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» Moving On
Millie Sentinal
 Posted: Jul 3 2018, 03:32 PM


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Millie sat quietly, looking in her journal over the past 7 years of her life. Her sister stood next to her. Alexis had finally regained her true human form, after countless mis-steps. The two had worked out what had happened. Now the hard part was to figure out how to get home safely. Millie didn't want to leave this place, she had made so many close friends here. But she had to take her sister home.

Tears slowly streamed down from Millie's eyes as she wrote a final farewell to her life as an Interference. Leaving her ship to both Gloria and Stone. The note read as follows:

"Hey, I'm sorry for leaving out of the blue. But I found my sister. My main goal here has been accomplished, the past seven years of my life has gone by so fast. You two can use my ship to go where ever you want. I'm taking my sister home. I may not ever return. I don't know if I'll be able to.

I know this is sudden. You two have provided me with so many great memories and I'm sure I'll never forget them. Gloria, thank you for training me in the use of my abilities, you were a great help. God damn it, this is damn sappy. But really, thank you.

And stone, you're crazy, but you're one of th3 greatest people I've met while I was an Interference.

Who knows, maybe some day we will meet each other again in some other world out there. I'm going to miss you guys the most. I've gotta go now, my sister is getting impatient. Thank you for everything, I wish you luck, and good bye.

-Millie Sentinal."

Millie wiped her eyes, trying to stop crying to put on her brave face.

"You finished, William? Do you know how we're going to explain your genderbend to our parents? And where we have been for the past seven years?" Alexis asked, tilting her head to the side. She was acting like she had all those years ago. The girl had barely aged, unlike Millie who had grown taller, and even switched gender at some point.

"I'll think of an explanation when it happens. It won't be all bad after all." Millie smiled at her younger sister, reaching for the girl's hand and dragging her out of the airlock. A swirling mass of energy. Well, I've opened up the way home for you. It's stable now, go through before it closes and you should make it home safely. A deep resounding voice echoed in Millie's head as she floated towards the energy. She pushed her sister in, giving one last glance towards her ship. A small resolute farewell to her friends and her adventures here. A smile as she too, vanished into the swirling portal.

The two girls stumbled out into a living room. A small glance around revealed that it was in fact their home.

"We're... We're actually home... Where are our parents? William?" Alexis turned towards her brother turned sister, smiling widely. She had nothing but bad memories of being an Interference. But Millie? She just left some of the happiest memories in her whole life behind.

Millie smiled gently, fighting back tears. "M... Maybe they're in their room, or the kitchen. You go talk to them. I'll... I'll be a minute." She had to compose herself before trying to talk to her parents again. So much had changed, so much time had passed. Millie's eyes were slowly drawn to the game boy that had been on the tv stand for the past seven years. She walked over and picked it up.

"Goodbye, everyone. I hope we meet again."

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