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Sep 21 2016, 02:19 AM
(Continuing from "Fortress Whale")

A large light suddenly appeared within orbit of Radiant Garden. The space the light occupied seemed to twist, and then suddenly the everything snapped back into place and the light dissipated. In its place was a Gummi ship with a wrecked nose and two occupants.

Pierce had had his eyes shut for this. It took a moment before he opened them. His Library and current field instantly reset to their standard state. He looked out towards the world they were close to to confirm that his gambit had worked.

"Alright, we made it, Yugi. Welcome to Radiant Garden."
Mar 26 2016, 07:52 PM
Brent Pierce walked into the castle entryway feeling a touch hesitant about what he was about to do. This was Nobody territory, regardless of whether Organization XIII had vacated the place. But he was going to do it anyway, as he felt he needed to test his new deck.

Much as he had initially wanted to be a proper Interference and meddle in game worlds he knew back to front, his recent excursion into the wider multiverse as a Planeswalker had strongly discouraged that, to the point of scaring him shitless from the idea. True, he had gained new powers out of the deal, but at the end of the day, he was still responsible for the fate of an entire... what could it be called, alternate version? Sure, alternate version of Skyrim. And Pierce had no idea how that was even possible, given his status as an outsider to their entire universe. He was Dragonborn now destined to kill Alduin. So of course he had to freaking run like a coward and get his head back on straight.

So he tried to improve his magical ability at the College of Winterhold. And now Pierce was freaking Arch-Mage. More and more responsibility thrust onto him that he didn't think he could handle. So he ran away AGAIN. The only thing he managed to NOT run away from was helping out a Kahjiit girl who lost her memory, and even that he chickened out on in the form of erasing said memories permanently because he thought they would break her mind via extreme trauma.

And now, here Pierce was, about to try and force himself to at least take on a self-imposed challenge rather than just running all the time. He was going to make it up this castle and back down again with nothing but his new deck.

Now if he could just work up the nerve to walk through the first door...
May 26 2013, 02:16 PM
Putting the whole thing in spoiler spots to keep the thread from becoming freaking huge simply from a first glance. This has got a lot of pictures in it.


Hey everybody! Yes, I’m trying this again. Hopefully, I can get farther than halfway to the third gym this time. This time, though, we’re doing a Nuzlocke of the direct sequel to what I tried last time:

Pokémon Blaze Black 2!

Yes, this line of hacks was created by a guy by the name of Drayano60 (just Drayano or Dray for short) and spans all of the Pokémon Black and White games. What his hack basically does is change up the spawn locations and trainer lineups of the entire game to make all 649 existing Pokémon (as of this generation, of course) be seeable and obtainable. Not only that, but some gym leaders from another region have been placed in different parts of the Unova region that befit their characters, and the challenge to get through this game is much, much harder than the vanilla game. To top it all off, in the complete version, there are actually some major changes that happen to a lot of the Pokémon, but I’ll get into that as it becomes more relevant.

Now, I will be using the provided documentation as a guide. Pokémon’s new stats, types, and available abilities will be clear as day to me as I play through this game; doing a Nuzlocke with the difficulty cranked up is hard enough as it is, I don’t need to be walking in blind. There are some Action Replay cheats provided in these documents that I might be using, but their only purpose is for convenience, such as getting the character to run faster. Other than that, it’s just for the sake of foresight.

Yes, we’re playing as the girl, and yes, I named her after one of my roleplaying characters, sue me. If you guys have any better ideas for what to name this broad, be my guest, I’m not too far in to change it yet, but this is what I’m gonna be sticking with for now.

Further showing my lack of creativity, I’m sticking with the stock name for Porcupine-Hair here. The same suggestion for names applies, if I get any good ones, I can go back and change it.

And for a Nuzlocke run at that. Actually, that reminds me, I need to lay down the ground rules. First and foremost, the basic rules for a Nuzlocke:

1. You can only capture the first Pokémon on a route or area you encounter in the wild. No exceptions. (Option taken: Dupes Clause; any evolutionary lines already caught can be skipped, treating the next Pokémon as the “first encounter.”)

2. If a Pokémon faints, it is considered dead. Release it or permanently box it. No exceptions. (Option taken: Permanently Box)

3. All caught Pokémon must be nicknamed. (Technically optional, but I’m going with it anyway.)

Those are the rules I’m playing with, and that’s what I have to stick to for the entire run of this game. No limit on healing items, no limit on Pokémon Center trips, no level caps, nothing but the bare-bones Nuzlocke run. And no, I’m not going to try and make this harder until I’ve made at least one successful run all the way to the championship, which has yet to happen on any Nuzlocke attempt thus far.

With that out of the way, we have a wide world to explore, so let’s get at it!

Here we are at the start of the game. If you’re going to play along with me, Dray recommends you save your game (within the actual system, not just as a save state) at the earliest possible time, which happens to be now, so that’s what I’ve done. Okay, time to go talk to Mom.

I’ve heard of her yeah. Lemme guess, she wants to give me a Pokédex and a starter Pokémon and send me out into the Unova region on a journey to collect data on as many Pokémon as I can lay my eyes on.

Mom: …Wow, yes, that’s exactly it. How did you know?

Oh, don’t look so surprised. This wouldn’t be a Nuzlocke run if I hadn’t already done this a few times.

Mom: A what-locke?

Never mind. So she’s sent someone to give me this stuff?

…Wait, what!? The professor sent the hopeless airhead to give me this stuff!?

Mom: Uh-

What is she thinking!? The girl’s first decision as a Pokémon trainer mercilessly destroyed a kid’s bedroom!

Mom: …?

...Er, so I’ve heard.

Mom: Are you feeling alright, sweetie?

I’m fine, Mom. This is what the internet does to people.

Mom: Okay… Well, I don’t entirely understand what your problem is with her, but she’s the only one here with your “starter kit”, so to speak.

Ugh, fine, I guess I’ll have to risk it and hope for the best. She can’t be all that hard to spot, with that giant green beret of hers.

Mom: You have your bag and your Xtransciever, right?

Yes, Mom, you can call me day or night. See ya!

Oh, hey Hugh! Hi, Sara! (We’ll assume that’s what his little sister’s name is.) Actually, I was just on my way to get one. Professor Juniper sent someone to give me one.

Sara: Woow! That’s so cool! Make sure you take good care of it, okay?

Hugh: …

Of course I will, Sara! …Um, Hugh, what’s with the look?

Hugh: Hm? Oh, nothing. Sara, head home, okay? I’m gonna head up with Kyna to see her new Pokémon.

Sara: Okay! Bye Kyna! *runs off*

Cute kid.

Hugh: Yeah…

You sure you’re okay?

Hugh: Yeah, I’m fine. Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go meet your new Pokémon!

To be honest, I don’t feel too crazy about it just yet.

Hugh: What? Why not? This is your first ever Pokémon! You should be excited!

I know, I know, but… well, for one thing… I don’t want to sound rude, but…

Do you have to walk with me like we’re on a date?

Hugh: Oh. Sorry.

No big deal. That’s not the real reason anyway. The big reason is that the professor sent a hopeless airhead to give me this starter.

Hugh: Hey, that’s not very nice to say!

The girl’s first decision as a Pokémon trainer wrecked a kid’s room, and she couldn’t even keep her Munna from being kidnapped by Team Plasma. And save for N and the Seven Sages, those guys were pathetic. As far as I’m concerned, “hopeless airhead” is putting it nicely.

Hugh: Yikes. That bad, huh?

You have no idea. Hey, wait a-

Who the heck is this guy?

Hugh: Dunno, but he looks like he wants you to come over and talk to him.

Hugh: You think this is a good idea?


Hugh: Think he might be a creepy stalker wanting to get in your pants?


Hugh: You gonna talk to him anyway?

Kinda have to. He’s blocking the way to the one place Bianca would probably go in this city.

Hugh: Why do I hang out with you?

Just back me up, you freaking coward.

Dude, I don’t want anything to have to do with your key or how you bear it. Get out of my way, or I’m gonna have you taste the bottom of my shoe. Violently.

Keys? In the plural? What freak of nature are you!? I swear to Arceus, if you don’t back the hell up right now, I’m gonna-

Oh, those kinds of keys! Yeah, that I’m perfectly okay with. For those not familiar with Black and White 2, these keys can basically be traded between the systems to unlock different features on each copy of the game. In the respective isolated games, Black 2 would get Challenge mode, Black City, and Registeel, while White 2 would get Easy mode, White Forest, and Regice. To get access to any feature while on the opposite system, you’d have to transfer the key(s) in question between the games to unlock them. In this hack, however, you’re basically given all of them at once, hence the reason we needed a save file so damn early; if we didn’t have one before this point, the keys’ data would have nowhere to go. We don’t have the keys to the Regi trio yet, though; that will come later when we actually find the place to catch them in the Unova region.

Oh, and don’t worry about that last one. It unlocks White Forest, trust me, it just looks a little weird.

Well, that idiot stalker finally left, and he wasn’t looking for rape after all.

Hugh: Yeah, that’s a relief. I was hoping I wasn’t gonna have to punch him.

Says the man who hid behind my skirt.

Hugh: Don’t you have a Pokémon to get!?

Oh, right!

Ohhhhhhhhhh, right. Well, time to suck it up and see what disaster this clueless airhead has in store for me. Excuse me!

…Yep, you’re Bianca alright.

Bianca: Oh, you’ve heard of me?

Unfortunately, yes.

…Hon, you’re looking at her.

Bianca: Oh! You’re Kyna! You’re just like I heard about!

Not sure whether I should consider that a good thing. Anyway, let’s get down to brass tacks before something gets wrecked or stolen. I believe you have something for me?

Bianca: Yep! First order of business, pick your Pokémon!

Sweet, let’s see what we got here.

First up is Tepig, the Fire-type starter Pokémon. Now before you guys start calling heresy on me for even considering picking this guy up simply because it’s the third Fire-Fighting-type starter in a row, let me assure you that this is no longer the case in this hack. He now becomes a Fire-Ground-type, which is pretty unique and pretty fitting. I think there’s only a handful of other Pokémon with that typing. He also gets a boost in almost all of his base stats as the final evolution, save for Speed (which doesn’t change) and Special Attack (which actually gets lowered). Alongside Blaze, he also has a 50% chance of having the ability Thick Fat, which changes into Adaptability at the final evolution.

Next is the Grass-starter, Snivy. I’ve actually used this guy in playthroughs of this hack before, though never in a Nuzlocke. He can get the ability Contrary instead of Overgrow, which can be very useful in defense but make some moves downright useless offensively. In addition, its final evolution gains the Dragon type, and has gotten base stat boosts in HP and Speed at that final level, though they don’t count for much.

Finally is the crowd favorite, Oshawott. What is it with people and the Water-type starters? Anyway, this thing will actually gain the Fighting type after it evolves, which is very interesting indeed. Instead of Torrent, it can end up having the ability Shell Armor, and its final evolution gets small boosts in its base Special Attack and Speed stats.

What I have neglected to mention thus far is the changes to their movesets; I’ll show that becoming more relevant when the time comes for these Pokémon, but let’s just say there’s a substantial change.

Welp, there’s my choices. But which one to choose…

That’s it for this session, guys. Please post your suggestions below for:

1. A good name for Kyna

2. A good name for Hugh

3. Which starter to pick

4. What to name said starter

I’ll be looking at all the suggestions before the next session, so until then!
Apr 20 2013, 03:20 PM
"Jeez, this is the seventh time this week! Can't he give us a break!?"

The free-spirited and smart-mouthed Odd Della Robbia had recently acquired a habit of complaining anytime the Lyoko Warriors ended up getting overworked by X.A.N.A. Recently, the multi-agent artificial intelligence had found a way to synthesize and control polymorphic copies of various Heartless, and thanks to their low cost in processing power, they had been coming in increasingly frequent waves. The gang could barely keep up with it.

Said Lyoko Warriors included Yumi Ishiyama, Ulrich Stern, Jeremy Belpois, Odd himself, and of course, the virtual pink-haired elf on Lyoko, Aelita. And all but the last one were now rushing like mad to get to the factory where the supercomputer - the source of all this trouble - was located.

"Like we even have a say in the matter," the ever-tough Ulrich retorted to Odd's complaints. "I just hope the B.W. shows up to help this time."

"He's usually there pretty quick when we're in the Forest sector," Jeremy, the brains, reminded them. "If it's not, there's no telling when he'll show up."

"Oh, he'll show," Yumi chimed in. "He hasn't let us down yet!"

Chatter between the Lyoko Warriors died down as the four reached a manhole leading down to the sewer system. This was their shortcut to the factory, and it's what they used to get to the supercomputer anytime there was a X.A.N.A. attack. And attacks there were; a small squadron of polymorphic specter Heartless, consisting of three Soldiers and half a dozen Shadows, were terrorizing Kadic Academy and everyone there. For all the blows they tried to deal the creatures, no one could hit them. The only reason no one had been expecting them up to this point was because of a feature of the supercomputer Jeremy could activate at any time: Return to the Past. This rewound the whole of their world to a specified time in the past, though it has never rewound to the previous day.

On Lyoko, Aelita was searching around the Forest sector, following pulsations that she knew would lead her to the activated Tower, the access point X.A.N.A. was using to attack Kadic. She was cautious, constantly using trees as cover, because she knew X.A.N.A. was bound to send his own brand of monsters to stop her progress eventually. He always did.

And in an amber crystalline Tower just out of Aelita's sight, the Burning Warrior (B.W.) felt the pulsations and opened his eyes. He used to know that he was Blaze, and that there were many other worlds other than this. Now, however, he only had one thought in his head: protect Aelita and stop X.A.N.A.'s attack. He got up from his meditative position and raced out of the tower, quickly heading to intercept Aelita via flame-propulsion flight.
Apr 18 2013, 12:43 PM
Name: Blaze O’Karan

Age: 18

Gender: Male


Pyromancy: Blaze uses straight-up pyromancy; his potential control over and manipulation of fire makes the element as flexible as his imagination. However, this is assuming he can control it sufficiently to pull off what he wants, which is oftentimes easier said than done. At the start, he can’t do much more on his own then cast flame with some inertia, a la your basic fireball or flamethrower attack. Only with the Dragon Crystal can he do more in terms of control than he can do alone.

Crystallization: Blaze has also gained the ability to turn flames into pure amber crystal, apparent from his use of it during his “Drone Time” in Lyoko. Starting out, he doesn’t know how he did it, but once he regains the ability to, any amber crystal he places in any world can be used as a second set of eyes and ears for a minimum fifteen foot radius. He can reverse the crystallization process at any time to take control of the flames contained within, but he must be physically present to do so. He can also cause any amber he creates, as well as the Dragon Crystal, to Shine: basically, this ability just lights the amber up from the inside anywhere from a dim glow to blinding levels.

Overdrive Mode: Blaze can only activate this state during times of great emotional distress and anxiety, at least at first. (Think of it like how Digivolving behaves in the anime.) A combination of his pyromancy, crystallization, and the Dragon Crystal, Blaze becomes fully encased in a suit of amber armor, complete with a fully functional dragon tail and matching wings. His flame output and control with the Dragon Crystal is doubled and he gains the ability to use multiple Dragon Crystal forms simultaneously. However, he loses most of his rational control and can be counted on to attack anything that moves for the short time he can have it activated. After the form wears off and Blaze reverts to normal, the extremely exhaustive use of his powers will cause him to collapse into unconsciousness.

Miscellaneous: Thanks to his time in Neo Domino City and having the need to maintain a now nonexistent Duel Runner (this was back in “the Legends multiverse” as opposed to this “new multiverse,” as he refers to them), Blaze has significant mechanical prowess and knowledge. During his now nonexistent time with the Assassin Order, he also picked up some stealth and parkour skills. Also, during his time between multiverse iterations, Blaze apparently picked up a few normal skills, those being some martial arts, archery, and creating music via the guitar, flute, synthesizer, and/or piano. How he got any of these additional skills is a mystery, but Blaze simply assumes it was downloaded into his brain during his “Drone Time” in Lyoko, for all the sense that makes. His dog, Tired, is also perfectly capable of defending itself against Heartless threats, and can even destroy some of the smaller ones singlehandedly.

Equipment: Other than the clothes on his back (and unless his canine companion, Tired, counts), Blaze doesn’t start out carrying anything but his Dragon Crystal, a transforming piece of amber that acts as his primary weapon and an amplifier for his power. In its idle state, the crystal takes on the circular design of a long but coiled dragon, with its head resting in the middle of the disc; it can fit harmlessly in the palm of your hand. When used in battle, however, the crystal comes alive, expands, and transforms into different battle items as Blaze needs them to shape his power, with more forms being unlocked as Blaze learns to control both it and his pyromancy. (Note: Only Flame Sword is unlocked at the start.)

Dragon Crystal Forms:

Flame Sword: By far Blaze’s favorite form to use the Dragon Crystal in during battle. The crystal takes the form of your standard sword with a hand-and-a-half-length handle, with most of the dragon’s distinguishing features being used to decorate the hilt and handle of the sword. Used in this form, Blaze’s pyromancy can be used in an almost automatic way, his powers being activated with less mental effort on his part and more through the actions he takes by swinging and stabbing with the sword. His starting inefficiency with controlling his fire makes this crystal form usually the most practical.

Fire Staff: Normally used in more long-range or stealthy combat, if it gets used at all. The Dragon Crystal lengthens itself into a longstaff, with the head of the dragon decorating the top of the staff and the rest of the dragon’s features appearing in order further down. This form allows Blaze to consciously focus his pyromancy in more complex and precise ways; this won’t be practical in open battle, however, until Blaze learns how to better control his fire.

Amber Shield: Blaze’s go-to option for defensive positions. The Dragon Crystal encases his left arm, from his wrist to his elbow, in crystal and forms a large shield over the top of his forearm, with the claws decorating the wrist-mount and everything else decorating the shield. This is only really used to block attacks, although Shining the amber can temporarily blind opponents, and of course, there’s always the shield-bash option.

Amber Armor: The Dragon Crystal expands to completely encase one part of the body in a piece of crystal armor, allowing for different applications of pyromancy depending on which form it takes alongside additional protection of the body part in question. For example, a gauntlet would allow for fire punches or fire blasts from the hand, while a pair of boots would be capable of flight. This is general shorthand for the different armor forms the crystal will eventually be able to take, though Blaze will only be able to unlock them one at a time.

Dragon Limbs: These limbs will only form for Blaze very “late in the game,” so to speak, as they are both deadly tools and marks of his grown power. Dragon wings can be formed for full-fledged flight and on-the-fly shielding, while a tail might be formed as a powerful extra limb in combat, and claws or even a head can be formed over his hands to drastically increase his power in short- or long-range combat, respectively.

Condition: Despite the regression it has suffered, Blaze’s body has shaped itself to be capable of the parkour, battling, and receiving the abuse that Blaze has to put it through on a regular basis; it has only become more so after his “Drone Time” in Lyoko, where his (admittedly virtual) body was at the command of a mind that didn’t know how to take care of it. How his mind is depends on when you ask him. Before being released from his binds in Lyoko, he’s nothing more than a drone, with no memories, no emotion, and barely any consciousness to speak of. The closest comparison is the Lingering Will in the Keyblade Graveyard, and the only “desire” he acts on is to kick the crap out of the local baddy, X.A.N.A., wherever it might rear its ugly head. Afterwards, however, his mind is perfectly fine, capable of remembering and feeling everything from his past. The only other thing of note is that Tired acts a bit more sentient than a dog, especially a puppy, probably should be, though that’s never proven to be a bad thing.

Personality: Blaze is something of an odd person to be around nowadays. To his allies, he’s pretty energetic and reasonably kindhearted, and he doesn’t pick too many bones about how something is possible, given where he is. If anyone were to catch him with his guard down, though, they might find a troubled, serious nature; he’s constantly trying to figure something out, but he refuses to tell anyone what. To his enemies, he’ll enjoy the occasional round of mirthless banter, but he prefers to let his fists and flames do the talking for him. And if you’ve really pissed him off, do yourself a favor and steer clear; if his anger gets the best of him, Overdrive Mode could very well happen, and then it’s just carnage for at least two minutes straight.

Oh, and as far as Tired goes, he’s an unnaturally smart pup, giving Blaze subtle hints as to what he should do if he needs that extra push to actually do it. He’s also very friendly towards those he considers friends, or at least allies. He is a dog, however, and therefore does let his instincts guide him; if he feels something’s wrong on a danger level, such as meeting a person whose demeanor sets him off or running into an area where Heartless are about to spawn, he starts bearing claws and teeth. In these situations, not a lot of people would immediately call him friendly, or even cute.

Morality: Blaze has a natural affinity towards the side of good, but he has learned when action needs to be taken in order to save lives. He has also learned that said action may not always be black and white, but more often than not when it pops up, it is definitely necessary, and he makes no bones about it. Still, if there’s any way to save everyone, he’ll blast his way through anything and everything that gets in his way to do so. Tired, however, is much more straightforward. If someone needs help, he’ll find a way to lend a paw, and if there’s an ally that’s about to die, the little pup will fight tooth and claw to make sure they don’t.

Appearance: Blaze looks younger than he actually is; in fact, the jump between multiverse iterations has regressed his body to that of when he was fourteen. As a result, he stands roughly four-foot-six. Still, he kept the lean, muscular build that has allowed for his parkour and martial art skills. Eyes are bright green, hair is crimson red, and he wears blue jeans, white sneakers, a brown shirt, and a fire-red jacket - that is, when he’s not wearing a full-body red cloak over the whole ensemble in the style of his old Assassin robes.

As for Tired, the little pup is a male, two-and-a-half-month-old golden lab, and looks a little scruffy from time to time if he’s been in a few brawls recently. He wears a brown leather collar around his neck, complete with tags indicating his name, owner, and the last time he had his shots. (The collar and assorted accessories will come at the behest of the Lyoko Warriors once Blaze and Tired get out of the virtual world of Lyoko.)


Born with divorced parents and forced to live in a one-horse town in the middle of nowhere most of the time, Blaze grew up with little to no social skills concerning conversations towards his peers. Sure he was easy to talk to, but he could never bring himself to approach anyone, not even for help he needed. His best times would be when he would get to go out to his dad's beach house and surf in the ocean, occasionally getting himself to join in on a game of beach volleyball if he could get the nerve up.

One day, he got news that his dad had lost his job and had to sell the beach house and move farther inland. Besides video games, that place had been his only escape and the only place where he had any friends. The event sent him into a rage for a couple hours and then into a lingering depression that lasted for a few days. Eventually, he felt so bad that he started truly wishing he could just escape into one of his video games, or even a favorite anime of his. At the time, he was watching an early season four episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, and there was a bright flash of light at one of the explosions during a Turbo Duel. Blaze got sucked in, becoming an Interference in the world of Neo Domino City.

While in Neo Domino City, Blaze hooked up with Team 5D’s at around the time of Akiza’s crash before a match in the World Racing Grand Prix (WRGP). One of the main players, Crow, had a broken arm at the time, and was going to openly compete in Akiza’s place on the three-man team despite this being incredibly risky for his health. Blaze managed to convince him otherwise, as he was an able-bodied duelist and a quick learner; he could much more easily take Crow’s slot on the team and get out no worse for wear. In his first competitive Turbo Duel in the WRGP, Blaze demonstrates just how much he knows about the team and about their dangerous opponents by manipulating the flow of every move their opponents made to his advantage. This earned him a more permanent spot on the team as their informant on the tactics of the opponents they would go up against in the grand prix, as well as a substitute duelist for their team.

During his stay in Neo Domino helping the crew, Blaze found that he could summon FIRE-Attribute monsters as the real deal, as well as cast spells and open traps with fire affinities that came out real as well. This came as an initial surprise to him, but he took it in stride and used it to his advantage on more than one occasion to fight back enemies with similar abilities. Since he needed his own ride for the WRGP, the leader of Team 5D’s, Yusei, helped him build his own Duel Runner from scratch, which he dubbed the Crimson Streak, as well as teaching him numerous things about mechanics. It was also revealed fairly early on that the leader of Yiliaster (bad guys), Jakob, knew about what he was, and though he would reference it a number of times, he never fully explained. The Crimson Dragon, on the rare occasions it appeared, seemed to be of the same disposition.

Blaze definitely earned his keep in the WRGP duels when he replaced a starting card in the deck of their lead man, Jack, with the trap card Bad Reaction to Simochi before their duel against Team New World, also known as Yiliaster. This move ended the battle anticlimactically, with Jack sweeping all three members of Yiliaster. Satisfied he had changed events enough that Yiliaster would be stalled for a while, Blaze finally looked to find a way home, and started his search with the Crimson Dragon using the collective Signs of Team 5D’s to summon it. The godlike being then gave Blaze the full explanation on what being an Interference was: that he had made this world real with the connection of his heart and it was now part of a giant multiverse he had the full right to traverse and effect on his own. It then granted Blaze a gift: a new Gummi ship that he would name after the deity, as well as an enchantment put on his Speed World 2 Field Spell card that would summon the Crimson Streak to his side whenever he played it. With these gifts in hand, Blaze said goodbye to his friends and took off for the multiverse.

Blaze met his first Interference friend, Spencer, on his way to go see Yen Sid, where he learned that his fire affinity extended past his cards. He still needed a catalyst to shape his flames effectively, but he had a general grasp over pyromancy, and could use it through his Duel Disk to conjure his Nova Blade. After a brief duel with Spencer in the old man’s office, he took to patrolling Twilight Town for a couple of weeks, learning as much about the worlds as he could from Hayner’s gang in his spare time.

Things didn’t change up until he had to do his own job in introducing a new Interference to the multiverse at large, that Interference being Elwood, the King of Albion from Fable 3. After a quick stint to Yen Sid where Blaze got access to Firestorm magic (and so that his explanation of the video game aspect of the multiverse had some credence), the two traveled to Renaissance Italy, where they met up with Ezio Auditore da Firenze and - shock of all shocks - Spencer again. The group of four ended up having to fight, sneak, and assassinate their way through the story of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, which Blaze was familiar with. The Pyro Duelist was even able to get a large income of cash coming to him by buying and refurbishing the shops around Rome. There was one other twist, however: a new Interference, who went by the name Blizzy, had appeared and sided with the Templars, having been confused about her situation and just wanting to get home. She definitely made things tougher for the group of four as they went through the entire story.

After all that got said and done with, Blaze went out on his own, having his own set of interesting adventures and encounters, but nothing’s worth mentioning until he met Liv Stevens and had to help her. Over the course of several very weird adventures in several different game worlds, Blaze figured out that this partially insane girl had a troubled past. And then there was her twin David. Once he had made his Interference and gone to the dark side, (insert your Star Wars wisecrack here,) Blaze had done all he could to fight him off and keep Liv’s prophecy of her death from coming true. It didn’t work, but she quickly got better anyway, and David started to reform himself; Blaze was willing to give him a second chance after hearing about all the crap he had been through in his efforts.

Blaze also had some fleeting relationships with Umiyuri, a (seemingly) young Interference with a few more problems than Blaze thought any one person would be able to handle without some help getting set up. One of the bigger and more apparent problems was the girl’s retrograde amnesia, which happened so often that Blaze had to get her to start a constantly written-in journal to serve as her memory until it could get repaired. He did all he could for her short of living with her to help get things done, but he still felt worried about her and added fixing her amnesia to the list of things he wanted to help fix.

Blaze finally caught up with Blizzy again, who was having quite a unique problem. Something had been taking her over and influencing her thoughts from the inside out, working cleverly so as to not arouse suspicion. When Blaze realized this, he dove into Blizzy’s heart and battled the the source of the problem, only to have his memory wiped as a result of a desperate, last-resort attack; Blizzy was also affected, but the two never met again. When Blaze woke up, he was back on his ship and couldn’t remember anything, though there were plenty of things around him that could potentially trigger memories to surface. Having no access or memory of his powers either, he took on the moniker Warp and decked himself out in Mass Effect gear, ready to search for his past.

During this search for his past, he ran into Umi again. The girl was doing okay with herself, and was probably the only one here who realized the irony of their meeting; now he was the one who couldn’t remember anything. The two spent evening and night together, which had its ups and downs but resulted in Blaze (I refuse to call him Warp anymore) buying Tired as company for Umi. Before the night was out, it was clear there was more than a friendship starting to develop between the two, but thanks to recent revelations, Blaze felt it best to leave the two before he ended up causing trouble.

Little did he know he probably wouldn’t end up having a chance. During a little stint in the Solana galaxy, planet Veldin, the whole world ended up starting to melt like running ink, Blaze’s body included. The result was painful - it could even be called horrific - but then reality warped around Blaze and he found himself somewhere else. Thanks to most of his memory being lost at the time of the universe being reset, Blaze’s full memories, as well as his emotions and most of his consciousness, had been isolated away from him when he was saved by lord knows what precedence. He had been relocated to the virtual world of Lyoko, with a reformatted set of powers and only one directive: assist the Lyoko Warriors, a team of middle school kids who had found Lyoko, in their battle against the hostile artificial intelligence known as X.A.N.A. For the past two months, he has been stuck there, battling his heart out in an attempt to bring X.A.N.A. down, but for all the Lyoko Warriors’ efforts, they can’t figure out what Blaze is or how to wake him up to full consciousness.

There was one way, however. Blaze had been given an established base, an amber crystal Tower in the Forest sector that served as his base of operations. Inside is a console that he meditates at, keeping all of X.A.N.A.’s forces away from it. If anyone were to access it and input a certain number code, they would re-establish Blaze’s consciousness, memories, and emotions; he would fully become what he used to be. And there was only one person he ever gave that code.
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