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Jun 19 2013, 01:48 PM
Jonathan looked around on the beach he had landed. He could see a lot of water in the distance and placed a hand on the sand. "Definitely not Destiny Islands. So it could be Neverland or another Kingdom Hearts I've never heard of. And I seriously doubt its the latter." He began to walk away from the beach, wanting to explore the area. He had originally intended to go to the Devil May Cry world but after a bit of thinking, he decided to follow the suggestion he got from one of the two guys he had met earlier, Hawk. Still, he left his scimitar unsheathed and kept his guard up just in case of a Heartless ambush or anything of the sorts.
Mar 22 2013, 05:08 PM
Allen walked out of the alley and right into the Dark City. "Man, this place is dark now that there's no Kingdom Hearts moon. Strange that there are no Heartless out though." He noted as the city looked empty. There was no sight of anything nor anyone at the moment. Suddenly, he heard a loud noise in the distance. It could be someone screaming for help, a sound from a battle, someone casting a spell or someone simply training in the area. Nevertheless, Allen ran towards the source of the loud noise.
Jan 29 2013, 03:32 PM
Allen warped down right into the Marketplace along with the new Interference, the girl named Minako Arisato. "We're in the Marketplace. The people I'm going to take you to meet are in a house in the Borough. One other thing, if you see a small, white creature with a round red nose and a red pompom hanging from its head, please don't touch it. They don't like that."
Dec 15 2012, 01:58 PM
(Second Allen Thread. Right after Game On.)

"How do I get this thing working?" Allen sighed, holding the PET in his hands and trying to get it working. Right after leaving Radiant Garden, he had started on figuring out his PET. But so far, it hadn't responded to anything. Except battle chips but that's because he didn't have any. There was also the fact that there was something familiar about the PET. But Allen couldn't remember where he had seen it before. Then again, considering he had just been transported into a video game universe, it was understandable he was still thinking things out.

"Some walking might do me some good." Allen said and walked right out of the Ramparts, still holding the PET in his right hand. "Still, there's nothing here. What are the chances I'd be attacked right now?" And he just put his foot in his mouth. For when he reached the docks, he was suddenly attacked by Heartless. "...Me and my big mouth."
Nov 23 2012, 07:29 PM
"What was that...? Why did my body glow like that?" Silas said, looking over himself. "My body doesn't feel like it's burning anymore but still... Why am I here? I know where I am but... How am I here? Damn, I need to figure this out." Groaning, he got from the ground and checked himself. "Only my cards, that Ranger Key I bought online and that switchblade that I relieved my ex-stepfather off. At least I have some form of self defense. Now to look around." Silas began walking, noticing that he was in the Third District. He began his search for a sucker who could tell him how he got there.
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