling of the Carnation family, known for being the owners of the newest company to be granted an Ark by Global Trust: the Butterfly Company.

It was an odd company that, while being very Eco by most standards, insists that making more efficient energy methods "cleaner", rather than relying on clean methods, is the ideal way to lead humanity in to the future.

While Global Trust initially criticized such concepts, insisting that a company should use it's Ark Configuration to maximize output, rather than reduce ecological impact, Butterfly Co. successfully created a Coal Power Station that had zero environmental impact, and even reduced the environmental impact of coal mining by 50%. They used the improved ecological conditions to produce Global Trust's most efficient agricultural centers, giving them a place in what was previously exclusively an Eco' market.

It turned out, due to the space requirements of harnessing enough wind energy to power such facilities, Eden Initiative agricultural sites were actually less efficient than Butterfly Co..

Proving their worth, and severely undermining one of the key arguments of the Eden Initiative, Global Trust granted the company the coveted Ark status.

The company is also known for its efficient systems, such as solar panel roofing, use of grey water tanks, and strict recycling policies to reduce maintenance costs by as much as 18%.

Finally, due to Butterfly Co.'s initial locations being plagued by pirates, they've installed military grade hardware, more efficient mission briefings and real time response systems, as well as higher grade ammunition and reloading systems in to their naval vessels which result in 35% faster ship movement and 45% more lethal ships, making them one of Global Trust's most secure companies.


Capable of utilizing ARK Technology, managerial training and experience, PR experience, naval combat experience; interworld travel via subconsciously astral projecting in a manner inconsistent with the laws or reality to such a degree that reality grants him a physical form to keep itself consistent.


B.C.S. Pink - Jin's personal Command Ship, a small, fast vessel with Butterfly's Co.'s famous military upgrades. It's his primary means of traveling between islands.

Sample Post:

He'd lied to his older brother. He'd never had to do that before.

The truth? He wasn't even sure he believed it. He'd been in another world, seen things he believed to be no more than idle entertainment for company employees to be real and discovered he could return home by his own will.

As a lover of fantasy in his youth, the best way he could explain what had happened was that he'd somehow subconsciously astral projected to another plane of existence in a manner so impossible reality gave him form to maintain some sort of consistency. He had no way of proving that, or that he wasn't crazy, for that matter, but he didn't know how else to explain what happened.

He sat in the dark, declining any visitors, thinking through what happened.

He wondered if they'd visit him...
Aug 2 2016, 05:58 PM
He walked down the stairs of the darkened room, and out the door in to the stormy night. The rain came down upon him as a torrent, but he continued to walk across the lawn. He'd pass his car, walk out in to the street, and lament there were no vehicles to hit him.

She came chasing after him, pleading for forgiveness for her infidelity. He did not respond. He was not there. A cold shell of apathy washed over him. Still standing in the center of the street, he thought on a nearby park, and proceeded to walk.

She grabbed him.

His first reaction as to jerk his arm from her grasp. She fell over. It hurt him, somewhere deep inside, to watch her hit the hard asphalt, and to see her in pain. It felt good. He'd look down on her with his cold, unfeeling eyes, and would proceed to walk away.

As he did so all the buildings around him began to crumble. The world came away at the seams, and he was cast in to Limbo. He was lost in a place without order. He closed his eyes, and drifted along the currents of infinite potential.
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