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» Beyond: A Modern Fantasy Dungeon Crawler
 Posted: Jul 2 2017, 07:15 PM

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Long ago, the face of the world changed completely. Plants withered and died, rain stopped falling, bodies of waters dried up, and animals and people started dying in droves. The world turned into a vast wasteland and life became a desperate fight for survival. However, one pocket of life remained and humanity recovered. The area turned into a sprawling metropolis, built around a strange and dangerous jungle.

Twilight Jungle is a dangerous jungle at the very center of the pocket of life. It's filled an impossible amount of resources thanks to the influence of magic, but it's also crawling with otherworldly monsters. People that venture into it seem to develop magical powers and odd mutations to go with those powers. With those powers, while the monsters are still stronger, people have been able to fight against them and use the resources in the jungle.

Recently, some ancient ruins have been found in the center of Twilight Jungle. It's just as packed with resources as Twilight Jungle itself is, so there's been a call for exploration. With all the extra resources being brought back to the city, people have started exploring the wasteland surrounding the city in search of new lands and clues as to what caused it to form in the first place. What will you do in this age of exploration?

- A simple diceless dungeon crawling system for tense exploration and a way for characters to push the plot along with their actions.
- Character driven plot, but players and characters have ways to affect the setting and world at large, as well as discover new things.
- The option to keep certain aspects of your character secret from the playerbase instead of having everything about them spoiled in the character profile.
- No word count, no pressure
- Options for both people that can use magic and people that can't so that the latter aren't pushed to the side.
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