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Apr 11 2017, 07:40 PM
Althea Enyo: Shit I have to hunt down threads now don't I? I'll post this and come back to it at some point. Please excuse my ADD infused motivation post.

Elissa Mauna: She awoke in a strange place and saw a pony who seemed equally afraid of her as she was of it.


Nathaniel King:

Noel Valentine:

Stephany Sazwaki:

Apr 4 2017, 09:02 PM
Character: Althea Enyo
Character 2: Elizabeth
A Shot in the Dark.

(Non-canon, does not reflect canon abilities.)

The flame haired girl approached the place. It was a devastated plane of rock and flame, where it had appeared there had once been roads and houses. She was there to find one thing, and one thing only. A goddamn case of root beer. "I've been craving something... fizzy. I'll be damned if I ain't gonna get it too."

A small girl, looking no more than ten walked up next to her. "So you chose an apocalyptic wasteland that only might have what you're looking for to search through? Why are we here, love? I don't understand." The small girl set her hand to her forehead and shook her head. With a sigh, she threw her hands to the air. "Well, I'm sticking with you anyway so, hell. Let's do this, you idiot."

...and with that, the flame haired girl and her vampire companion were off, traveling in search of wrecked convenience stores and grocery stores. It wasn't long until they found a store. Granted, the store was a wrecked gas station that had burned down due to the gasoline, but there would still be some stuff safe on the inside, right?
Mar 30 2017, 08:33 PM
Classification: External

Name: Mary Cowell

Gender: Female

Physical: Mary looks about twenty with straight orange hair down to shoulder length. Her hair shines and looks very soft. She holds a beautiful smile upon her face, so beautiful that it may prove challenging to imagine her not smiling. Her eyes shine a pretty blue and with closer inspection had golden specs around the edge of the iris. Her facial features are gentle complimented by her rosy cheeks and shining complexion. Her lips are a light shade of red, showing signs of light makeup. Mary has a slender body with modest curves complimented well by her current dress of a waitress. The woman's hands were adorned with many band-aids, a sign of her hard work. A sign that she isn't always the best at it too. Her voice can be described as pleasing and silky. Light and soft.

Mental: Mary is a kind and gentle person, mostly. She isn't too quick to anger and when she does get angry or annoyed many have called it motherly. She is aware that she looks appealing and sounds appealing to others but is very modest about it when someone mentions it, though in truth she is very proud of her natural beauty. Her emotions are rather showing on her face, no matter how hard she tries, she's an open book. Mary is not shy, in fact she's known to be a little intrusive at times, though meaning well and most don't mind, as she's very kind and polite. The looks don't hurt either. Most of her intrusiveness comes in when what her friends had named a “learning fit” would happen.

Mary, as perfectly as she may outwardly appear, is nowhere near perfect. There will be times, both happening at frequent and infrequent intervals, where something will catch Mary’s attention and she will want to learn about it. Most of those things she learned about quickly and on the spot, time and place permitting, as she lived in a time where information was easily accessible. More to the point, Mary is able to push the urge to learn aside but it doesn't go away. The impulse doesn't intrude heavily upon her thoughts. She is unreserved about asking these questions most of the time so even if it is an awkward or strange question, she will just ask away, her usual politeness flying to the wind. Mary will passively seek out new knowledge too. Maybe stopping at a library if there's one nearby or asking someone knowledgeable some questions, even if she isn't currently super interested in the topic. She has a sense of right and wrong but for the sake of knowing, she'll go a little bit out on the moral compass. Not too extreme like murder or something, but just a little.

A more detailed look at her individual emotions, on default she's generally happy. Never really displeased unless something makes her so. Of course, this isn't a giddy ecstatic happiness, having that as default would cause many problems. When she does hit that level of happiness, she lights up bright as can be. Smiling, jumping around, being hyperactive and all. Of course, the same extreme is true for most of the rest of her emotions, though they all do have many levels. It isn’t simply a jump from one thing to another and her emotional moods seem to last for a long time. There are quite a few times she had felt sad over something for what many would call much too long without someone or something other than herself there to pick her back up. She’s quite the type to dwell on emotions and thrive mostly from the good ones. Mary has a bad habit of being a bit too perceptive then saying exactly what she saw. For instance, someone who, say, likes someone else subtly, Mary would state it openly and how she could tell that it was true in front of everyone.

Mary isn’t afraid of much and what she is afraid of can be overcome in the name of learning, though only for the time she is learning. Mary, most unfortunately, is terruily afraid of any kind of vehicle that isn’t a bicycle. She will freak out completely if on a vehicle, her only saving grace being her sister, a close friend or a lover to bury her face in while she murmurs about how she isn’t actually on a vehicle.

Background: Mary was born in Tokyo, Japan. Her parents moved there for her father’s work as a businessman a few years before and decided the inner city was a good place to raise their children. Mary was the oldest of three sisters. Her other sisters being two and four years younger than her. The middle sister was named Skyla and the youngest Penny. Mary’s parents had pretty normal jobs, her father was a successful businessman and her mother was a baker, owning her own store.

Mary and her sisters were widely different. Mary from a young age really liked learning. Skyla did sports and Penny played video games a lot. They would often bicker and fight about where the family should go on weekends, library, ball field or the games store. Whenever Mary tried to argue she tried to use logic to her advantage and ignore the things that didn’t exactly go with her argument, something that only worked on her sisters. It was about age eight that Mary began really feeling responsibility for her sisters. Mary aged to nine.

Her father had gone to America on a routine business trip, so no one really thought of it when he left. No one thought maybe they should apologize, maybe hug him, maybe say they loved him. On the day he left, Penny hadn’t left her room, Skyla was out playing football and Mary had been yelling her head off at him for the past hour or two. As he left, he said he loved her to which she replied she hated his existence and wish he had died the day he was born so she wouldn’t have to exist at the same time as him. His face hardened. Her mother, of course, scolded her harshly, to which Mary responded with an equally anger-filled response then stormed off to her room where she’d lay and cry for a while. Why was she angry at her father? He told her she was too young to have a doughnut after bedtime at 8:30. The argument had risen from the night before when she had asked and got scolded for being out of bed and was quickly placed back in her room.



Sample Post:
Mar 2 2017, 06:44 PM
Classification: External

Name: Elissa Mauna

Age: 17 September 6

Gender: Female

Physical: Elissa stands at 5’3 weighing 131.04 pounds. She has a slender body and soft facial features. Her eyes are a bright red that she hides with brown contact lenses. Elissa has amber colored hair resting just below her shoulders. Elissa’s hands are well groomed and show no distinct sign of hard work.

Clothing: Elissa prefers to wear easy clothing like sweat pants and t-shirts, though only in personal space. If she is to go out somewhere she prefers to wear plain dresses. Around the neck or top of whatever she is wearing is a colorful ring of pencils and pens, giving her quite a strange look.

Condition: Elissa is decently muscular and she knows martial arts, and because of that she isn't too terribly uncoordinated. She can balance rather well and can hit a target if she throws something at it from no more than a few feet away. She stands straight, though she has a tendency to slouch when she sits down. Elissa is currently unable to speak, however she knows sign language.

Mental: (personality, morality, likes and dislikes, etc.)

Personality: Elissa is very shy and dislikes approaching people she doesn’t know and prefers to avoid conflict and confrontation when possible. If she is forced to fight, she will try her best to win with the mentality of “I’m here now, may as well do my damndest to win.” Elissa only argues when she either knows she is right or feels very strongly about the topic as it isn't very easy for her to get her point across. If proven wrong, she accepts that she was wrong, but stays angry for at least a few more minutes. Elissa is something of a lonely type. Though she has setbacks in communication, she prefers to be around people, even if she is shy and unable to speak. Elissa isn't very quick to anger as she feels like without the ability to speak to others her anger would be wasted, a feeling that took time to develop in her. She is often lost in thought, as she cannot speak her thoughts easily. All things considered, Elissa will still poke fun at people she feels she knows well enough. Though she is mute, she understands all aspects of language.

Background: An odd day it was, when Elissa’s parents took her to a doctor. She was seven at the time and had never spoken a word. “Isn't it a bit late to take a child in for not speaking at all? She's seven years old. Speech is supposed to develop much sooner.” The doctor remarked at the lateness of the visit.

Elissa was, of course, blissfully ignorant to the lateness of the visit. She had sat herself in the corner and started playing with building blocks the office had for children to use.

“Well, we thought that maybe at some point she'd break her silence. She's our first child so we really didn't know if this was…” Her mother spoke, sounding unsure.

“Normal? Well, I'm here today to tell you it is not. Normally speech developed much earlier in life. Has there been any trauma in her life? For instance a dog bite, a car crash, something of the like?”

“No, nothing like that. Aside from her silence, she seems to be completely normal.”

“No, nothing? Alright. Well, I'm going to take her vitals then we’ll continue from there.” The doctor did as he said he would and went through treatment process of taking her vitals. Upon looking in her throats he noticed something unusual, but couldn't come to a conclusion with only that.

Elissa’s mother sat in the room, waiting patiently. “Well? Have you found anything?” The question came out as almost a whisper. It was evident Elissa’s mother cared for her child and was very worried for her lack of speech.

“When I looked in her throat I thought I saw something a bit unusual but we'd need to take a better look to be sure. I'll mark the appointment for next Wednesday at three o'clock. Would that be alright with you?”

“Yes, that would be wonderful, thank you.” Replied her mother. Elissa’s mother walked up to the young girl and placed her hand on her back. “Come on, let’s go Elissa.” Elissa complied happily, smiling up at her mother.

Elissa spent a happy few days playing as a normal child would while her parents watched her with much worry. Finally, the day of the appointment arrived. Elissa, like any child, was scared. With her mother's encouragement, Elissa complied with the doctor’s requests.

Elissa’s mother and father waited patiently for the doctor to arrive with news, chatting about their worries for their child while they waited. “I hope she's ok…” The mother spoke. “It'll be fine. I'm sure of it.” Replied Elissa’s father. It was a conversation of doubt and reassurance.

After what felt like hours, the doctor arrived, Elissa following shortly after. Elissa ran to her mother and happily hugged hugged her. Elissa’s mother almost instinctively placed her hand on little Elissa’s head. Her father was the first to break the silence. “Well? Is there something wrong with her?”

“No, not mentally at least, so you can rest assured of that. She thinks at the level of a normal child for her age. We took a closer look at her throats and took an X-ray.” The doctor paused a moment and walked into a room, ushering the parents to follow. Once inside he closed the door and turned off the light to display the X-ray, “We took an X-ray of her throat and it appears,” The doctor pointed at the X-ray, “ that vital parts of the throats and the voice box did not develop right. From the looks of it, she will never speak. I’d suggest you look into some special care for her like learning sign language and learning to deal with her mutism.”

Elissa’s parents were, of course, impacted by the news but they accepted it after a time. They learned sign language themselves along with their daughter.

From there, they began encouraging Elissa to take part in the activities that normal kids would. Elissa began playing sports and joining in other activities. The kids around her were always aware of her disability, but none of them minded. They treated her just the same as they would anyone else.

At age thirteen, through the insistence of her father, Elissa began martial arts training. “If you can’t scream for help, you need to be able to help yourself.” This was her father’s driving argument for the matter, one which both she and her mother agreed to be true. Elissa dutifully attended the classes and eventually, she started having fun.

Elissa was fifteen now. She had been accepted into a good high school. Her peers treated her as a normal person, aside from a few unusual looks as she had adopted a rather... unusual style of dressing. No matter what she was doing, with the exception of sleeping, bathing, and her uniform for martial arts, she wore all colors of pens and pencils around her collar, always with a notepad in pocket.

Her friends were selected from the more quiet and shy people in her classes, one of which was an avid otaku. This otaku friend, Danielle, had introduced Elissa to the wonderful world of dating sims. At first, Elissa was a bit hesitant to play them, but Danielle lent her a relatively simple one and the portable console to play it on so it was pretty hard to refuse. Elissa slowly took a liking to these games and it became a hobby of sorts, but things like these can be addicting.

Her hobby of completing them quickly became an obsession. She began getting in trouble for playing them in class and at other places in school. It was even affecting her grades. Her parents addressed this and she stopped to save her grades after a few battles within the family, arguments that, to anyone who didn't know sign language, would look really strange. A family furiously signaling different things with their hands to each other. Eventually, her mother had run out of ideas for stopping this obsession and broke down in front of Elissa.

“You have no idea how painful it is, for a mother to see her child not care for their future. The only thing I’ve ever wanted for you was for you to succeed in life. You don’t need to do spectacular, though I always hope that you will. Doing things like this, though, I can only see this ending up hurting you.” After that, Elissa gave up the games and got her life back on track. It had hurt her more than anything to see her mother cry like that.

At age seventeen, she was lured into temptation and began playing games again. Elissa’s obsession restarted, though this time she made sure it didn’t take her over. This time Elissa picked up something a bit different from a dating sim. Elissa had a job by this point and had generated enough money so she bought a 3DS and Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright. A strategy game it was, but it had a companion system where you can have all the characters, yours included, marry other characters. Of course, Elissa instantly began starting game after game marrying all the characters off as fast as possible. Save, ship, repeat. Save, ship, repeat.

One night, she had been up particularly long on the game. She could see the finish line for marrying all the characters in all possible combinations. Elissa worked at it until the sun began being visible once again. She had finally completed her ultimate goal of shipping all the ships. Currently wearing her sleepwear of sweatpants and a long sleeve T-shirt, she fell asleep, and did she ever crash hard.

Upon waking up, she noticed, something strange had happened. Elissa wasn’t in her bed anymore. She wasn’t even in her house anymore. This brought a process to her mind of observation then confusion, then repetition of that process. She couldn’t wrap her head around the situation. Then, she gave up thinking about it. Elissa began her adventure.

Abilities: The ability to affect the gravity of some objects and people, though not to the point of crushing them. For instance, make the gravity of a friend’s foot more intense so they fall hilariously. Cannot change the direction of gravity. No floating. Becomes a bit strange in zero gravity. The user is able to act normally in zero gravity, able to walk on any surface, the only exception to no walking sideways as zero gravity is a totally different environment. Able to “swim” through zero gravity places exceedingly better than a normal human. Elissa has her own gravity heightened (2x that of earth’s gravity of 9.8). The world now weighs more heavily upon her. Literally.

Equipment: She has a notepad on hand at all times with multiple pens and pencils at her disposal. She keeps her pens and pencils around the neck of her shirt or dress, giving her quite the unique look.

Sample Post: Elissa awoke in a strange land. My chest feels heavy… Elissa paused a second. Wait, no. Everything feels heavy. My chest, my legs, my head… My whole body feels like there’s a weight on it. Elissa took a good look around, seeing nothing that could make her feel heavy like this. Breathing is… hard. I’m gonna have to get up, aren’t I? Elissa sighed and slowly got up.

This isn’t normal. Elisa thought. Her surroundings consisted of nothing but grass for as far as she could see. This isn’t normal at all. The girl searched for her notepad in her pocket, but it wasn’t there. She turned to see in on the ground next to where she had woken up. Relieved, she picked the notepad up and began walking. Walking was hard. More than once did Elissa fall down and struggle to get back up.

Why is this happening? I don’t feel sick… I feel perfectly healthy, but moving is… hard. Elissa fell once again, but this time she decided to stay down. I’m exhausted… fighting my own body to move is horrible. The way it looks now, I’ll have to wait until my strength returns. Elissa waited for hours for change, to no avail. The only changes were the wind’s direction and the time of day. This is… inconvenient. Elissa thought before closing her eyes, trying to wake from this dream.
Oct 30 2016, 06:27 PM
Nathaniel had been dropped off at Radiant Garden. Of course, he had no idea where anything was or what there was to get, but at least it seemed peaceful.

This is quite the nice place. Pretty busy, but I don't really mind all that much, it seems. With no clear direction to go, Nathaniel sat down on the ground and looked at the sky, pondering all the possibilities this strange situation could bring.

I wonder if I could get shape shifting magic from somewhere? Or maybe a cool fist weapon... Maybe I could grab something from one of the souls games... Maybe even Bloodborne. No, not Bloodborne. I don't want to go insane just yet. Going to Skyrim might be fu- too cold, nope. To hell with that. Also, way too many things that could slaughter my entire existence. Then again, the same goes for all those things.

It was a pleasant conversation he was having inside his head. Thinking about the possible places he could end up was quite fun. He rather enjoyed the times when he could just think about things like outlandish possibilities and impossible outcomes. The only difference was, those once considered outlandish and impossible were now much less outlandish and a lot more possible.
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