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Jun 26 2016, 09:38 PM
Nate had to resort to some shenanigans to squeeze out those genealogy spells. Normally each casting would require 24 hours. But due to a rules lawyering interpretation of the feat Uncanny Forethought the wizard managed to squeeze the day long casting time into the 6 seconds of a full round action. 12 seconds later he had the rings ready and handed them off to Kantara. Now that that was out of the way his thoughts settled back on Lexa.

Utilizing some of the same shenanigans he had for for the genealogical magics Nate condensed a divination with a 10 minute casting time down into 6 second action. It was a more advanced iteration of the spell he'd cast when he'd first heard Tabby call out to him. His wizardry had advanced by a fair amount since that encounter. So much so that this time around he wouldn't need to resort dice rolls and what amounted to yes/no answers. He had back then but now... Now he had a goddess on speed dial.

Pulling out a stick of incense and some holy water the wizard called out. "Sharess, please help me plan a party...." It was after a short conversation with the goddess of hedonism, fest halls, and sensual fulfilment that Nate finally returned to the ornery AMF emitter. "So then as I was saying have you heard of the Elder Scrolls franchise? Cause Oblivion might be a good world for you to find work."
May 28 2016, 04:43 AM
Nate found himself surveying the outskirts of Traverse town out beyond Sarah's coffee shop. This area was currently uninhabited and would serve perfectly for his needs. The wizard thus began laying out markers that would define the boarders of his newly planned district. "Heh we just need to demolish the buildings and clear the land. And then we can start bringing a splash of nature to this town." He remarked.

All of this had started a few days ago when rummaging through his pockets had led him to rediscover his Magic the Gathering deck. It had been in his jacket pocket when he'd first interfered but getting caught up in exploring the magic of this his RPG splat books and of this multiverse had made him forget about it untill now. As he'd flipped through the cards he'd felt his interference powers reacting to them in much the same fashion as his Table top gaming books. He could feel the pull of planes walker style magic the problem was that he needed the right kind of mana to fuel it.

He quickly discovered that playing a land card wasn't quite so simple a matter. Rather than generating terrain his land cards had ended up teaching him the seals needed to lay his mark on and claim the corresponding types of terrain. Once claimed in this maner then he'd discovered he could start collecting mana. He'd been fortunate to discover that his Manamart had enough qualities of an arcane sanctum to resonate with that card's sealing signature. As such he had an established source or white, black, and blue mana.

Much to Nate's chagrin however he'd been confronted with the fact that his wonky four color witch deck had been built around foundation of green mana. Green mana which the urban sprawl of Traverse was loath to produce. The town was was devoid of any forrest or green space to claim and harvest and thus thevwizard had set out to create his own. He'd talked over the endeavor with Sarah spinning the project as a healthy injection of some nature to the otherwise perpetually urban environment. The town's perpetual night would perhaps be a challenge but he already has som ideas on how to work around that.

"So then Tabby think you're up to this? The goal is to cut loose and tear down as much as you can within the confines of this marked off region." Nate then questioned and explained. He'd marked off a massive area he hoped would be large enough house an entire self sustaing forrest ecosystem, accommodate a neat and tidy public park, and perhaps most ambitiously of all, contain the labyrinthine tunnel system of a planned Golgari guildgate. "If you start from the middle you can rampage without concern while I handle the more precise demolition work around the borders."
May 15 2016, 12:54 PM
When it came to an abundance of barren worlds available for claiming Nate could think of no better realm than Spore. The game featured an entire galaxy to explore. As the gummi ship dropped out of the ocean between and into the still cartoonish yet more realistic outer space of the game, Nate double checked that he and Selina were properly equiped. "Make sure you're wearing those adaptation charms I made for you." He remarked as a reminder. He'd custom crafted for her a set of accesories/trinkets with enchaments anagolous to his own modified necklace of adaptation.

Combined not only would they protect her from the vacuum of space, they would also regulate her temperature via endure elements and allow her to ignore planar traits via a planar adaptation effect. The wizard also ended up deciding to also make this trip his initial forray into GURPS magic particularly technomancy, energy, and most importantly radiation spells. As such by the time they had arrived he'd also been able to set them up with so charmed trinkets against radiation.

"Heh with this gear we should be set up for proper space wizardry." He chuckled as he then turned to the ships console and began searching for a suitable planet. "Hmm what do you think of this one Sel? This could make for a good planet Eris." He asked as the screen displayed a barren icy planet. "There are no life signs on it nore any of the surrounding planets in this system. As long as it doesn't turn out to be inhabited by some race of robots or otherwise inorganic yet sapient entities, then we should have free reign to completely cut loose with any magic we can bring to bear."
May 9 2016, 09:18 PM
(Note: Internal thoughts were originally in italics. Unfortunately that formating has been lost in the transcription.)

Traverse Town

Millie Sentinal: Jacob walked the streets of Traverse Town, his weapon walking beside him in her humanoid form.

"It ain't often you walk the streets with me, Ritsu." He threw a grin her way. He didn't mind the company of the fox girl, but it was odd that she was out and about with him. Only in times of great danger did she ever come out of her shell. It put him on edge.

Aragonius: "oooo!!!!" Ashmedai found himself shouting the trailing end of a big 'No' as he hurtlled sideways. His sensors were giving him scrambled readings and all his quantum network connections were severed. It felt like 90% of his mind had been cut away now that he found himself running from only a partially converted piece of wetware once more. Finally he came to a sudden halt as he slammed to an obstruction of some sort. It took him a moment of adjusting to his slower processing speed before realizing the obstruction had been organic.

Ah a human male... Good to know humans exist in this reality... He noted internally as he picked himself up.

Millie Sentinal: Ritsu had been quick footed enough to jump out of the way of the flying man. Her master on the other hand, wasn't so lucky. Who now lay on the ground groaning and cursing at the predicament.

"Alright... What the fuck?!"

Aragonius: "Lab Accident" Ashmedai responded curtly. "So where am I exactly? I'm not getting any GPS signals..." He asked as he searched the sky for any satellite based broadcast frequencies. Eventually he picked up on the beacon's signal. He found himself sighing with relief that he wasn't stuck on a technological backwater as he parsed the broadcasted data. "Hmm so this place is called Traverse Town?"

Millie Sentinal: "Yeah, Traverse Town, buddy, let me tell you, you are faaaaaaaar from home."

Aragonius: "Yeah I'd be shocked if I wasn't given that I was working on a device meant to tear open portals to other worlds. Damn super fucking nova ruined everything at the worst possible moment." Ashmedai huffed. "Oh well, I need to focus on getting my bearings on this world. The force of gravity and other environmental factors seem conducive to human life so that's good..." He parsed the satellite feed for any other relevant data that it had to offer regarding the world he was on. The seeming tourist brochure of info it emitted was of immense help.

"So I'm in a cluster of worlds that are aware of each other and linked by some sort of medium called gummi space?" He found himself asking aloud for confirmation. He was making guesses as he tried to piece together context clues from the satellite feed.

Millie Sentinal: "It's actually called the Ocean Between" Jacob said offhandedly as he sat up, the fox girl helping him to his feet. "But yeah, we know of the other worlds. Each star up there is another one. No, not the star it orbits like most would believe. This place is kinda weird for that."

Aragonius: Hmm I seem to either be in a pocket dimension that runs on alternative physics or I'm extremely far flung in terms of my multiversal central finite curve of origin... He thought to himself. Out loud he remarked "I see... Determining the path back home to my world and timeline of origin seems like it's gonna be difficult isn't it... Even if I asume that my lab AI is working to retrieve me from the other end I'm searching for a red needle in an infinite needle pile..."

Millie Sentinal: "Buddy, I can't even get home if I tried... Not without a 'Key', they say. I'm sure someone like you could get home easily though." Ritsu shot Jacob a look. "What, he seems smart enough for me to not fry his brain with weird information."

Aragonius: "Ah you have a policy of classifying this information from the normal populace?" Ashmedai asked with a slight frown. There wasn't much information on this worlds governance in the satellite feed, nothing beyond this individual settlement at least. No indications if there was some sort of overarching authority across these worlds either. But so far he was not liking the sound of this. Conspiracies to keep a populace ignorant didn't sit well with him.

Millie Sentinal: "No, no. This place is home to those that have none, a refugee town. To my knowledge most the defenses and the likes were recently set up. I arrived about... Two weeks ago and they gave me the run down while I was being chased by creatures that wanted me dead, that was a fun first day."

Aragonius: "Ah yes the feed mentioned something about creatures. Heartless right? I take it to be that they are a scourge in this corner of the multiverse?" Ash asked and added "The beacon is boasting about this town being some sort of safe haven from them due to it's automated defenses."

Millie Sentinal: "It's not always safe, but attacks by those creatures are taken care of quickly by the defenses and people like me. The Heartless exist everywhere though, as long as Darkness exist in the Hearts of living beings. The metaphysical Heart, not the one that pumps blood."

Aragonius: "Ah so supernatural metaphysics are prevalent in this corner of reality?" Gah I hope magic doesn't end up becoming a pain to deal with... Ash thought as he directed his body's sensors to start scanning through the etheric spectrums he was aware of. Soon he was picking up some mana readings, including a particularly high density reading coming from the direction of what the satellite feed's map had labeled Manamart. Yeah nope. I'm not going in there anytime soon. Asmedai didn't really have much trust in magic that wasn't properly harnessed by understood technology.

Unharnessed magic gave his father too much potential leverage to fuck with him... Oh that's a pleasant surprise... Now that he'd thought about the old bastard Ashmedai realized that his connection to him felt fainter as if strained by the distance. Still there but not as strong as normal... Excellent! He found himself beaming with a grin at this revelation. "I'm very far from home."

eagerdigger: A few vendbringers were flying overhead, scanning around before beeping and moving out to a new part of town to check on...Some Copper Joes walking along, stretching and mumbling something amongst themselves in binary.

Millie Sentinal: "I already said that." Jacob said as he shook his head. This guy was beaming at the situation. "And Those are the defenses. Hmm... Nah, I won't mess with 'em, even if it is fun."

Aragonius: "Hmm this George. The beacon mentions him as the founder of this settlement. He seems like a spark, or a high level thinker/ tinker type metahuman. I mean he must be if he built all of this. I can't help but notice he also seems to have a theme... Heh his creations remind me of toys." I doubt that it has any impact on their efficiency however.

Millie Sentinal: "This place existed loooong before George got ahold of it. Let me tell you, the first time anyone set foot in this world... Was when the first whole world that used to be all worlds as one."
Millie Sentinal: "Fell to Darkness."

Aragonius: "Let me correct myself. George seems to be the founder of the parts of this settlement that are of any value."

Millie Sentinal: "Oh?"
Millie Sentinal: "And what do you deem that?"

Aragonius: "Before he brought his tech here this seems to have been a backwater refuse dump of a world comprised mostly of crumbs the heartless seem to have missed."

Millie Sentinal: Jacob chuckled. "You aren't wrong."

Aragonius: "I don't tend to be." He replied with a smirk. "Anyways it seems I'm in dire need of currency and resources. How expensive are the vessels you use to traverse the ocean between? Those Gummi ships?" He needed to start working out the costs and logistics of rebuilding the sort of funding base and infrastructure he needed for a proper lab and base of operations.

Millie Sentinal: "The first one is free if you go to the right place. Though its bare bones. From what I know, a girl bought the bare necessities with about 4,000 munny. That's spelled M.U.N.N.Y. Don't know why they chose such a goofy name. It looks like this." Jacob pulled out several blue and yellow crystals.

Aragonius: "I suppose it fits with the toylike theme of the tech here I guess... Anyways free stuff is free stuff so where should I go to get that free ship you mentioned? " Even if it's a junker I could probably take it appart and reverse engineer the underlying tech... "That 4,000 munny benchmark is good to know though. Hmm does this munny have any inherent value or uses? Or is it a fiat currency?"

Millie Sentinal: "Munny was around before George, again. Sorry for not mentioning this. Munny is used across the worlds of this multiverse, which I and a few others have dubbed the Multiverse of Heart. Each world being it's own universe of its own." He waited a few seconds before trying to answer the next question.

"Ah... The Munny can be used to make simple foods and ingredients for foods. It also seems to convert into currency of worlds outside this multiverse."

Aragonius: "Ok so it's not issued and backed by any central governance but it's a magical resource in of itself? Neat. Where does it come from?"

Millie Sentinal: "Heartless."

Aragonius: "Ooh interesting. So these heartless aren't just a pestilence. They are also a harvestable resource. What exactly are these heartless? Where do they come from how do they reproduce? Wait.. Actually rather than talking your ear off can you just point me in the direction of some library or database that contains this information? That would probably be faster and less annoying for both of us."

Millie Sentinal: "Sorry, but we currently don't have a library. Or a database. Or well, we do, but we only have one thing that can connect to it. And that's in the sewers with George's lab. He likes being alone."

Aragonius: "Being alone does generally help increase productivity. People can be distracting." Ash noted aloud. "That's inconvenient though." He then added in reference to the lack of even a library. "So this town is still lacking in terms of certain basic services? Ah well it is a new settlement after all." As he'd told Jacob, he by no means considered what existed before that George came along to be a settlement. It was one now, due to his efforts but it was clearly still a work in progress.

"Well since there's no library I sort of do need to pump you for more info then." Ash then remarked with a sigh. "At the very least tell me where I can get that ship. I should be able to figure things out from there."

Millie Sentinal: "Want me to tell you a story then? And didn't you catch that thing about Heartless and Hearts?
Millie Sentinal: "And the ship, We'll have to travel to another World first. One by the name of Radiant Garden."

Aragonius: "'They exist as long as darkness exists in the hearts of living beings' isn't very descriptive in regards to the details of their nature and reproduction... They are creatures of supernatural darkness. I get that much. Are they created by darkness in hearts or ar they just attracted to it? If they are made by it, does darkness in hearts generate them endlessly or is there a limit to how many can come from a given unit of darkness and or hearts? If they don't come from the hearts themselves then where do they originate? I suppose I also need to get more clarification on what darkness in heart even is exactly... But that's reseach that I'll probably do on my own." Will probably require tinkering with magic...

"As for the free ship hmm it's on another world eh? Well if you're offering a ride I'll take it. What's this Radiant garden like?"

Millie Sentinal: Jacob chuckled again. "The Heartless are Hearts. It's generally a misconception with their name. They really don't have a body, but they aren't called Nobodies, no that's a different creature created by a body and Will. Heartless are formed when a Heart falls to it's own Darkness or is wrenched free from it's chest by another Heartless and then consumed."
Millie Sentinal: "I'm not the fastest and giving information: As for Radiant Garden, it has been Radiant and then abandoned. Currently the Garden is slowly regaining it's old radiant nature."

Aragonius: "Eh well it seems like you'll have plenty of time to explain stuff along the way if you're taking me to another world. No need to rush." Ashmedai remarked.

Millie Sentinal: Jacob gave another chuckle, he was liking this guy. "It seems we found a new friend, eh, Ritsu?" It was then that he noticed that the fox girl had went back to the weapon he held in his pocket. "She could at least tell me when she vanished..."
End of Transcription

That vanishing fox girl caught Ashmedai’s interest. She ended up becoming one of many topics the two talked about on their voyage. The fact that Jacob’s gummi ship had a computer ended up saving them a lot of time in regards to covering the basics of this collection of world's dubbed the multiverse. And with the fundamentals out of the way they were free to cover more advanced topics and concepts. By the time they arrived in Radiant Garden Ashmedai was mostly caught up in terms of what he needed to know, or at the very least what Jacob could/ was willing to tell him about the multiverse.

“So that’s what these worlds look like from the outside? Weird…” Ashmedai found himself commenting as he looked at Radiant Garden from one of the view ports on Jacob’s ship. Yep There’s definitely some strange metaphysics at play...
May 8 2016, 05:41 PM
Classification: Internal, DC Universe Online

Name: "Ashmedai" (Marcus Morningstar)

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Marcus bears a by this point mostly synthetic body composed primarily of nanites wrapped around the few biological organs whose functionality he’s still significantly invested in preserving perfectly, and fully replicating as he turns himself into a machine. This primarily being his brain and the components of his endocrine system. He is half incubus although that has more impact on the composition of his metaphysical aura/ soul than on his physical form.

He prefers to mold his nanite body into an accurate as possible replica of his originally dark skinned, organic, ostensibly human form. His fleshlike synthetic skin tends to be mostly concealed by a black labcoat trimmed in red runes, worn over a set of stylized seemingly ceramic plated military combat armor. The coat and armor are actually composed of the same nanites as the rest of his body which he sheds and remolds as needed in the midst of combat.

He originally was a 6ft tall man with dark brown eyes, and neat cornrowed hair that paired well with his dark brown complexion. Before being awoken to his spark he wasn’t particularly fit, bearing a twiggy frame. But even without his own extensive custom modifications the nanites Lex Luthor spread were set to remold the bodies of whoever they infected into more well toned and athletic configurations. All the better to serve as an army of idealized metahuman super soldiers against Brainiac's coming invasion. Marcus chose to retain this modification to his default form.

Marcus is an eccentric man who generally chooses to identify as his over the top, card carrying, villainous alter ego of “Ashmedai”. He likes to think of himself as a witty and erudite individual. And infact, he indeed is… That is, when he isn’t too distracted by infernally inspired dirty trains of thought... As a spark he is partly characterized by his mad intellect, which at times weave in bizarre and unconventional ways.

Morally he tries to take a pragmatic, hedonistic utilitarian approach. ”The rightness of an action depends entirely on the amount of pleasure it tends to produce and the amount of pain it tends to prevent.“ He also highly values the pursuit of knowledge and comprehension of the universe as one of the highest priorities for a sapient being. In his view “Sapient lives are primarily valuable because they are capable of comprehending the world around them.” He is however aware of and a bit self conscious regarding harboring cognitive biases that lead him to prioritize the wellbeing of cherished individuals within his ‘monkey’ sphere of personal friends family and acquaintances.
Overall in his opinion “Civilization is mostly valuable because it provides an ordered and stable foundation for research to flourish and the limits of knowledge/ understanding to be expanded”. But the moment society impedes progress the costs begins to tip towards outweighing the benefits. Progress allows for dramatic increases in lifespans and quality of life, therefore a bit of suffering in the short term is certainly justified by large enough long term gains in quality of life and future progress. Progress that can beget more advances in a recursive feedback loop such as AI research, is one of his most highly regarded moral imperatives. Ashmedai does however admit there incomparable value in Civilization’s role in preserving and archiving prior discoveries and advancements for future generations. “We stand on the shoulders of giants that have come before us after all.”

His lofty, technocratic, progress centered, ethics, can at times be muddled when it comes into conflict with his hedonistic ideal of maximizing pleasure. The incubine side of his nature tries to magnify the weight of that imperative in both platonic and carnal situations. The interplay between these held values serve to magnify his apparent spark born madness.

Marcus Morningstar is the son of the retired villainess Madeline Mendel (later, Morningstar), better known as “Chrysopoeia, The Nuclear Alchemist”. Towards the tail end of her fairly successful career as a mad scientist, Madeline became interested in studying arcane and demonic forces through the lens of science. Madeline’s research lead her to encounter an extradimensional entity by the name of Danten. She developed a working relationship with the self proclaimed incubus which developed into a sordid tryst. Unbeknownst to Madeline however was Danten’s true nature as Dantalion one of the 72 Princes and Dukes of Hell. Her affair with the demon lead to the conception of Marcus, a child who he hoped would someday serve as a conduit of his will into the mortal world.

Madeline learned of her lover’s ulterior motives and hidden identity shortly after the birth of their son. Upon this revelation she fled with the child in attempt to thwart his plans. Madeline changed her name and adopted a new identity in order to raise Marcus in secrecy hidden from his father. Madeline, now Allison Morningstar did her best to provide her son with a normal and healthy childhood. When it became clear that the boy had inherited her mad spark of genius she was both proud and concerned. With the awakening of his spark also came a stirring in the other half of his heritage. In order to suppress the infernal aspects of her son’s nature, Ms.Morningstar with great regret ended up having to resort to crafting a limiter that would restrict them along with his spark and potential brilliance.

In this fashion Marcus grew up into a well adjusted, fairly intelligent, yet ultimately unremarkable young man. His mother passed away under mysterious circumstances in his late teens but even so his life stayed on the course of normalcy she’d crafted for him. He would have led an entire life of mundanity had it not been for the nanite dispersal event. When Lex Luthor’s nanite bomb spread across the world enhancing the global populace and awakening latent metahuman abilities Marcus’s limiters came undone. Now at the age of 20 for the first time in his life the newly minted spark felt truly awake. A fog had lifted from his mind. With his newfound intellect however came a resurgence of his infernal heritage.

Fortunately his mother fearing the potential occurrence of such an event had left him coded warnings and instructions that would lead him to her secret lab and documents detailing the circumstances of his birth and existence. She predicted correctly that in a state of awoken sparkdom Marcus would quickly piece together the inconsistencies sprinkled throughout his life and decode the clues she’d left for him. Now armed with her old lab and research notes, Marcus finally realized why he’d always held the latent impression that his late mother had been disappointed in him.

He now knew it had been disappointment in herself for crippling his potential. However now knowing why she did it and the stakes that were at hand, he decided to forge his own path. Marcus would do his best to make her proud, he would leverage his brilliance towards thwarting his father’s designs and advancing the cause of scientific understanding. He felt resentment towards her actions, but could also understand the logic behind them and the loving concern with which they had been taken. He was going to be a villain, he aimed to be magnificent bastard that would make momma proud. He was now, Ashmedai.

Marcus is a mad genius. He possesses a fiercely shining spark of intellect that treads the fine line between brilliance and insanity. He can easily conceive of and envision new devices and inventions, which he can then rapidly prototype and engineer into reality in fits of tireless inspiration. The potential results of this process are so far beyond the limits conventionally understood science that in some regards it might as well be considered magic. Interestingly considering his infernal ancestry and latent affinity for infernal arcane forces, in some cases it might very well actually be genuine magic. At the very least it is certain that his demonic heritage has influenced and some might even say perverted his spark, often times his devices inadvertently display a theme or unintended secondary applications that belie the fact that he is part incubus.

He has a rudimentary understanding of magic based off his mother’s research and his own natural affinity for certain applications the art. He does however find himself a bit wary in his study of the force. Marcus harbors concerns about somehow inadvertently providing his father with more leverage with which to exert his influence. He is much more comfortable with science and technology, often preferring to use it as a harness through which he can try to shackle and direct arcane forces that he would otherwise feel leery of tampering with.

One of the means by which his father can use him as a conduit is by possessing his body upon his moment of death. In an attempt to stave off such a potential occurrence however Ashmedai has sought to achieve technological immortality. He has begun the process of converting himself into a machine via repurposed brainiac nanites. His entire body is already nearly completely converted save for certain organs including his brain and parts of his endocrine system. His brain is however already at least 6 months into an intended 7 year long process of gradual nanite conversion and replacement. Ashmedai’s already considerable mad intellect is thus experiencing gradual yet noticeable gains as his analog brain is transitioned into a faster digital medium.

Via quantum entanglement based networking, he has experimented in wirelessly extending his mind into specially prepared servers and processors. However upon interference his link to his old servers and their processing power has been lost. He will need to fund the construction of new servers, the infrastructure needed to support them, and research maintaining a quantum link across worlds. Until then, treading as deeply onto the path digital ascension as he’s previously delved will prove infeasible.

“Nanomachines son!” Ashmedai bears modified Brainiac nanite initially sourced from the reprogrammed stock that a Lex Luthor from a future timeline injected into earth's atmosphere. Said nanites awakened Ashmedai suppressed spark as well as the latent metahuman abilities of countless other people of his native timeline. One of the first things the he did with his newfound mad inspiration was to delve into and pick apart the source code of the nanites within him. He ended up gutting most of Luthor’s and Brainiac's code discovering along the way interesting backdoors and exploits both beings had slipped in as a means of potentially influencing the nanites. It was in this manner that he truly made them his own.

Beyond his custom modified nanites, Ashmedai also bears an assortment of personally developed devices and inventions. Including but not limited to personal forcefield generators, anti gravity emitters, sonic and electromagnetic pulse cannons, and an etheric energy saber. His gear bears varying degrees of integration into his synthetic form along with quirky faults and limitations due to the warped nature of his inventive spark.

His forcefield emitters for example partially powered by etheric energy that resonates particularly well with the human form. The more overtly humanoidly shaped and exposed a subject of the field’s protection is, the more powerful it’s defenses. This leads to the odd phenomenon that shedding his combat armor and exposing a more of himself actually bolsters his defenses.

He finds he has an exceedingly difficult time designing weapons and armaments capable of producing serious bodily harm, his subconscious compels him to lace his weapons with safeguards and failsafes that prevent lethal force and maiming much to his annoyance at times. He can with great effort try to design creations that can override this limitation but he finds the quality of such works to fall far short of his usual standards. His spark seemingly refuses to provide the needed inspiration.

As such weapons like his sonic pulse cannons tend to focus on causing incapacitation through sensory disruption or over stimulation. He can bring to bear EMPs and mana based etheric energy tech for inorganic and supernatural targets respectively. One of his most potent close range weapons is his etheric energy saber which he has personally dubbed “Joyeuse”. The blade of which is formed from brilliant magenta energy that can cut through most inert or inorganic substances. It is is incapable of physically damaging living tissues however, instead phasing through seemingly harmlessly. As it passes through however, it can generate intense neural stimulation which can be channeled towards inducing pleasure or harm.

Ashmedais antigrav emitters bear the curious limitation of needing to be formed into the shape of batlike wings or other similarly infernal appendages in order to properly function in terms of warping and negating local gravitational fields.

Sample Post:
Ashmedai formed a tail of nanites that linked his central nervous system directly into the computer’s data port. Sure he could have used a wireless quantum link but for the sake of faster transfer and analysis of the massive amounts of data which would soon be generated by his system the inventor chose to go with a physical link. “Beginning test sequence 39 of project ’Hellbore MK 2.5’”. He said aloud for the benefit of anyone who might someday playback the recording of his current experiment. The ‘Hellbore’ was a the latest iteration of viewing windows he’d developed to peer across the boundaries of timelines and parallel dimensions.

He had successfully stolen glimpses and meticulously analyzed several parallel worlds in this manner he’d discovered that his local cluster for some reason tended to clump into a group of 52 around which was a constellation of yet more disparate worlds. With the 2.0 series he’d mastered viewing. Now in his push for version 3.0 Marcus was attempting to successfully open the window. In effect create a portal that one could physically step through. He felt he was getting close. As the circuitry etched gunmetal frame of the ‘Helbore’ whired to life a stream of data flowed into his neural interface. “Yes. YES. YES! He found himself exclaiming as the data matched perfectly with his hypothesized results. If he just made the final calibration the window would soon become a door.

Ashmedai sent the signal and soon the Hellbore began to vibrate. “No. No... NO! NOOOOOO!!!!” He soon found himself shouting as a cascade of error messages bombarded his mind. It seem’s that at this very moment several hundred thousands of light years away one member of a pair of binary stars had gone supernova. The gravitational waves of the event finally just reached his earth with the worst timing ever. The unexpected fluctuations caused a chain reaction of destabilizing anomalies that sent the entire system into catastrophic disarray. Within moments he was overtaken by a flash of blinding light and then… He was gone.
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