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Aug 13 2016, 03:03 PM
I've been a little bit scarce for the past while now, and part of that is because I've been in a rough mental spot. That, and I've just lost my desire to chat (why hello there introversion), so it would feel kinda dishonest to only technically stick around.

So...yeah. This is goodbye, at least for now. It's possible I'll come back one day (I'm keeping this site in my bookmarks), but I'm not making a date or anything. If one of your characters is currently in a thread with one of mine, you can consider that character freed and the thread non-canon, at least until further notice.

Alright. Time to stop putting off.

Jul 12 2016, 07:16 PM
"Auntie...where are you?"


"Auntie, it''s so cold. I'm scared, Auntie!"

Haru, please, where are you?

"I don't know, I, no, they're coming again! Auntie!"


Aki woke with a start, drenched in sweat. Looking around at her room, empty save for herself, all of that must have been a dream, a nightmare...but it felt so real. Was this similar to the Awakening? Was Haru speaking to her through the keyblade, somehow?

Rustle rustle.

Aki's drowsy eyes slowly panned over to her bedside table, where even with no flowing air, a bit of loose paper flapped defiantly. Shaking her head, she brought it over to the bed, giving it a studious look-over.


You want info on your niece? Can help you with that. One who captured her, old enemy of mine; calls herself 'The Collector'. Leads are scarce, cleans up after herself, but found something, dunno what.

Want to find out? Find Philip, should be in Traverse. Dark skin, green eyes, blonde, looks about to bolt 24/7. Got a lead, or so he says, but I've got other fish to fry. Want to contact me again, tell Philip what's up and I'll do what I can.


Cloaked Asshole

Aki blinked in surprise, looking over the letter one more time to make sure she hadn't misread anything. Presumably, 'Cloaked Asshole' was the stranger from yesterday, the one that had saved her life...and from the looks of it, they might have a hand in saving Haru's, too. But who was this Collector they spoke of? Would anyone else know about her, maybe even Xia?

Well, one thing was for sure, at least; the first order of business would be finding this 'Philip' character.


Okay, the first order of business would be getting something to eat, then finding Philip.

Knock knock.

"Um...come in?"

With his usual smart suit, Weldon looked for all the world a waiter as he pushed the door open, nodding over to Aki as he raised up a small tray.

"Good day, Ms. Nakato," he greeted politely, dexterously closing the door with his foot. "I would say good morning but, well, morning isn't quite how it is on other worlds. Does the day greet you well?"

"Well enough?" Aki replied, warily eyeing Weldon's empty tray. "Why are you carrying a tray in here, Mister Mills?"

"Room service," he said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "If you haven't noticed, we don't have a communal dining area here so this is essentially mandatory."

"Oh, but I couldn't-"

"Really? And Beryl seemed so eager to help with your meal."

Aki narrowed her eyes.

"This feels awfully like I'm being manipulated, Mister Mills."

"As if I would be so bold. Now, what would you like for your meal? Breakfast, shall we call it?"

"I suppose?"

"Then what would you like for breakfast, Ms. Nakato?"

Aki scratched her head.

"Do you...have any cereal?"

"Of course, ma'am. Any particular variety?"

"Something vaguely similar to bran flakes?"

"That can certainly be arranged, yes. Would you like a drink with your breakfast?"

"Um...a tea would be lovely. No milk, no sugar."

"Any particular type?"

"To be honest, if it's hot and tea-like, I will probably drink it."

"Very well, then. Would you like your tray set down on the bed, or...?"

Aki pursed her lips.

"Leave it on the floor please, somewhere out of the way."

Aki's brow furrowed as Weldon did as instructed, and as he came back up, hands no longer full, she shot him a sceptical look.

"Say, if this is room service, why are you bringing the tray in now? Do you not need that for carrying the food in?"

Weldon raised an eyebrow.

"Are you not eating with your friend?"

"Well, perhaps, but if that's her tray, you'll need to bring her food in too, yes? On a tray? That tray?"

"Oh, no, both of your meals will be brought in on a single tray."

"Wait, what? Why?"

"I think Beryl does it as a test of strength? If you want to know more, ask her; I don't interfere with the delivery side."

"So why...?"

Weldon paused at the door, winking back.

"What can I say? She's taken quite a shine to you, Ms. Nakato."


I guess saving someone's life can have that effect, yes, Aki thought, shaking her head. Not that it was all me, but I doubt she'll believe that. Now, I should catch up with Xia...

Dressed only in her bunny print pyjamas, Aki peered out of the still open door, looking left and right for any signs of her long-eared...friend.


Come to think of it, I hope she doesn't find these pyjamas offensive. Wait, no, that wouldn't make sense; it's not like I find pyjamas with humans on them offensive.

"Xia?" Aki called out, already walking down the hotel corridor to Xia's door. "Are you awake?"
Jul 3 2016, 11:40 AM


Nah's default appearance is that of a tall, dark stranger, dressed in a patchwork Organisation XIII cloak. Their face is impossible to discern, appearing as an impenetrable darkness, and constantly wearing gloves, not even their skin colour is obvious.

Abigail Reed, one of Nah's personae, appears as a short, chubby young woman, perhaps in her late teens/early twenties. Her long ginger hair is held up in youthful pigtails, her pale skin is inundated with freckles and light brown eyes. For clothing, she wears very casual gear, usually a plain t-shirt, a pair of shorts and trainers.

Philip Hobson, Nah's second persona, contrasts heavily with Abigail. Where her skin is pale, his is dark, and his short blonde hair bears little similarity to her pigtails. Additionally, he takes to wearing very covering clothing, and is often seen in dark-coloured long-sleeved shirts, along with baggy camo trousers and thick walking boots. His eyes are a deep green, and surrounded with the wrinkles of middle age.

Nah is a straightforward, blunt and informal individual who abhors wasting time; they are always on the job, after all. For extended interaction with most folks, they switch to one of their personae instead, but very occasionally, they will decide that someone deserves to see who they really are, or they are otherwise ordered to do so. They will follow orders to the letter, but not without snarking about them first, something that their boss finds amusing.

Abigail Reed, meanwhile, is your classic extrovert archetype; friendly, excitable, talkative and generally pleasant to be around, as long as you're fine with a motor mouth. She is probably the one who seems most 'good' amongst Nah's personae, but like the others, it is all a façade that ends with the target falling for Nah's web of manipulation.

Philip Hobson, then, represents a slightly different approach to manipulation. Coming off as a scared, paranoid and often desperate individual, Philip is a man in need of assistance, and in that assistance, helpful do-gooders might well be twisted to Nah's own ends. As a painfully stereotypical introvert, Philip often stutters and pauses in his speech, making him a difficult person to talk to, but when caught by fear (which is often), he speeds up to resemble Abigail's level of talkativeness, if not coherence.

- A pair of chain scythes.
- A pack of cigarettes (Nah form only).

Smoke Rises is Nah's primary ability, and around which every other ability is based. In essence, their body, clothing and equipment are all comprised of smoke, magically bound to hold together, and act, just like their real counterparts. Additionally, they can also control smoke external to their body, though as long as some of their body smoke remains, they have no need of such external smoke to reconstruct themselves. Specific abilities include:

Smoke And Mirrors - Allows Nah to switch forms between their normal appearance, Abigail and Philip. Note that these are Nah's only transformations; they cannot mimic any and all appearances, only these three. Additionally, items born from the smoke (such as the cigarettes or chain scythes) can be separated from Nah, but will return to being smoke when taken at least one hundred feet away from them. Nah may only have three smoke item replicas at one time, excluding clothing.

Haze - Nah operates a duplicate of themselves, either of their own original form or of one of their personae. However, as this ability takes a lot of concentration, only one copy and one original may be operated at the same time.

Gathering Smoke - Allows Nah to disperse into smoke when taking hits, only to reform at a later time. The only way to stop this is to obliterate or magically contain every bit of smoke from their body, and even then, Nah will return some time later from their original body after a one day period.

Finally, while unrelated to Smoke Rises:

Door To Darkness - Technically lacking a heart (or at least, their heart is nowhere near their traversing form), Nah can utilise the dark corridors to travel between worlds without incident.

Not much is known about Nah themselves. As Abigail, they claim to be an External Interference, roaming the multiverse for fame and fortune. As Philip, they are an Internal Interference, trying to find somewhere safe that won't involve getting killed by Heartless or other nasties.

But Nah? They have a 'boss' of some sort that they report to, but when did they begin working for said boss? What exactly is their work, and why do they seem so interested in new Interferences, and Aki Nakato in particular? And what were they before all this, before they became this smoke-made peculiarity?

No one knows.

And as long as Nah has a choice in the matter, that's exactly how they want it.

Nah is keen to visit any new Interferences and will often appear wherever they do, if only briefly. Additionally, they seem very interested in Aki Nakato for some reason, and while they are not always visible, wherever she goes, Nah is sure to follow, at least in some capacity.
Jul 3 2016, 09:59 AM
Name: Weldon Mills, born Erin Valenti
Thirty years old.

Trans male (AFAB).

Weldon is keen to make a good impression as owner of the Second District hotel, and as such, is most commonly seen in a tailored black suit, though since his heat management is quite poor, he dons a black waistcoat and white dress shirt while keeping the jacket off. He once wore a pure white suit, albeit a long time ago, but with his pale skin, his wife recommended a darker colour for more contrast. He hasn't changed it since.

In general, he comes off as a skinny, bony sort of man, though there's a certain way his face sits that almost makes for a handsome visage. Further up, his blue eyes sparkle with curiosity at every new visitor, while long dark brown hair tied in a ponytail assures customers that everything is in its rightful place. In terms of height, he comes to a fairly average 5'9, though the thick shoes he takes to wearing tend to make him look an inch or so taller.

Weldon is a serious, 'proper' personality, deeply concerned with politeness, proper etiquette and all things high society, if only for himself. That said, while he tries to maintain a calm, straight-faced demeanour when he can, he isn't averse to the odd dry quip and even (secretly) enjoys cheesy puns...but only when no one's watching.

On the whole, Weldon is quite a private person, and especially after his divorce, struggles to make and maintain friendships. Notably, he is fairly good friends with Sarah, often visiting the café on his time off and even setting up a little business deal between them. Otherwise, he spends his time caring for the hotel, his daughter, Beryl, and otherwise, reading books and playing video games.

- Blunderbuss
- Nintendo DS + assorted video games.

Weldon possesses no supernatural talents, though he certainly has an uncanny knack for shooting and housekeeping.

Weldon originally hails from Radiant Garden, though he doesn't like to speak of it much. Before the Heartless invaded and corrupted it into Hollow Bastion, he lived there for many years as a hotel worker, under his eventual wife-to-be, Lizbeth Mills. When he reached his early twenties, the two were wed and adopted a child, Beryl and, for a time, things were happy.

Eventually, however, Weldon's façade began to crack. When Beryl hit ten years old, Weldon realised that his body did not match who he felt himself to be, and with the help of the local alchemist, underwent transition. His wife and daughter both cared for him deeply, and they tried their best to be supportive, but as much as she wished, Lizbeth was no longer attracted to her spouse. After four difficult years, the pair eventually settled on a divorce, not born from malice, but from inevitability.

Then, after Radiant Garden was reclaimed by the forces of light, Weldon decided that his temporary stay in Traverse Town might end up a little longer than planned. With Beryl in tow, he took over the Second District hotel, and after a few more years, has decided not to change the place much, finding that his guests often enjoy the somewhat quirky room selection. It would be idyllic, but, well...

He senses that Beryl is getting restless, and soon, she may leave to find her mother. He knows she's capable, knows there are people who can escort her safe and sound to Radiant Garden, but...he worries.

And perhaps that is the way of the parent.

Status: Weldon resides in Traverse Town, being the owner of the Second District hotel. He has appeared in Heart.
Jun 26 2016, 05:36 PM
They watched the save point.

It wouldn't be long, now. Interferences came in drips, but it was a consistent drip, almost one you could set your clock to...and, if Interferences were drips, Traverse was the plughole.

Off in a dark corner, an unassuming figure in a black cloak watched the proceedings, wondering if, one day, that drip would come to a stop.

Thffffff. Ahhh.


Someone was coming through.

With a flick of their wrist, the figure discarded their cigarette and stepped into a deep, inky portal. A moment later, another, shorter figure stepped out, that of a plump, ginger-haired girl dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. Pretending to be minding her own business, she passed by the save point, whistling off-tune as her eyes surreptitiously cast towards it.

Any second now...
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