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Oct 27 2013, 11:01 AM
YEah I know I haven't really been on pretty much at all due to classes and with the way the semester is going it's going to continue. It's hitting me hard this year so I probably won't be able to do anything till it's over.
May 11 2013, 09:40 PM

Name: Yuki Masami

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Abilities: Yuki uses a special form of cryomancy that lets her create and control black ice, which is colder than normal ice. Using the cryomancy drains her magic quickly, which forces her to limit how much of her powers she uses. After being turned into a human/phoenix hybrid, Yuki has increased physical abilities, such as some increased strength and endurance which she can use in battles with her talon like hands. She also can use her wings to fly, but that drains her magic faster than her normal powers, so most of the time she is limited to gliding. She can call upon her wings at any time and remove them if she doesn't need them.

Equipment: Yuki does not have much in terms of equipment other than a hammer-space bag which lets her hold her supplies.

Condition: With her body being changed, Yuki is physically more capable than most, stronger, faster and having more endurance; however, her body temperature is much lower, meaning she tends to suffer around high temperatures and powerful fires. This does make her handle lower temperatures easier than others, though.

Personality: Yuki, when compared to her sister, is much kinder. While Rikka looks out for herself, Yuki is willing to help out others. She cares about people and likes them but Yuki is incredibly shy. She tends to keep to herself, and the fact that her body has changed makes her rather self conscious. Yuki isn't sure if she is some kind of freak or monster due to her new body. Due to the abuse she suffered from her father, Yuki has a bit of trouble getting close to people. Not only that, Yuki tends to be hard on herself, putting herself down when she does good. Yuki cares deeply about Rikka, despite Rikka showing that she does not care about her.

Morality: Yuki is a kind hearted girl who would help others but is held back at times due to her low self confidence. However if it is someone that Yuki was able to open up to she would help them instantly.

Appearance: Yuki is a human phoenix with a purple/gray skin tone. Her hair is short and of a blue color, and her eyes are a very light blue. On her arms is grey armor that goes up her arms to her shoulders and wraps around her neck, with a blue jewel right under her neck and blue, ice-like feathers sticking out around her shoulders and her hands have sharp talons on the ends. On the underside of her arms are large wings, made of a large amount of black ice feathers. She wears a flowing robe that is made of the same feathers that make up her wings. It is a blue and black robe that reaches past her knees, with nothing covering her arms. On her feet are boots that seem to be made of actual ice, and there is an ice-like horn attached to her grey, bird-like headgear.

Background: Yuki is the twin sister of Rikka Masami. When the two were young, their mother died in an accident, and their father became abusive in his grief. Yuki, being the quieter and more submissive of the two, tended to receive the worst of the abuse. Because of her quiet nature and that she kept to herself, she didn't have too many friends and got bullied by some other students in school. Despite Rikka not helping her and even looking down on her, Yuki cared about her sister and tried her best to help her out.

Yuki was the target of suspicion when her father was found dead and Rikka went missing. After being questioned by police, it was eventually determined that Rikka was the one who did it. With her father dead and sister missing, Yuki was sent to a foster family for the time being. While playing her old PS2, Yuki found herself wishing to find Rikka. As she was about to finish, the screen changed and soon sucked Yuki in.

Upon waking, Yuki found herself in her Station of Awakening. Yuki had the choice of Fire, Ice, or Lightning. When Yuki chose her namesake, the disembodied voice seemed to change. It asked Yuki if she wanted the power of black ice. Yuki, unsure about the power and the voice, declined. That seemed to anger the voice over the fact that Yuki dared to reject the black ice, and as such, they tried to force the power on her. As the power was forced onto her, Yuki, while in pain, noticed a blue feather in front of her. Without thinking, Yuki reached for it, and that caused the voice to seemingly get even angrier. The pain increased as Yuki's body changed. Before Yuki passed out from the pain, she heard a third voice apologizing for what it must do to keep Yuki from being lost to the black ice. When Yuki awoke, she found that she was no longer fully human, but a human/phoenix hybrid.

Apr 13 2013, 03:02 PM
Rikka stepped out of the Save Point and looked around her. The world of Radiant Garden appeared to be the same as it looked in the game, of course with more areas open. Still this was where Flora said she would be able to get her own Gummi Ship and Rikka was looking forward to it. After all someone like her needed their own transportation.

But for the moment Rikka could wait for her current companion. Mostly as Flora would actually know the way to Cid. It would be unseemly for Rikka to get lost and wander around or worse. Have to ask someone for directions.
Dec 17 2012, 10:12 PM
Ever since Scott was finished with Radiant Garden he wanted to explore new worlds, maybe finding ones that weren't in the original game and he found something like that. He couldn't tell what it was from his ship but it seemed pretty peaceful. But that didn't mean Scott was just going to leave his spears on his ship. No matter how the world looked he might still need them.

It was kind of a good thing for him that he landed in the middle of a forest. No one was around to give him looks about the spears. Still as Scott walked around a bit he couldn't shake the feeling that someone was watching him.
Nov 30 2012, 02:50 PM
Should have put this up earlier but sorry for not posting much lately. The combination of being sick and having exams coming up is really killing my ability to post. I should be back to posting in a couple weeks. Sorry again guys. Just that time of year
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