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Oct 12 2012, 10:03 PM
It was a bright and sunny day.

Reid stood, looking at the horizon.

Eventually, he turned to his companion. "I thought you said this was noob land. Shoudln't there be enemies to fight?"
Oct 4 2012, 04:40 PM
"...yeah okay, I'm bored."

Reid leaned back in his chair, swiveling around and looking at the cockpit. "Where are all those heartless spaceships that are supposed to be here? That would be something. But no, here we are, just waiting."
Oct 1 2012, 12:23 PM
Featured In: Nightopia (NiGHTS series)

Name: Jackle, A.K.A. the Mantle

Gender: Ambiguous. Jackle fluctuates between male and female and neuter based on what would make the subject most uncomfortable.

Species: Level 1 Nightmaren

Abilities: As a level 1 Nightmaren, Jackle can fly, use dream energy to transport items to and from his realm, temporarily merge her body with a dreamer, and shapeshift with Personas. In addition to his natural abilities, she wears a mantle of power which gives him increased endurance and utilizes clawed gloves and razor sharp playing cards in combat. Her body is naturally invisible, with only his clothing, eyes, and fanged smile being visible to the observer. Unfortunately she can only exist in sleeping realms... at least, unless somebody finds a leak.

Equipment: Mantle of Power, playing cards of DOOOOOOM, boots, gloves, and cap, and shapeshifting persona masks when appropriate.

Condition: Mad, maniac, and absolutely insane. Physically, though, he's in decent condition.

Personality: Jackle was made to steal Ideya of Purity, and to that end she will do anything to convince his target that they are impure. He's well known for her realm, a garish playroom incorporating a guillotine and various other torture devices alongside massive teddy bears and dolls. The screech of his laughter and the dance of her feet speak to the most vile parts of the human psyche, and he just adores manipulating targets into utterly horrifying and incomprehensible situations.

Alignment: Chaotic evil. Anybody want to play a game? It's called COUNT YOUR BONES! HeeheeheehahaHeeeHAHAHAheehahahee!


Image by Raikoufighter

Jackle was created by Wizeman, an utterly evil creature, specifically to steal the Ideya of Dreamers and even more specifically to steal the Ideya of purity. As Ideya represented components of a dreamer's Heart, they would fall into a coma in the real world should all their Ideya disappear; Jackle found this knowledge to be hilarious. For the first few centuries of his life she pursued his path with wild abandon and vigor, ripping out sphere after sphere after sphere of delicious purity and leaving a trail of unaccountably shaken individuals to wake up in their bed and complain of nightmares.

Then Jackle's sibling NiGHTS rebelled, choosing to no longer assist Wizeman in his campaign against the waking world. Jackle cackled in hysterics, the idea of a nightmaren actually defying their creator being one of the most perverse and amusing things he had ever heard of. Wizeman, on the other hand, was extremely angry and imprisoned NiGHTS. However, the rebel Nightmaren was eventually freed by a pair of visiting dreamers, who together began a campaign against Wizeman's forces; NiGHTS eventually fought Jackle and won with the dreamers' help, clearing the way to Wizeman.

After his master's temporary defeat, NiGHTS continued to evade capture, further angering Wizeman. Jackle couldn't possibly care less, however, returning to chasing after the ideya of dreamers. Then, rather randomly, she discovered the sleeping worlds, entire realities that had fallen into slumber as a result of Ansem's actions in the multiverse. He attempted to steal ideya from its inhabitants but, thanks to the intervention of various heroes, was forced to retreat back into the Night Dimension proper. Now she plots to find a way back into these realities, or maybe find a way to ride the realities into the real world, or perhaps to steal the ideya of the realities themselves, or maybe he just wants to cause more chaos. It depends on the day of the week, really, that and how many stars she counts before three o'clock.

Sample Monologue:
"What would you say drives you?"
You mean why do I do what I do? Oh geeze, toughie. Hmmm. I dunno. It's just fun!

"What if someone told you your life was a game?"
My life is a game. I make my life a game. And I make the rules of the game. And I change the rules of the game whenever they need to be changed!

"You're outnumbered in a fight! What do you do?"
Oh, dualize with a guy and have him stab another and then de-dualize and loudly claim he's a traitor. Or maybe throw my cards. I could surrender, be a pathetic prisoner, then kill half of them in the middle of the night and, well, the other half I'd be creative with. Or maybe I'll just take them to my realm to play! Everybody loves my toys.

"What is most important in your life?"
...What's this important thing you're talking about?

"Do you have any regrets?"
See, I can't answer these questions if you keep using made up words like important and regret and actually you know you look extremely tasty.
Sep 30 2012, 02:03 PM
Featured In: Spherus Magna (Bionicle)

Name: Toa Helryx

Gender: Female (Arbitrary)

Species: Toa (Artificial)

Abilities: As a toa of water, Helryx can create, absorb, or control water; her lung capacity is understandably greater then that of other toa, so she can remain underwater for long periods of time. She has also trained herself to shield her mind from telepathic assault, making her mostly immune to mind control and psychic-based illusions (although a being with a significantly massive amount of willpower can manage to break through and subvert her mind). The Great Mask of Psychometry allows her to view the history of any object she touches, so long as it is inanimate; this is useful in intelligence-gathering. Helryx herself has lived for more then 100,000 years, and obtained a wealth of tactical skill and knowledge, making her an extremely formidable opponent.

Equipment: A spiked mace and shield with blue highlights which she can use to channel her elemental power (though she does not need them to do so), the mask of psychometry, and various bits of armor she has obtained over the years.

Condition: Scarred and pitted from a number of battles, Helryx at first seems frail and old. However, this is not at all true, and she is always ready for battle, carrying herself with an ancient and stern aura that assures onlookers they are no challenge whatsoever.

Personality: The Toa Code is a series of principles, such as "thou sall not kill thy enemies unless there is no other choice," meant to keep the toa as noble warriors and friends instead of blood-thirsty knights templar. Helryx knows this, and has exempted herself from it; the leader of the Order of Mata Nui cannot afford to be limited by such ethical concerns, and must do what needs to be done in her pursuit of peace and justice. This alone should inform the world of how goal-oriented the ancient toa is; her tolerance for waiting uselessly is low, and anything or anyone getting in her way is dealt with quickly and ferociously. Still, while she is filled with wrath, it is at least a holy sort of wrath, rage at the darkness and evil that pervades the world, and she will on occasion attempt to advise younger heroes on how to do what needs to be done.

Alignment: Neutral good. While she attempts to operate withing the laws of whoever she is protecting, she will unhesitatingly break them in order to accomplish a goal.


Helryx's natural armor is dark blue with silver highlights, and her eyes glow with yellow light. Her pauldrons are a steel grey with black sigils painted on, where her vambraces are sea-green with the symbol for water carved in. The thick leather boots she wears are black, with blue markings and a spiky metal sole. The battle-skirt she wears is gold and black, with the image of the Hand of Artakha on its back; she also wears a small gold necklace with the image of Mata Nui on it as a reflection of her current position.

Helryx was the first toa made by the great beings, designed with the purpose of defending Mata Nui from internal and external threats. Her early life, therefore, consisted mostly of her helping to construct the Mata Nui robot, though she did join the Hand of Artakha and help bring justice to the fledgling world within the massive mecha. After the Hand disbanded, however, she still felt a need for a force of justice. So it was she founded the Order of Mata Nui, far more disciplined and secretive then its predecessor, and invited a number of her former comrades. However, for reasons of conflicting morals, she decided no toa or matoran should ever be invited into the Order.

Setting up the Order was itself an undertaking; she claimed the island of Daxia as their home base, building up a fortress without any matoran assistance. As part of her wish to keep the organization completely unknown, Helryx studied the ce-matoran and their natural psionic abilities, eventually finding a method by which all the Order's members could shield their minds from intrusion. She also took it upon herself to train the Toa Mata in secret when they first awoke, making sure they were superbly competent before locking them into cryopods which would launch and activate in the event of an emergency. After all that busywork was done, the Order really set off to work, doing various things in order to protect the universe.

These missions included [redacted], [redacted], setting up guards for the mask of life, [redacted], setting up a prison known as the Pit with Hydraxon as jailer, [redacted], relocating Av-Matoran and wiping all traces of their existence from memory, [redacted], [redacted] with [redacted], [redacted], secret experimentation on Ehlek's species, sending the Barraki to the Pit, [redacted] in [redacted], setting up a spy in the Dark Hunter organization, [redacted], [redacted] on a [redacted] with [redacted], sending a number of dangerous individuals to the Pit, hiding Tuyet in an alternate dimension, [redacted], [redacted], [redacted] with [redacted], [redacted], Sabotaging a number of Makuta operations, eventually hiring Krakua as a liaison to the Toa, using the Staff of Artahka to repair the Mata Nui robot, [redacted], [redacted], [redacted], freed Miserix, [redacted], and [redacted].

Eventually, the Order of Mata Nui publicly declared war on the Makuta, attempting anything and everything to subvert their plans. However, despite their element of surprise, the leader of the Makuta successfully took over the Matoran universe; personally imprisoning Helryx as a pet. Eventually, a band of heroes attempted to dethrone the Makuta, but he responded by teleporting them all out into the reaches of space; by sheer circumstance, the mad being Vezon teleported them out of space and onto the planet shard of Bota Magna.

Shortly thereafter, Mata Nui (who had been off having his own adventures) defeated Makuta, returned Bota Magna to its homeworld of Spherus Magna, and released all the inhabitants of the Matoran universe onto the now reformed world. Helryx eventually decided toconvene a meeting of the most powerful beings in the Matoran universe, finding an ancient fortress in which to assemble them and discuss exactly how they would handle this new situation. She took with her Axonn and Brutaka, two powerful warriors of the order; she also brought along the dangerous sociopath Toa Tuyet, as someone or something had been killing off powerful beings ever since the Matoran Universe was evacuated and Tuyet could, possibly, be an ace in the hole. Miserix and Artakha also arrived, each one wary of the other but willing to discuss matters of peace. Vezon, however, teleported in randomly; he had no control of his powers and spent the entire meeting admiring the ceiling.

Unbeknown to any of them, the one who had set about murdering powerful beings was well aware of their movements. In secret he set up various charges, intent on bringing down the fortress and ending the lives of all within; his plan would have gone off without a hitch, had it not been for Vezon's teleportation powers acting up again. All the gathered individuals were scattered across various realities, and toa Helryx ended up in a reality where the Great beings never existed, a reality populated by strange clothed beings of various species, all of whom labeled her a synthetic and therefore illegal.

Her first few days in this reality were... not very peaceful. For either side.

However, she did eventually stow away on a cargo ship and wound up in Omega, haven to all sorts of things not allowed in Citadel space. Her insistence on justice led her to attempt to chase down and apprehend a number of murderers, but her limited understanding of this new universe kept her from being very effective in stopping beings. Still, she became quite effective in her chosen path, as very few of her opponents expected her elemental prowess.

Unfortunately, a strange plague appeared on the station one day and she eventually succumbed to it. Helryx would have dies, had not Mordin Solus stumbled upon her and gained a scientific interest in this apparently sick synthetic. While it took some time for him to synthesize a cure for her, given her extremely unusual microbiology, she was eventually treated; in order to repay her debt she currently serves as a protector of his laboratory. However, her eventual goal remains the same: Find a way back home.

Sample Monologue:
"What would you say drives you?"
A desire for justice, at any cost. I cannot stand by and let dark lords like the Makuta run amok. Such villains must be dealt with in any way necessary, quickly and efficiently. There are people who think that I am a tad extreme in my methods. Maybe they're right. But when you spend most of your time going against a race of shadow demigods that have an enormous amount of power... well, you do what needs to be done.

"What if someone told you your life was a game?"
It would explain a lot...

"You're outnumbered in a fight! What do you do?"
Well, on the off chance I'm near an ocean I'd drown them. Otherwise, I suppose I'd have to smash this one back with my mace while i kick that one in the chest and block that attack with my shield, then once I regained my stability I'd channel my element through my shield and slice that one in half with a jet of water... no, that wouldn't work if they had mass effect shields, so I suppose I'd have to change that to a wave to push him back, probably would parry the fifth guy with my mace... basically, it all boils down to this: Block gunshots with my shield, control the situation with my mace, use my element where I can, and kick where I can't. Although, assuming they're at a distance, I'd probably have some time to shoot at them while I'm charging.

"What is most important in your life?"
Justice, at any cost. I cannot stress this enough. On the occasions where I failed to bring an individual to justice I was... well, infuriated. In fact, spending this time talking to YOU while there are still MURDERERS out there is nothing short of a wast of time.

"Do you have any regrets?"
We're done here.
Sep 28 2012, 09:22 AM
At what level is a canon character overpowered?

If we accept all canon characters as is, we end up with more then a few demigods wandering about. But attempting to reduce a canon's power can result in losing part of the canon's character and history.

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