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» Waking up., The Farewell of Kyanna to the Multiverse
Chanlye Alexina
 Posted: May 26 2018, 05:10 PM


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The teenager girl walked through an infinite void... Each footstep echoed through the emptiness... Her eyes, filled with sorrow, expressed a sadness that she would never think she would feel. Just how long it have been since she began walking in that place? ... Why she was there to begin with?

Everything was ending... That world... That whole reality that changed her life- It was hard to adapt to her new life, but she got so attatched to it- She got to love it so much...

Yes, she lost the contact with her family for being there. Yes, she lost her mother before being dragged to the multiverse by force. Yes... All those things were indeed horrible- Even if she didn't notice at first.

But... Even if she suffered that much-

A few tear drops fell on the empty ground.

-Even if it was so painful-

A sob could be heard.

-Even if... She had to confront the fact that her mother was gone.-

A cough, and a girl collapsing on the floor.

-She was finally happy now... So why? ... WHY?

Helpessly, the girl screamed and punched the ground repeatedly. "Nathaniel- Please... Where are you..." She clenched her teeth. "NATHANIEL, WHERE ARE YOU?!" The girl yelled to the top of her lungs, highly in despair.

"Why you disappeared on me? What happened?!" The girl was terrified. For some reason, one night was enough to everything be gone. She was unsure about the reasons- Her old self would ask guidance from Fungaria, but now... She knew that Fungaria didn't exist, she knew it was all her delusions... Because someone special showed her the truth.

This someone- This person that she held dear feelings for... This person was gone too, like her mother did before she became an interference. Slowly the girl would lose her will to fight- Her will to continue.

The loneliness... The fear. "Pl-Please..." She pleaded with a shaken voice. "...Come back." The girl held her chest tightly, sobbing with the remains of strength she had.

As her strengths faded away, a grim and dark feeling slowly crawled into her heart... The emptiness of that void invaded her chest and pierced through her existence- ... Her body would feel numb, and it would slowly stop functioning.

Am I... Dying? The girl thought, not feeling any worry about that fate. After all, she had nothing to live for anymore.

I wished I could say my goodbye to him... Tell him how much grateful I am... Tell him how much I... How much I love him-

The girl had her last thoughts... Before she felt like she disappeared.




After a very long darkness, the girl would slowly open her eyes... They felt dry, like she had cried for hours - And when she realized she was awaken, she hastly raised from her bed.

"W-What?" In confusion, she looked around... It was her bedroom. How long it has been since she was on her bedroom? Probably two years... Yet, everything was pretty much like it was when she left- Except more clean and organized.

Her posters and craftmade cosplay things, that she used so much for her chuuni plays, they were all there- Completely intact. Even her loyal staff and hat were there. She blinked in confusion, until suddenly a familiar female voice yelled her name from downstairs... "Wait..." The girl's eyes widened. That voice!

Jumping out of her bed, the girl ran as fast as she could to get downstairs, stumbling and tripping at the furniture- For some reason her body felt different and more clumsy, but she didn't have time to think about that. Instead, she just blasted off to finally get to the kitchen- Only to sight something that she almost couldn't believe it was true, but at the same time she deeply wished it was.

Her eyes glinted with tears forming on her eyes, as she saw the woman that she admired and love so much... The one that she lost two years ago- But somehow, she was there.

With a soft and warm smile, the woman looked at the girl. "Kyanna, my dear. You shouldn't stay awake late at night - Look how tired you are." With a gentle voice, she said tilting her head with a confused expression. "Are you crying?"

"MOM!" The girl called for her mother, running and jumping toward the even more confused woman, wraping her arms tightly around her. "I-I LOVE YOU, MOM. I MISSED YOU SO MUCH--!" She said with tears rolling on her cheeks, but those tears weren't sorrowful ones... They were tears of joy.

Unsure of what to do, the mother could only give a small and quiet giggle as she held her beloved daughter. "I love you too, Kyanna-"




It has been a few months since Kyanna was back to her home after that supernatural event of her life that she named 'Interference'. Weirdly enough, all those two years she spent in that multiverse were simply ignored by her real world reality- The reason? Who knows... Peharps the one writing her destiny was responsible for this- But that didn't matter, the important was that she was finally with her family again.

Though... There was still one thing that couldn't leave her heart completely light about everything that happened until now. This thing was the dear person she got to meet in her journey through the multiverse- What happened to him? Did he die? Did he got lost there? Did he... Came back too?

The girl didn't know, but she could only hope for the best. She was feeling incredibly determined now.

As for her chuuni stuff? It became her hobby, being a roleplayer in chuuni forums. It was very relaxing and fun, and also gave her nostalgic feelings about the 'Interference' events.

"FOR THE LOVE OF FUNGARIAAA~!" Kyanna exclaimed excitedly, slamming her index on the 'Post' button. Giving a proud nod at her Thread's climax, what a great plot it was! They were just about to defeat the forces of Baphomet and free everyone from their suffering.

"There's no one that can beat the champion cleric of Fungaria, the Goddess of Love and Hope~!" She chanted happily, before something suddenly a small notification sound catched her attention. "Huh-?"

(Subject)> Hello

"Heya, Kyan. What's up?"

"What the mushrooms?" The girl frowned, staring at the private message in confusion... She looked at the e-mail of the sender- Then looked down at the 'Kyan'. There was only one person that called her 'Kyan'... And judging by the e-mail, a slow but wondrous realization slowly snapped in the girl's mind.

Her teary eyes widened ... "Y-You..." A shaken, but joyful giggle escaped from the girl's lips.

(Subject)> re. Hello

"Hello, Nathaniel-!"


Kyanna Wynne - Mushroom Cleric! Or at least she thinks so.
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