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New Posts Traverse Town
The small, starlit world of Traverse Town once served as a refuge for those who lost their worlds to Darkness. It has now been taken over by the terror known as Om3ga.

In the past it was once used as the central hub of most Interference travels. Now it's been stripped of it's resources and fortified against the Interferences who once called this place home.

62 1972 May 29 2017, 08:19 AM
In: Last PostWe can Rebuild Her
By: Icefox
New Posts Twilight Town
The sun is usually in a sunrise or sunset, casting a brilliant gold tint over the entire town. It's residents have been shaken by recent events, but little has happened since. This is where Nobodies go when they are first born...
31 1078 May 25 2017, 07:29 AM
In: Last PostAn Outspoken Silence
By: Natalie Emu
New Posts The World That Never Was
The former base of Organization XIII. A dark city under an overcast sky swarming with heartless, a shining white castle inhabited by nobodies, and above it all the red corpse of the moon known as Kingdom Hearts.

In the aftermath of the Organization's fall, a new ruler has claimed it as their own. Nobodies of new design patrol its streets and skies, and even the heartless seem to be participating...

9 278 Jun 2 2016, 03:48 PM
In: Last PostThe First Battle.
By: Gorgoth
New Posts Castle Oblivion
This is Castle Oblivion, the secondary base of Organization XIII. It is said that this castle and its special rooms have the uncanny ability of manifesting the memories of the people who enter. With Naminé and the Organization gone, you no longer risk your memories and abilities.
6 212 Aug 17 2016, 09:49 AM
In: Last PostThe Castle's Master [Open]
By: DoubleXXCross
New Posts Mirage Arena
A strange, futuristic world suspended in the Ocean Between. The Mirage Arena is a place where travelers can complete challenges or fight against each other in a variety of generated battlegrounds.
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