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Posted by: Millie Sentinal Jun 13 2017, 03:14 PM
Millie had picked up a zoomer along the way to the slums, learning how to drive it with relative ease. She could have easily flown or walked, but one of those would have drawn attention to her and the KG would have been on her. So the Zoomer was the fastest option they had.

It was also relatively fast anyway, Millie was zipping through the streets, switching between the hover zones every now and then to avoid traffic or running someone over. This was rather fun for her. The young cat girl smiled. Then she slowed the zoomer down dos he could get a better look around the location. "Alright, the slums. We've got a bit of looking to do, but I know the general location."

Posted by: Icefox Jun 13 2017, 03:16 PM
Stone clung to the hoverbike for dear life, never having gotten used to any sort of high speed travel like that. Flying in a ship was one thing, but having the wind ripping at her face in ways nature never intended still didn't sit quite right with her. She peeled herself off of Millie's back once they slowed down, starting to look about for the symbol Tess had given her.

"You think these guys definitely know something?"

Posted by: Millie Sentinal Jun 13 2017, 03:23 PM
"They're the ones who recruited the main character, the original Dark Warrior Project victim. If someone knows something, Torn does. Other Interferences must have come through here if the Heartless are so common place already as well."

Millie glanced at the ground along the way. There were more propaganda stations scattered around. She found the Baron's voice annoying. "Hopefully we can also provide a bit of information ourselves. If the Baron is using Heartless, the Underground might want some Interferences."

Posted by: Icefox Jun 13 2017, 03:27 PM
"We need to be careful with this world, if things have already gone this far off the rails. Who knows what our sheer presence could do to the storyline at this point." Stone wasn't happy about meddling in a world that had already been fundamentally changed like this, but she knew it was essentially their job as Interferences to make sure this got cleaned up before the main characters came around. Came back. Wherever in the story they were.

"Do we have any ideas at all what this version of the project is, or how they found out about Heartless at all?"

Posted by: Millie Sentinal Jun 13 2017, 03:42 PM
"We don't, they might. The Krimson Guard aren't the brightest with these things, but they had to have some way to control them. Dark Eco was possibly involved."

She settled the zoomer down to a lower hover zone. Rounding a corner. A seemingly dead end. "I think this might be what we're looking for."

Posted by: Icefox Jun 13 2017, 03:46 PM
Stoneheart nodded and hopped off, looking around before spotting the offending symbol scratched faintly into the stonework. Bingo. She pressed her hands against the door it was carved in and heaved it upward, letting the stone shift far more easily than it should've for something that appeared so old and abandoned. Clearly, someone wanted to maintain that image.

"Think you can ditch the bike and meet me back here? They probably won't appreciate it if we leave a trail right to their doorstep."

Posted by: Millie Sentinal Jun 13 2017, 03:52 PM
"Yeah, sure." Millie spun the bike around and sped off maybe... 30 meters. Stopped the bike and parked it where another would generally be. The place generally had zoomer littered about at random. This would be no exception as Millie was quick to return from her short drive.

"Someone will come by and pick it up at some other time, most likely, it's pretty much public transport."

Posted by: Icefox Jun 13 2017, 03:55 PM
"Sweet. Might have a bit of a time getting out of here, but if we're being chased then I don't think we'll exactly need it." Stone held the door open for her and then lowered it behind them as they descended into the resistance's sanctum, such as it was.

"I'll just let you do the talking, then? I don't exactly know much about what's going on in this world besides the Heartless."

Posted by: Millie Sentinal Jun 13 2017, 04:11 PM
"Right." Millie sighed as she slowly descended the stairs. It actually looked just as run down on the inside as it did on the outside. Just very lived in as well. "Hey, is Torn here?" She called out. Best to announce their presence.

"Who wants to know?" A somewhat gruff voice responded. It was a voice she recognized.

"Interferences. Do you know what those are? We're looking for information." Her tail flicked a little.

"Interferences? Like Alex?" This surprised Millie. So there were connections. Who was Alex? She turned in the direction of the voice and was met with a skinny man, holding a knife up. He had a tattooed face. Torn.

He didn't make any approach.

Millie sighed. "Okay, we are not enemies in the slightest, we want to help, and who the hell is Alex?"

Posted by: Icefox Jun 13 2017, 04:15 PM
Even if he wasn't approaching he still had a weapon out, and Stone stayed slightly behind Millie in the shadow of the entryway as she watched him like a hawk. She doubted a simple knife would actually hurt her friend, but if he even tried he would have her to deal with as well. Of course, the optimal solution was to not get in any sort of fight and form a partnership, but she wasn't entirely sure how to do that beyond just diving straight in.

"We're here about the Dark Warrior Project, and we're willing to trade information if it puts you more at ease."

Posted by: Millie Sentinal Jun 13 2017, 04:34 PM
"Right, right, the Heartless." He spun the knife and put it away. "I don't trust you. I can't just trust someone who walks in spouting that they have information, how about this, you prove I can trust you, then we'll talk?" He moved closer to the two girls. Looking them up and down, he was not placing his trust in them just yet. "Being an interference doesn't mean shit."

Millie looked back at Stone. A small sigh. "I knew this was coming. What do you want us to do, Torn? Climb to the top of a tower, steal the Baron's flag? Or take something to someone fo-"

"Better idea, head to the Water Slums. We've got word of a shipment of Eco coming through the area, intercept it, bring it back here."

"Oh." That was much more complicated than what she was saying.

"What, a couple of Interferences can't handle something like this?"

Posted by: Icefox Jun 13 2017, 05:30 PM
"Just how big is this thing supposed to be? Super strength or not, anything bigger than a crate or two is going to pose a challenge." Millie might have thought this was a challenge to overcome, but from Stone's position it was a fairly simple theft. Just the sort of thing she did for a living. Of course, if they expected her to slip a shipping container under her coat, that would be a bigger issue.

Posted by: Millie Sentinal Jun 13 2017, 05:48 PM
"It shouldn't be too hard, if you've the skin for it." Torn said with a grin. "It's simple, we've got a few people set up on its route, they'll take care of what you can't carry."

"Right. Shipment of eco. Several containers full of it from what I'm guessing." Millie thought, her tail flicking back and forth.

"Say, do all you Interferences have something weird about you? Alexander had those short ears before they experimented on them. You've got that tail..."

Posted by: Icefox Jun 13 2017, 06:16 PM
Stone just smirked and twitched a little, her large husky tail popping out behind her with an audible 'floof' as she did so.

"The way I see it, you're the weird one. You have a folder on the details of this job?" Stone was in her element now as a professional thief, and it showed as she started stepping up and taking charge of the operation. "Location, guards, you know the deal I'm sure."

Posted by: Millie Sentinal Jun 13 2017, 06:27 PM
"The most my contact in the Guard could give me is what I just told you. We aren't fancy enough to keep our Intel in a folder so if the KG come in and raid they can find out exactly what we know about them." Torn backed up a step and placed his hands on the table in the center of the room. "You'll know KG when you see it. All their stuff is red, armor, zoomer, crates. Unless it's yellow of course. Yellow is the elite, at the most you'll run into red and a few of the Heartless... Of course, the alarm is going to go off once you start the attack, so the entire city will be on your ass if you're spotted."

Torn chuckled. "From what I've seen from Alex, this should be perfectly manageable for you two." He dug into his pocket and pulled out a box. "A communicator, keep in touch during the mission."

He threw the device and Millie caught it. "Well...?" She looked at Stone.

Posted by: Icefox Jun 13 2017, 06:32 PM
"Well, I always relish a challenge... Let's get going, then. C'mon." Stone gestured at Millie as she turned and walked back up the stairs to the entrance to the little hideout, which thankfully didn't have a squadron of soldiers on the other side when she shoved it open.

"Yeah, I thought we were dealing with professionals on this. Seriously, I would never voluntarily take a major job like this without already having it scoped from every angle and intel as close to the minute as I could get it. He probably just expects us to go for a smash-and-grab like a pair of drunken high schoolers." She scowled and glanced at the box in Millie's hands, hoping he had at least gotten that part right.

Posted by: Millie Sentinal Jun 13 2017, 06:47 PM
"Sorry, in the game, Torn wasn't able to provide us much information either, like he didn't tell about a tank that chased Jak throughout the ammo depo destruction mission." Millie sighed. "But they used that tank to their advantage. Anyway, don't use any special abilities, we don't want people outside of Torn figuring out that we are Interferences."

She grabbed her gun from a pocket and slung it across her back.

Posted by: Icefox Jun 13 2017, 06:51 PM
"You do get that I don't have a whole lot going for me outside of supernatural abilities, right? Look, how about this. He expects us to go in guns blazing, but that's just going to put the city on high alert with our posters up everywhere. So let's do this smart instead. If we can sneak in and sneak out with no one the wiser, we get him his shit and we can pump him for information without pissing off the royal guard before we have to." Stone followed her up, leaving her guns where they were for the time being.

"Besides, even if this goes sideways we can always dangle him by his ankles off a building until he talks. We're trying to save his world here, I'm fine with being the bad guy in his eyes."

Posted by: Millie Sentinal Jun 13 2017, 07:02 PM
"If we have to fight Jak and Whoever this Alex person is..." Millie trailed off. She walked over to a zoomer. "Alright, we're gonna use stealth, we get the eco, get out." She grabbed a zoomer. "It's faster than walking and it's just to the Water Slums, it's also better to drive in the water slums due to how crowded the wooden walkways are."

Plus, they could easily get a vantsgr point on one of the buildings in that area with a zoomer and not have to use abilities to get up there.

Posted by: Icefox Jun 13 2017, 07:05 PM
Stone nodded and swung onto the back of the hoverbike, trying to work out a plan in her head. Of course, that didn't exactly go anywhere. They were attacking a cargo of unknown dimensions with unknown guards and unknown surroundings to retrieve a payload of unknown size or inherent defenses. Yeah, this was gonna be a great job.

"I'm fine with using my powers if no one sees us doing it."

Posted by: Millie Sentinal Jun 13 2017, 07:13 PM
"That's fine." She sped off towards the water slums. Upon reaching it, one would instantly notice that everything is flooded with water, the town here is built on small wooden walkways and the houses on stilts. The place looked worse off than the actual slums. Millie slowed down a bit, to normal driving speed in the area.

Her eyes scanned the area then she made her way along the walls. Until she saw a gateway that lead out of the city, and several Krimson Guard putting barrels in a small tankerlike zoomer. Maybe 8 barrels long, 2 barrels wide. "I guess this is our target?"

The communicator came to life. "That's definitely it. Be careful, the Baron doesn't like his things stolen."

Millie moved a bit to the side, the zoomer even with the top of a roof. "Well, its certainly what I expected."

Posted by: Icefox Jun 13 2017, 07:28 PM
Well, that was both easier and harder than Stone had been expecting. For all the hype everyone had been giving this Eco stuff, she had expected a full armed battalion of guards around a cargo ship, not something the size of a sports car. Of course, that neglected the cargo itself; there was no way they were carrying out even one barrel each without it seriously affecting their performance in the getaway, let alone the dozen-plus loaded on. Sixteen, at a closer count.

"Right... I make three... Four guards, plus probably one on the other side. I doubt we can carry those things by hand, much less sneak out with them. I figure it'd be best to go silencers on and snipe them before they can get to an alarm, then steal the whole load, unless you think we can drive off with it right under their noses. Your call, you know the world better than I do."

Posted by: Millie Sentinal Jun 13 2017, 08:08 PM
"I got a small idea. I still have my bracelet of disguise." Her held up her hand. "Maybe I could disguise myself as a KG commander, they generally have more... Unique clothing compared to the restricted armor of the Krimson Guard."

"What do you think? Should I try it?"

Posted by: Icefox Jun 13 2017, 08:14 PM
Huh. Walk right in and take it, that was certainly an idea. Stone somewhat doubted it would work, but then again she also figured it had a decent chance of working and she was sitting on a rooftop with good view and a high-powered rifle if things did go wrong. Seemed like a more intelligent plan than trying to play the impossible thief, anyway.

"Worth a shot, if you think you can pull it off."

Posted by: Millie Sentinal Jun 13 2017, 08:24 PM
"Maybe, most the guards are male. If I use the disguise correctly..." Well, it wasn't hard to imagine. She sighed and stood up, moving a few steps away from the edge of the roof. Then slowly her clothing began to morph. Her pants turning into a short red skirt, a couple straps connecting to a dark blue shirt that showed off her midriff, her hair became shorter. Blue facepaint was soon to decorate her face. A pair of long ears became visible from the side of her head, much like an elf's.

"Well, I guess this is... Wait, need the armor bits." And so a few pieces of red armor appeared on her shoulder, knees and elbows. "There we go. How's it look?"

Posted by: Icefox Jun 13 2017, 08:36 PM
In all honesty, she looked hideous. On the other hand, though, she definitely looked like she would fit in as a Major Character among the redshirts, and if she hadn't missed anything obvious she would stand a decent chance of convincing them to just give her the keys. Not that Stone wouldn't be set up and waiting, to the point that she was already sighting in her rifle on the corner of the building while she morphed.

"Good enough for government work. Knock 'em dead, sugar. I'll be here in case it goes wrong."

Posted by: Millie Sentinal Jun 13 2017, 08:49 PM
Millie nods. She dropped down from the roof and casually made her way to the 4 guards. "Guards, how is the shipment going?"

One of the Guards stood at attention as the other three loaded up the rest of the cargo. "Sir. The shipment arrived with little difficulty." Wow, the disguise actually worked. "We will begin transporting jet to the base shortly."

Millie nodded and stood, watching for a moment. It seemed like as long as you looked the part the grunts wouldn't question a thing. "I'll be riding with you back to base, understood? We don't want to lose this somehow."

Posted by: Icefox Jun 13 2017, 08:52 PM
Stone listened along from her rooftop through the earpieces Torn had provided, but paused when she heard what Millie was saying. "Sweetie, we have to get it away from them. That means you need to come up with some justification for driving it off alone. Besides, every minute you spend with them is another chance for them to notice some detail you missed."

Posted by: Millie Sentinal Jun 13 2017, 09:04 PM
Her ears teirched within the disguise, it wasn't visible. She nodded to herself. Millie knew this. It wasn't like she didn't. "Hurry up, we don't have all day." She glanced around a bit.

She sounded irritated beyond measure. Her eyes holding a slightly angry light in them. Then she put her hand to her ear as if she was getting a transmission. "Change of plans, you four are dismissed." she pointed to the four guards as they finished loading up the shipment.

A disgusted look on her face. "I just got word that you were being bribed by rebels, to think my own men would do this." She growled as she stepped closer to one of them, pulling out her gun. Pointing to his chin with the angriest look she could muster, which was surprisingly effective partially due to the face pain. "You're lucky I'm not going to kill you right now. Get out of my damn sight."

A kick to the groin and the other three ran off as he began to stumble backwards. "Well, get moving." She grabbed him and pushed him towards his comrades.

Posted by: Icefox Jun 13 2017, 09:07 PM
"Your acting is terrible and you really should've shot him, but if it works it works. Now get on that thing and get moving before they remember that you don't just go home after being accused of treason." Stone kept her gun trained on them the whole way as they ran until they were out of her sight, and she stayed focused there rather than on Millie for the time being. She seriously doubted their luck would hold much longer, and she was going to make sure her bases were well covered for when the bad luck came.

Posted by: Millie Sentinal Jun 13 2017, 11:22 PM
Millie sighed, she couldn't just kill someone. She climbed into the zoomertanker. She lifted it into the high hover zone. Of course then the radio decided to come to life.

"Lieutenant, how's the delivery coming?" Millie paused. Was that Erol? It had to be. Shit, shit. This was not good. She glanced at Stone from inside. Wait, he wouldn't recognize the voice of some random lackey anyway.

"It's going well, sir." She said, activating the comm.

"Where's Conner? I remember him being the one I had put in control of the shipment. You don't sound like him." Oh come on! Erol had actual people he talked to? Of course he did.

"He's going to the bathroom." It was a blatant lie, she hoped Erol wouldn't be able to tell over the comm. She shut down the comms and looked at Stone. "We've got maybe... 2 minutes?" Millie didn't feel all too good now. She let part of her disguise fade, the ears and face-painful vanishing from her. At least keep some of the appearance up if she's stopped by someone. She moved the zoomer over to the building Stone sat on as quickly as she could without ramming into anything.

Posted by: Icefox Jun 14 2017, 06:14 AM
Yeah, two minutes seemed like a pretty realistic estimate. Stone packed up her gun and dropped off the side of the roof, sliding down a pipe and dropping the last ten feet to the top of the vehicle to land on top of the barrels. She dug around inside the pile for a few seconds, then pulled out a little black box with a red light on the side. Tracker, perfect. She tossed it into the alley behind the building as they passed it, then just crouched down for the ride.

Posted by: Millie Sentinal Jun 14 2017, 06:27 AM
That was maybe just enough time to make it to the Underground without any detours if she completely remembered the way. Though there was one thing she had noticed, this thing was noticanly slower than the other vehicles she had driven in this game. Maybe 2 minutes wouldn't be enough to make it there after all.

"Ugh... Why can't this thing go faster..." And with the fact that the load back there was... Slightly volitial... Well maybe its a good thing it couldn't go faster.

Then she heard the alarm. "You think you can just come in and take some Eco, wrench? You don't know who you are messing with." Except that Millie knew exactly what she was messing with, a canon character who, for all intents and purposes was considerably weak. Though his voice was calmer than expected it was laced with the usual undertones of anger.

The alarm blared across the city, guards, Heartless all as one were headed to where the tracker had been dropped. Until one stopped and looked up. "Wait, you there! Stop!" The man who shouted that was already readying a shot with his rifle. All the guards were a shoot first questions later sort of person.

Posted by: Icefox Jun 14 2017, 07:10 AM
Well, it was about time for their luck to fail, and Stone stood up with a shrug and a smile as she jumped off the hovercar to the streets below, drawing two shotguns from under her coat and beginning her thing. Millie had said no supernatural powers, but she didn't need them for cannon fodder like this. She was going to make sure they were all focused on her instead of Millie, and that meant diving and weaving through their lines while leaving a trail of maimed and dead bodies behind her the whole way as she dodged gunfire and gave enough back to cripple a giant. This was a girl that had literally fought her way to hell and back over sentiment; just dealing with some guards and heartless was no problem for her.

Posted by: Millie Sentinal Jun 14 2017, 07:22 AM
The Eco shots fired from the Guards' guns traveled slower than actual bullets and left a trail of red energy. But there were a lot of guards already converging on the woman that was dismantling their forces. Anyone that Stone killed would fade away in a flash of eco. The whole city guard was on them, or at least the ones in active patrol.

Millie was busy steering around zoomers and a few... Oh. Oh. A Hellcat zoomer. Big tanky zoomer that has a turret on it coming in. "Stone, the more you kill, the higher on alert they'll be. Right now we just crossed into one of the highest level alerts..." She really didn't want to think about the family those guys were leaving behind.

Posted by: Icefox Jun 14 2017, 07:38 AM
"Got it. I'll lead them away from you and try to ditch them. If I can't find my way back to the nest, meet me where we beamed in, I don't think they'll find me there." She had no problem dodging the slower-than-bullets projectiles for the most part, but there were still a lot of them and she had a couple trendy new burns in her coat and abdomen by the time she started running. She had led them on a merry chase far away from Millie or anything else important, and now she was just running, jumping, and ducking her way through the twisted alleys in the hope of losing her pursuers.

Posted by: Millie Sentinal Jun 14 2017, 07:47 AM
Torn came over the mic after a moment to talk to Stone. "There should be a map of the city in your communicator. I'll give you an icon on your map when the heat dies down."

The guards chased after the greater threat, some getting shot by their own men. The idiots. Zoomers attempted to keep up with the fleeing wolf girl, firing shots at a near constant rate.

Millie meanwhile just avoided anything she could. For her, it wasn't long till the guards had stopped coming through this area on high alert. She guided the shipment down into a lower hover zone and stopped in front of the Underground hideout.

"Too be completely honest, we didn't expect you to steal the whole shipment at once." Torn said, waiting outside. His body propped up against the wall.

Posted by: Icefox Jun 14 2017, 07:54 AM
Well, these guys certainly deserved points for determination, but Stone was faster than the footmen and more nimble than the riders, which meant she quickly outstripped her pursuers in the alleyways by enough of a margin that she felt all right blinking suddenly up to the rooftop level and ducking beneath a ventilation shaft, staying still and prone as the sounds of yelling and gunfire got closer beneath her.

Posted by: Millie Sentinal Jun 14 2017, 08:01 AM
Eventually the alarm sounding through the city would fade away and the guards would return to their usual patrols. Eventually. "Grr... We won't find them." Erol said through one of his lackey comms. This was irritating. How could they not catch a couple of criminals?

"But you did a good job out there." Torn gave a smirk to the cat girl as she kept the clothing disguise up. "With what you did for us we can begin making a few more weapons and ammo for our men."

"Let's wait for your companion before we begin our exchange of information." Torn called up a few people and they began unloading the cargo.

Posted by: Icefox Jun 14 2017, 08:07 AM
It didn't take long for Stone to run across the rooftops after the guards stood down, even without her powers, and she had a moment to muse on the state of the police in this world. Seriously, even if they called off the manhunt, they still aught to remember who she was and go after her again if they spotted her, but no. Apparently they all just forgot anything ever happened as soon as the search was done, which made things even easier for her. Indeed, she didn't even have to try to hide on her way back to the hideout, pushing the door shut behind her as she reconvened with Millie and Torn.

Posted by: Millie Sentinal Jun 14 2017, 09:14 AM
Torn glanced up at Stone as she came in. "Good, you're here." He leaned over the table shale Millie sat on a bunk bed in the corner of the room. "You wanted to know why the hell the Heartless are being controlled by the KG, right?"

"Yeah, it's kinds important. These things aren't supposed to be here... If we can eliminate the threat..." They will probably need a keyblade too. Jeez. This is gonna be a big thing, isn't it?

"Okay, from what we know, the Heartless are under the control of a man named Evan, according to Alexander." He paused. "Alexander was put through the Dark Warrior project along with Jak. It altered him physically. Both of them. Evan according to Alexander is one of the apprentices that Ansem had. He's highly dangerous."

Millie blinked. "So what you're saying is that the old apprentices that Xehenort had turned into Nobodies are also Heartless of immense power, and they are disrupting the worlds much like Xehenort did in the past?"

Torn just looked at her. "Yes."

Posted by: Icefox Jun 14 2017, 09:17 AM
Well, that was certainly a revelation, but it did make things simpler for Stone and Millie. Well, maybe not simpler, but clearer. The real problem was stopping it now that it was already started.

"So we need to kill Evan, definitely, but I'm guessing he's holding a deadman switch on the Heartless already out in the city. It'll be a bloodbath if we just cut the controls and let nature take its course."

Posted by: Millie Sentinal Jun 14 2017, 09:22 AM
"Damn it. We need a keyblade or something similar to it to seal the keyhole for this world." Millie stood up and walked over, her tail twitching under the KG disguise that she had, though she had gotten rid of the elf ears and face paint. Her hands leaned on the table for a moment before she took them off and began pacing. "We don't know where Ethan is, or Sora. This is a mess."

"Well, there is the Lockshield." Torn said offhandedly.

Millie paused in her pacing. "The what?"

"Lockshield, it's Alexander's weapon. He described it as the opposite and equal to the Keyblade. Problem is, we don't know where he is."

Posted by: Icefox Jun 14 2017, 09:29 AM
"So we have three options, and all of them are huge unknowns with one not even being part of our normal system. I mean, if it comes right down to it we don't really need to bind or banish it if we can just kick their ass up between their ears." Stone was more concerned with this Evan guy. What did he know, how did he know to do it, and what else was he capable of? If he could tame Heartless to work with the normal population, she wasn't willing to rule anything out.

Posted by: Millie Sentinal Jun 14 2017, 12:10 PM
"Right, that's an option." Millie sighed and paced again. "You want to go fight Evan without a keyblade, an Apprentice of Ansem the Wise, who studied Darkness and is most likely a Heartless... We can defeat him, possibly."

She didn't know which apprentice Evan was because she wasn't good with anagram names. Millie turned around and stopped pacing. "Okay. Could you possibly arrange a meeting with Ashelin, Torn?I need to know what is going on inside the Palace."

Posted by: Icefox Jun 14 2017, 02:09 PM
Stone shrugged and leaned against the crumbling wall. "Not saying we do it without a plan, or even that we do it alone. We've got some high-powered associates, and it's not like things will exactly get worse here if we take a week or two to make sure we do things right on this." Even as she talked, though, she was already working on another leg of the plan that was starting to come together in her head.

"Besides, if you're doing the talking, I think I should get to work too. Any chance you guys have a way into the Dark Warrior facility, or even blueprints or something I can use to find my own way in? We need concrete answers about all of this."

Posted by: Millie Sentinal Jun 14 2017, 02:36 PM
"Torn, do you have a map of the KG base and prison, I mean, you are a former commander..." Just drop that information why don't you? "The prison has the Dark Project stuff..."

Millie frowned. She didn't like what had happened in that place, so many people experimented on, so many were killed. "That place is packed with guards, Heartless, maybe even some Heartless that were made specifically to deal with Alexander and Jak. Maybe even other Interferences."

Torn walked over to a cabinets. "Yeah. I got a map, and it will take some time to arrange any sort of meeting with Ashelin. You know, being the Baron's daughter is busy."

Posted by: Icefox Jun 14 2017, 08:15 PM
Sweet. Once she had a copy of the map Stone could start scouting the building without having to go completely blind, and it would make deducing the interior guard patterns from the windows a thousand times easier on her. Of course, that would take quite a bit of time to do right, so she was more than willing to tag along with whatever Millie had planned.

"The baron's daughter, eh? Think you have an in with her?"

Posted by: Millie Sentinal Jun 14 2017, 10:08 PM
Neither answered. Torn didn't want to answer a question like that. Millie on the other hand just thought the question was to Torn. The man in question pulled out a memory chip and tossed it to Stone. "This should be it, I used it myself when I was in the Guard, easy to get lost in that place. Just plug it into the communicator and you'll be in business. You'll need a clearance pass to get in."

Millie sighed. "Right, clearance. What color?"

"Black." His hands were already in the drawer of the cabinet. "I've got a few that I swiped from the KG when I worked there, not like they miss this stuff."

Posted by: Icefox Jun 17 2017, 07:38 PM
Riiight, no one answer, that's cool. Apparently secrets were the currency du jour on this world, and Millie was getting into the fun. Well, Stone could play that game too.

"Great, great. Think you can hit me up with three... Four of those things? I'm good, but I think this one is going to need a few extra hands in the pot." She had a plan somewhat worked out, but she knew her selection of associates with the skills she needed for this job and the personality to match wasn't a great one. She was going to have to work with what she had, most likely, but she had done worse in the past.

Posted by: Millie Sentinal Jun 17 2017, 08:19 PM
"But there is only two of you?" Torn said as he grabbed on Black Clearance card. He threw it to Millie who caught it.

Millie then turned to Stone. "The reason I want to meet with Ashelin is because she might be able to introduce me to her father, from there I can determine how much he trust the Heartless." Millie's tail twitched and she walked over to Stone to hand her the Clearance Card. "Here you go."

"That will be able to get you both in at the same time, if you are both present at the door." Torn glanced to the map of Haven. "If you sure going in there I want you to be careful not to get captured."

Posted by: Icefox Jun 17 2017, 08:31 PM
Stone nodded, but still smirked anyway. "Trust me, I don't get caught. I've been raiding silver mines and strongholds for longer than you could imagine." Stone took the card with a smirk, before thinking a bit. "I mean, I was hoping to have a couple extra, just so that it wouldn't be the two of us against the entire military complex. Even for me, those odds sound annoyingly even."

Posted by: Millie Sentinal Jun 17 2017, 08:40 PM
"From what I can remember, there are only like... 8 guards in our way anyway." Millie smirked. "Though if they have time to set off an alarm..." She sighed.

"Yeah the whole base would scramble. Anyway. We just want to get to the High Containment block and then you'll see what the Dark Eco injection machine looked like..." Millie shivered just thinking about it. "That stuff is dangerous..."

Torn in the mean time just sighed as he listened to the two girls talk.

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