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» Desera's Nobodies
Millie Sentinal
 Posted: Apr 30 2017, 06:14 PM


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All on this list can be used in any thread by anyone, whether or not Desera is there. Once she makes the ‘Template’ the new Nobodies are able to be made in the same way as any other, whether Desera spawns them, or they get made when Heartless steal Hearts.

Appearance: Shaped like a woman in a robe, floating a couple feet of the ground. Where hair would normally be, they have a long sheet, going down their back, with the nobody symbol on it. Their faces are completely featureless.

Abilities: A 10 foot field around them that can replicate the effects of Desera’s Curses in the field
Misfortune Field: Mimics the Misfortune Curse, making enemies in the area suffer random unfortunate setbacks, such as tripping over a random nail.

Apathy Field: Dulls the Emotions of Enemies, making them… just not care so much

Illness Field: Makes Enemies feel the effects of Illness, such as running nose, sneezing, ETC.


Appearance: They look like big, Stationary Turrets floating around in Gummi Space, With a base consisting of a Orb, and several spines sticking out.

Abilities: They are capable of firing rather powerful lasers from the spines, or beams that can drain a Ship's Shields or Weapons. They are really dangerous to even bigger Gummi ships in large numbers, luckily they are immobile, and once made, have to be towed to new locations.

Appearance: A small, Quadlegged Nobody with a humaniod Torso on top of the legs. It’s two arms are outfitted with Rapid-fire Cannons instead of hands.

Abilities: Can Climb on any surface, like a Spider, it’s Two Cannon- Arms can either fire in a Rapid-fire ‘Light cannon’ mode, which can shred anything without heavy armor, or a slow-firing ‘Heavy Cannon’ Mode, which can pierce almost any armor, and then explode dealing heavy internal damage, at the cost of firing very, very slowly.


Appearance: They look almost exactly like Desera, except the Nobody Symbol covers their entire face, and they don’t have eyes, a nose, or a mouth.

Abilities: They extend Desera’s Nobody and Heartless control power where she is not present. They also come with copies of her two Hand-Crossbows.

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