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Welcome to the Interference: Multiverse, a video game crossover roleplayed inspired by The Interference fanfiction series by Newbiespud.

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The Story So Far...
Traverse Town is under attack! A powerful entity by the name of 0m3ga has descended upon the world, seeking to scatter and destroy the Interferences that call it their home. Click here to join the fight!

The Resistors have amassed a large fleet of spaceships in the Ocean Between. These ships are targeting and destroying Heartless and Nobody ships, and will attempt to detain and question any other ships travelling between worlds. Those wishing to respond to this situation can do so here.

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May 1 2017, 07:56 PM
A mass of Darkness was making its way over towards the area of space that Pride Lands occupied. The Resistors had set up shop there, but surely they never expected an attack on their actual base of operations, right?

The mass of Nobodies and Heartless ships grew closer, a pair of Sentinel, large hulking turrets too large to move on their own, wee being towed into position. A few smaller Nobody ships were moving ahead of them. This was going to sting when it was all operational.

Desera smiled from her own flagship.
Apr 30 2017, 06:14 PM
All on this list can be used in any thread by anyone, whether or not Desera is there. Once she makes the ‘Template’ the new Nobodies are able to be made in the same way as any other, whether Desera spawns them, or they get made when Heartless steal Hearts.

Appearance: Shaped like a woman in a robe, floating a couple feet of the ground. Where hair would normally be, they have a long sheet, going down their back, with the nobody symbol on it. Their faces are completely featureless.

Abilities: A 10 foot field around them that can replicate the effects of Desera’s Curses in the field
Misfortune Field: Mimics the Misfortune Curse, making enemies in the area suffer random unfortunate setbacks, such as tripping over a random nail.

Apathy Field: Dulls the Emotions of Enemies, making them… just not care so much

Illness Field: Makes Enemies feel the effects of Illness, such as running nose, sneezing, ETC.


Appearance: They look like big, Stationary Turrets floating around in Gummi Space, With a base consisting of a Orb, and several spines sticking out.

Abilities: They are capable of firing rather powerful lasers from the spines, or beams that can drain a Ship's Shields or Weapons. They are really dangerous to even bigger Gummi ships in large numbers, luckily they are immobile, and once made, have to be towed to new locations.

Appearance: A small, Quadlegged Nobody with a humaniod Torso on top of the legs. It’s two arms are outfitted with Rapid-fire Cannons instead of hands.

Abilities: Can Climb on any surface, like a Spider, it’s Two Cannon- Arms can either fire in a Rapid-fire ‘Light cannon’ mode, which can shred anything without heavy armor, or a slow-firing ‘Heavy Cannon’ Mode, which can pierce almost any armor, and then explode dealing heavy internal damage, at the cost of firing very, very slowly.


Appearance: They look almost exactly like Desera, except the Nobody Symbol covers their entire face, and they don’t have eyes, a nose, or a mouth.

Abilities: They extend Desera’s Nobody and Heartless control power where she is not present. They also come with copies of her two Hand-Crossbows.
Feb 8 2017, 10:02 AM
Raelyn, having practically slept the whole way to Radiant Garden was left sleepily stepping out of the save point in the marketplace. Her hands rubbed idly at her eyes for a few moments before she looked around.

It was beautiful here. Her eyes grew wide as she looked at the nice cobbled streets. The fountains lining the walls. And finally, the steampunk castle rising just behind her. Raelyn pulledmout her camera and took a picture of the scenery that was around her. It was amazing. A place she had only ever dreamed of seeing.

Raelyn then noticed the crowd that was all around here and grew more reserved. Holding the camera close to her chest. And no she waited for the one who lead her here... Selina.
Feb 7 2017, 10:51 PM
So, I've been thinking, we need something to help people make characters. It's not like it will be a requirement to answer the questions. But I recommend that you try to answer at least 20 of them. If you can't answer that many, then you've possibly not thought about the character long enough.

1. For what reason would they start World War III?

2. They have 2 minutes to talk to the creator of the universe, how do they talk to them?

3. They're in a coma, what do they dream about, and what makes them wake up?

4. They sold their soul; to who, and for what price?

5. They've been thrown into a video game of their choice, which game and why do they stay?

6. An orphan child follows you home, what do you do?

7. They wake up and find someone standing right next to their bed, what is their reaction?

8. They've been kidnapped and released as prey in a hunting ground, how does this end?

9. They're stuck in someone else's body for the rest of they're life. Whose is it, and what do they do?

10. How do they feel about the fire, the sky, the wind and the ocean?

11. They're loved one gives them something in the final moments of their life... What is it?

12. Some one has cursed them. What did they do to cause it and how does it affect them?

13. What would their internet browsing history contain?

14. What would their theme song be?

15. What does the interior of their room say about them?

16. If they had no choice to be stuck in a horror game (Ex. Silent Hill) where would they end up?

17. They can trade one ability for a different ability, what would they give up and what would they gain?

18. What color of the sky do they like and why?

19. If they could eat only one meal for a whole week, what would their eating schedule look like?

20. What do they see in the mirror, compared to what they see in the water's reflection?

21. They woke up in someone else's house, what happened?

22. What would they do if the world flooded over?

23. If there was anything they could change about your look, what would they change and how?

24. They can see 15 seconds into the future, what scares you the most about what you see?

25. They've woken up 1000 years in the future, what does this future look like?

26. Death came to their doorstep to speak to them, what do they talk about?

27. The world ended, where do they go?

28. They're the creator of a new universe, what kind of existence do they make?

29. They win an all expense paid to three places, where do they go?

30. There is a sudden car alarm outside, what caused it?

31. If they could have on wish, what would it be?

32. If they died in school, how would they're ghost story go?

33. What does they're internet browsing history contain?

34. They find a balloon with a note attached addressed to them. Where are they right now and what are they doing?

35. They're making a deal with a mischief god, what do they ask him to do?

36. A small girl grabs at they're shirt, making them stoop down. Why was she chasing them?

37. They have a choice of fire or water-- What situation is this that they have to make this choice?

38. They're plummeting out of the sky, how did this situation happen?

39. Time stops for a long as they want... When do they let it resume?

40. A window broke during a thunderstorm, what caused the damage?

41. They're running through a burning house, who are they trying to save?

42. They've turned the opposite gender for the week, how does they're behavior change?

43. A man is following them in the dead of night. Where are they going and why is he following them?

44. If they found the world's largest pearl, who would they give it to?

45. An artist paints a portrait to immortalize their story into legend, what does it depict?

46. At what point of desperation would they resort to drinking blood?

47. If they were to write a song about their life, how would it go?

48. They're lost in the darkest portion of the enchanted forest. Why did they go there?

49. How would they like to die?

50. They've been on the road for 3 years, where are they going?
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