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» No Russian
 Posted: Oct 22 2016, 09:16 PM


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Shit, now Howaito was down. Stone figured he probably wasn't actually dead, not the way he had shown himself to work so far, but even if he was she didn't have time to mourn. From what she could tell, Quiet was using a bolt-action rifle, and that meant she had just a few seconds to make her play while the sniper was reloading. With a grimace she spun up the Accelerator on her chest once more, slowing time down by an order of magnitude to give her a fighting chance as she pushed her full will into the Outsider's mark. In what seemed like an instant to the rest of the world she vanished and shot across the valley to where she had seen the shot flicker at the end of the rifle barrel, and as time spun back up to normal she brought a shotgun straight up to Quiet's head and pulled the trigger.

Despite thee utter chaos going around, the Soviet soldiers knew they still had work to do, and despite the ongoing problems with the entire command it was well understood that the higher-ups wouldn't accept a screw up on this magnitude. Thankfully, they had a few tricks of their own, and three large Walker Gears came stomping up the road towards the battle currently raging in the hills, each rider in a helmet and armor and all ready to deal some good Soviet justice to anyone they found.

Captain Natalie Prisma
Dutchess "Dovi" Prisma
Paathar Atma, a.k.a. Stoneheart
Selina Williams
Jane Doe
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