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» Sing from the Heart! (Even If You Don't Have One), Traverse Town Karaoke Night [Open]
 Posted: Sep 18 2016, 01:32 PM

The sun will rise.

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Sarah had reached the point, she realized, where preparation had become something indistinguishable from procrastination. She hadn't realized how unwilling she was to leave the Crossroads, let alone Traverse Town itself, until she'd made doing so an obligation.

Damn you, past me. Being all... responsible.

She'd set a date that was comfortably in the future, and promptly tried to bury her anxieties with work, or cleaning out the cluttered Crossroads backroom.

That was when she found the karaoke machine.


Some work with George and a lot of discussion later, Sarah had the karaoke machine set up in the Cloud District bar. The stage was rather makeshift, with some speakers and a projector screen that was just a high enough resolution to make out words.

She'd put up a few posters, but otherwise she hadn't made a huge deal about it - she wasn't sure how many of the townspeople were even interested in karaoke, let alone most of the interferences in town. But... well, it was worth a shot, right? At the very worst, it'd just end with no one showing up, and she'd only be out some time.

"Doru, please stop chewing on that," Sarah said, watching as Doru spat out the tambourine she'd managed to dig up with the karaoke machine. She turned her attention back to sifting through the song listing - it had a search function, and so far she'd yet to find a song that it didn't have on it. Was that something George had done, or was it just some weird interference effect? Either way, it was both convenient and a major complication.

"Man, what am I going to choose..."

 Posted: Sep 24 2016, 12:33 PM


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George was still there, actually...Vigilante was curious about it and he had been trying to select songs with her as well. Vigil piped up "Can I try 'Human After all'?" He said, thinking it would be fun to try. George stretched and stepped up. "Maybe, We still need to get people in here honestly. You want I should gather the crew, Sarah?" He asked...Looking over at the door rto see if anyone else is making their way downtown.

"Well..It's about time"

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