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» Kyanna Wynne's Adventures!, Kyanna Journals and Tracking thread.
Chanlye Alexina
 Posted: Mar 18 2017, 01:01 PM


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Kyanna Wynne

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Condition: Physically she's currently fine. Mentally it look like she's fine, aside from her chuuni, but she does have some trouble unsolved (Because of the sudden situation of her joining the multiverse on the day she lost her mother).

Equipment: Currently she have her selfmade staff, her cleric hat, a gummi ship and two journals (One to write about her adventures and one to write about her goddess).

She also have a Beaumont Barrier-Kit, that she received from George. This create a hexagonal barrier. "It makes a small 'personal space', with air and everything, for a few hours." - George. (Kyanna calls it 'anti-magical hexshield')

Kyanna's Wardrobe. (The clothing she have to wear, aside from her main dress)


Mushroom Druidcraft: When Kyanna start to cast a spell or decide to let out some of her magic energy go out, mushrooms will start to grow around her. Those mushrooms aren’t mundane, and they have several colors, textures and types. Their taste can be sweet, salty, bitter, sour and bittersweet. There’s no current use for those mushrooms, aside from poisoning anyone trying to eat them or giving a bad stomachache.

Life Cure: A purple light start to surround her hands (Or any catalyst like a staff or a wand), this purple light remain there until Kyanna finally active it. In activation this purple light get dense and become something like glowing purple sewing threads. Those threads advance toward the wounds she want to cure and they sew the person’s wounds, instantly curing them. If the wound is too big, it may require Kyanna to use the spell more times until it close completely.

Purifying Wind: A holy wind goes through her hands (Or any catalyst) toward herself or a target, this wind attempt to blow away any debuff. The stronger Kyanna becomes, the easier it is to get rid of stronger debuffs.

Light’s Sanction: This spell can create a force which materializes as a sphere of light. It can be applied to an object as well. It can push objects or people back with a great amount of force. It can also shatter weaker objects. The user can't apply infinite force.

--Her full profile can be found here.


Kantara: Very friendly, it's the first interference she actually met and helped her a lot on the start.

Nate: Friendly, some strange wizard she met thanks to Kantara. He summoned some creatures to train her combat abilities.

George: Friendly, an engineer that introduced her to her powers and also gave her journals and a Beaumont Barrier-Kit. She promised him to pay a visit to show all the new things she discovered.

Nathaniel: Very friendly, it's her adventure partner and the king of idiots (Very fitting for her, that is also an idiot somehow). They are currently having their adventures together.

Canon IC:

-Kyanna meeting George (Happened between 'Traversal Chuuni' and 'Enter: The Idiot!' events).


-A Traversal Chuuni

-Enter: The Idiot!

-Living Around the Block (Closed, Incomplete)

P.S.: This character has been dropped.

Kyanna Wynne - Mushroom Cleric! Or at least she thinks so.
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