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» Forced Vacation
 Posted: Jul 31 2016, 12:09 PM

The sun will rise.

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Sarah blinked as the sending came in. She was... not a fan of these, really, though Nate sure loved to use them to communicate. She had his phone number now, though, so maybe now they could communicate through more normal methods...

Ah. Hopefully she hadn't accidentally responded with that.

"If you could drop by Crossroads later we can work that stuff out, Nate," she said, awkwardly breaking the eye contact with Tabby. "Until then... g'night, Nate."

After allowing a moment for a response, Sarah tapped the phone's screen to bring up the call information. She gestured to Tabby, pointing out the button marked with a red phone symbol, and then tapped it to end the call. "If you don't mind..." she picked it up and pulled out her own phone, quickly tapping through the screens on both. "I'm going to put my number into your phone - if you need something, you can call, though I might not always be able to answer." She input the saved copy of Nate's number into her own phone, and with a quick ring managed to get Tabby's number as well. All of that finished, she offered the phone back to Tabby.

"It'll be a bit before I'm ready to go - I have to figure out some things, arrange transportation and whatnot. I'll call you when the time's coming up, alright?"

 Posted: Aug 7 2016, 07:48 PM


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Tabby yawned, nodded, thanked Sarah once again, and then made her way back home, this time electing to fly, rather than walk, to expedite the process.

Despite knowing the futility of it, she still snuck back in to Mana Mart, and her bedroll, and slept until her body eventually awoke.
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