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» Quirks!
 Posted: Mar 4 2015, 10:33 PM

The sun will rise.

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Characters all have their own little quirks and traits that don't really show up often in roleplay, but are still there and important. Here's a thread to talk about them. Maybe even ask other people questions about their characters. Have fun!
  • The Batter actually really enjoys roller coasters. Or maybe he's terrified of them. It's hard to tell, but they do get a rare reaction from him.
  • The Batter doesn't know what sports are and would have no idea what to do if you threw an actual baseball at him.
  • Bastian is literate, but only in the hangul alphabet. English letters are a mystery that he's not sure is worth figuring out.
  • Bastian's favorite food is giant beetle larva. They're a delicacy, honest.

 Posted: Mar 5 2015, 02:12 AM


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What the hell, why not?
  • Calvin is able to use either hand to fire his bow.
  • He's actually missing one of his back teeth. He got into a fist fight in college, and it had to be extracted due to cracking.
  • Before coming here, he actually had about $2000 dollars in a savings account, mostly from his archery competitions.
  • He enjoys spicy foods and has an above average tolerance for them.
  • He has managed to telescope an arrow (that is, hit the back of one arrow with another) a total of 8 times since he started shooting.
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Millie Sentinal
 Posted: Mar 5 2015, 07:23 AM


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Yeah sure, I'll do this.

-Kantia is afraid of the dark, from just general darkness such as a dark room, or the Heartless.

-William is afraid of heights, despite being able to fly.

-Kantia has different fighting styles depending on which hand she holds her weapon.

-Kantia doesn't like sugary or greasy foods, except maybe pancakes and pizza.

-Exsila may be a Heartless but she still holds her old goals.

Millie Sentinal ()
Kantia Rose (Quiet shy girl, that can forge weapons out of the hearts of her allies.)
Sakuya Izayoi (The Perfect and Elegant Maid of the Scarlet Mansion.)
Exsila (Heartless of Alexis Sentinal, and controls a few Heartless.)
Jacob Signar
Natalie Emu
 Posted: Jun 7 2017, 07:55 AM


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(Aside from the actual rules and common sense and decency.)

Althea- Althea is terrified of bugs, but she is most terrified of centipedes. Gears Of War enemies would be her nightmares come true.

Althea- Also has nightmares about bugs occasionally. When she wakes up she'll try to hide her fear, but it'll fail.

Mary- Mary has been known to knock herself out to not get in a vehicle.

Mary- Mary is right handed, but always drinks tea with her left.

Elissa- Elissa can't stand drinks that are too hot. If it steams, it's undrinkable.

Elissa- Elissa hates soda. All of it. Anything with carbonation, actually.

Elizabeth- Elizabeth is still just a little afraid of the dark.

Elizabeth- Elizabeth hates caves and damp places.

Noel- Noel has always wanted to try squirrel but thought it was just... wrong.

Noel- Noel's multiple personalities have different preferences in food, clothing, and all other things like that.

Althena Enyo Redheaded gun girl.
Elissa Mauna Sometimes even silence speaks.
Elizabeth Little vampire "child."
Mary Cowell Totally not a wizard, I swear.
Nathaniel King The idiot: Somehow, it's more of a challenge than a title.
Noel Valentine Oh, look. It's a squirrel.
Stephany Sazwaki The positive healer.
Xalie A heartless, or something.
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