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» Jake Summers, External - The Glitch
 Posted: Nov 22 2012, 02:56 AM

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Name: Jake Summers
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Abilities: Jake’s method of interfering has left him slightly out of sync with the universe around him. The biggest consequence of this are his “glitchy” abilities.

Simply by existing, Jake causes minor effects to the world around him, which mainly manifest as visual and aural oddities around him. With some conscious effort, he can control how these effects occur, letting him create various disorienting illusions. He can also cause several physical effects, allowing him to clip through terrain, teleport short distances, or even ignore the effects of gravity. However, these effects are difficult to control, especially since all of the glitches Jake causes are tied into his subconscious and emotional state. This makes his abilities a double-edged sword: an illusion strong enough to confuse enemies will confuse his allies and maybe even Jake himself, and an attempt at teleporting may just get him stuck in a wall for a while.

He'll gradually learn to better control his abilities, but the stronger ones will always be risky to use, and they occasionally act as if they've got a mind of their own and work against him.

It should be noted that computers tend to act oddly around him, and his glitchy effects are more effective in digital environments like Space Paranoids due to their similarity to real-life computer errors.

Equipment: N/A. He does interfere with his Gameboy which, while made of Nintendium and thus more or less indestructible, isn’t a very efficient weapon.

Condition: Jake’s in okay health but is physically inept, and prefers flight to fighting.

What’s really unusual about his condition are the side effects of his abilities. To the world, Jake appears... well, “glitchy” would be a fitting word. His body will occasionally flicker or blur at the edges, and he gives off a feeling of uncanniness even if he doesn't look physically off. These effects increases when he’s emotional or under stress.

Personality: Jake seems like a social and personable enough person at first glance. Well, he certainly talks and smiles a lot, but there’s always something a little off about his facade. There’s often something, well, predatory about the way he acts, like his niceness is just a way to make people let their guard down. He’ll call people friends but act more like a bully with his tendency to be casually mocking and perhaps even cruel. There are lines he won’t cross, but sometimes he gets close. If he gets called out on something, he won’t show much regret for his actions, but he will fortunately make an effort to avoid repeating them.

Jake’s a quick thinker and an even quicker talker. He may not be good in a fight, but he knows how to take words and twist them, turning them into tools of manipulation or weapons to confuse and anger others. He tends to overestimate his skills though, and often the situation he has to talk himself out of is one that he caused in the first place.

His personality makes Jake a bit hard to justify befriending, but he does seem to genuinely like some people, and sometimes he’ll get... attached. He won’t act any less cruel and sometimes may be an even bigger jerk to the people he likes most, but it’s because he doesn’t really know any other ways to interact. In most cases, he’ll remain attached even if someone obviously doesn’t like him - in fact, he often interprets it as reciprocation. He can be rather put out if the rejection of his attention is unambiguous enough.

Morality: Chaotic asshole.

Appearance: Jake stands at six foot two and is rather thin, with his sharper features making him look a little unhealthy. He has sunken-looking blue-grey eyes and his hair is a short and messy brown. He has rather poor posture and a tendency to slouch, making him seem shorter than he actually is. He takes good care of his appearance otherwise, keeping his clothes and teeth clean and his nails well-manicured. He has a subtle southern accent.

He typically wears a red jacket with black shoulders, sleeves, and a high collar. He keeps it zipped in most cases, but when he takes it off there’s a grey t-shirt underneath. His jeans are fairly basic blue jeans with slightly tattered ends, and his tennis shoes are a dusty white. He usually wears a pair of black fingerless gloves, but he has a habit of shoving them into his pockets and leaving his hands bare.

Background: Jake grew up in a small town in the southern parts of Oklahoma. Why his city parents had decided to move there was always a mystery to him as he grew up; perhaps his parents had hoped growing up in such a wide open country would improve his life in the future. It would be hard to convince Jake that he got much benefit from this childhood, though. Sure, wide open country was a great place for a young child to adventure with a lunch and a Gameboy (his parents might have moved to the country, but they brought along city comforts), but as he grew older nature lost its appeal, and he realized that his small town life was... well, boring.

He spent most of his life seeking out things that were new and exciting. He paid attention to every half-baked rumor and urban myth that passed through the student body and tried out the strange rituals that would supposedly summon ghosts or monsters or rare Pokemon. Most of these rumors were obviously fake, but there were a few that were real, mostly when it had to do with video games. The first time he found a Missingno was an event for him, opening him up to a whole new way to play with and horribly break things.

As he grew up, his quest to find interesting things in the world made him something of a troublemaker. While he did well in schools and got along with the teachers, he didn’t really have “friends”. He seemed to approach people with the same destructive curiosity he directed towards inanimate objects and games, trying to find out how they worked and what would set them off, and he was rather unfortunately successful with the latter. Over time he got better at interacting with people, but by then he’d already had a reputation as a troublemaker, a jerk and a weirdo, one that stuck with him all throughout high school.

Jake’s interference happened on a dark and stormy night, which only became darker when the power went out. With his parents out of town, a storm keeping him indoors, and most of his technology long dead from lack of charge, he was prepared for a rather dull evening. As he scrounged through his room, he came across his old Gameboy. He had nothing else to do, so why not play it?

With nothing but sputtering candlelight light to see by, Jake played Pokemon well into the night, exploring a monochrome green world that had made up so much of his childhood. He was so engrossed that he forgot about the storm and the darkness, and got far enough into the game to reach Cerulean City, where he could execute a glitch that would let him get a Mew. He remembered the process easily enough, but at the point where he should have gotten a mew, the game froze. It was annoying, but just a normal hazard of playing with game glitches.

The part where the screen exploded with blinding light and deafening noise wasn’t.

 Posted: Nov 22 2012, 12:25 PM


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